• A Living Archipelago Community in Högsåra

    Strawberry cake at Farmors Cafe is topped off with powdered sugar

    The selection of cakes at the cafe – sometimes there are ten of them on display at once – catches even experienced dessert connoisseurs off guard. Owner Ylva Enberg bakes each one herself.

  • Peaceful summers in the village

    The red house in the middle of the village is a former house for maritime pilots. Today the beloved Farmors Cafe (Grandma´s Cafe) occupies the carefully renovated building, offering boaters treats and a moment on terra firma.

  • Old boathouses dot Högsåra’s harbour

    The boathouses have stored boats belonging to fishermen and maritime pilots; today the picturesque wooden huts are occupied by summer guests, and provide idyllic launching pads for a boat trip. Typically they are painted red.

  • Sheep enjoy the summer day

    The island raises sheep that know its landscapes inside and out. On the background is Högsåra’s guest boat harbour. It’s located in a cove that shelters it from storms, and thus offers a perfect spot for boaters to relax.

  • Högsåra’s houses are customarily painted with red ochre

    Before midsummer, the gardens are austere in appearance, but still offer rhubarb and herbs to be used in the kitchen. In the late summer the garden is rich with colours and scents. The harvest fills the tables and makes chefs happy.

  • Dining out in summers at Högsåra

    Plenty of communal lunches and dinners are organized in the tiny archipelago village, and all of its residents know one another. Some were born here, others only reside here during the summers. Most foods are grown on small garden plots.

  • Lilacs let off an intoxicating scent

    Almost all local yards have blooming lilacs in the early summers. Even those who don’t have a lilac tree on their yards get these aromatic flowers as gifts from their neighbours. Högsåra’s oldest houses date back to the early 1800s.

  • Summer shines through unadorned cottage windows

    The afternoon light streams through the windows and creates patterns as it filters through linen curtains. The smell of the ocean drifts in from just a stone’s throw away. Pastel floral colours provide serenity.

  • Summer table settings please the eye

    The early delicacy of the Finnish summer, rhubarb, is used in numerous ways. Rhubarb from a backyard garden is a flavourful ingredient in this refreshing blush-coloured summer drink. A splash of sparkling wine adds to its punch.

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A Living Archipelago Community in Högsåra

Thanks to its central location in the Hiittinen archipelago, Högsåra has been known for its community of maritime pilots throughout its history. Entire families of pilots lived on the island, as skills were passed on from father to son.

Enjoy the relaxed pace – by foot, car or bicycle

Högsåra is conveniently accessible by a ferry that also allows cars and bicycles, and the 20-minute ride gives one an immediate taste of the relaxed pace of life on the island.

Visitors can continue by foot or bicycle from the harbour, and enjoy the understated charm of the Högsåra village. Cows and sheep saunter on the fields and lie resting on hot days. As cyclists breeze past, the animals follow the resulting dust clouds with their eyes.

The island’s number one meeting spot and the archipelago’s most famous cafe is the charming Farmors Cafe (”grandmother’s cafe” in Swedish). The warm scent of its baked goods wafts into the surroundings, tempting cyclists as they pass by.

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