A Living Archipelago Community in Högsåra

Thanks to its central location in the Hiittinen archipelago, Högsåra has been known for its community of maritime pilots throughout its history. Entire families of pilots lived on the island, as skills were passed on from father to son.

Högsåra is conveniently accessible by a ferry that also allows cars and bicycles, and the 20-minute ride gives one an immediate taste of the relaxed pace of life on the island. Visitors can continue by foot or bicycle from the harbour, and enjoy the understated charm of the Högsåra village. Cows and sheep saunter on the fields and lie resting on hot days. As cyclists breeze past, the animals follow the resulting dust clouds with their eyes.

The island’s number one meeting spot and the archipelago’s most famous cafe is the charming Farmors Cafe (”grandmother’s cafe” in Swedish). The warm scent of its baked goods wafts into the surroundings, tempting cyclists as they pass by.

Coast and Archipelago

Coastal Finland with its stunningly beautiful archipelago offers a variety of fascinating destinations that are easy to reach.

Coast and Archipelago