• A Canine Case

    Beats Sitting at the Office

    …wouldn’t you say?

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    Just. Tell. Us. Which. Direction. Already.

  • Disappointment

    They wouldn’t let me. I’m telling.

  • Enthusiasm

    Can I come too, can I? Please please please please pleeease…

  • Get Ready

    These guys are eager to give you that Arctic adventure of a lifetime.

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A Canine Case

They’re cute and they’re fast. They were born to run in Arctic conditions and are waiting for you to send them on their way. Hang on to your sled and make sure you know where the brake pedal is!

A husky tour is an exquisite way to see the Arctic wilderness. There is something primeval in making your way through snowy landscapes with a pack of dogs. Needless to say, it is also as environmentally friendly as it gets.

Yes You Can!

Don’t be intimidated, being in charge of your own sled dog team is not rocket science. Your safari guide will assemble a team that suits you. He’ll also give you driving instructions; basically, all you need to do is steer and brake, and your canine friends will take care of the rest.

It might get a bit cold, but you’ll be geared up for it by your guide. Besides, it’s a fresh kind of cold, and you’ll hardly notice it from the excitement of being the master of your very own muscle-driven sled racer.

Making Memories

Most husky tour providers operate in the north of Finland, primarily in Lapland. Husky farm sizes range from tens of heads to four or five hundred. The howling at feeding time is a thing to witness in its own right.

Take a short tour of a couple of hours or make a whole week out of it, one thing’s for sure; your heart will be left in the Nordic wilderness with those furry friends you toured with.


In just a few minutes, you can leave behind the hustle and bustle of a ski resort or a city and arrive in the peace and quiet of the wilderness.