• A piece of countryside inside the big city


    By taking a walk along the Pornaistenniemi nature path one can discover a great shortcut to the Finnish countryside. It is a relaxing way to spend a sunny afternoon!


    If you enjoy listening to the hum of flowing water, then the terraces of both the Museum of Technology and Koskenranta restaurant will be perfect for you.


    The rapids of Vanhankaupunginlahti and the whole bay area offer many sweet spots for fishermen trying their luck catching trout and salmon.


    The wooden pathways can take you on a relaxing journey through fields and forests.


    Viikki cows are friendly and they stay out in the fields throughout the summer, as well as during autumn so long as it’s warm enough.


    The six bird observation towers are perfect for spotting rare species and appreciating the beautiful landscape.

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A piece of countryside inside the big city

Nature is never far away in Finland, not even in Helsinki. Whether it’s a relaxing walk in Viikki Arboretum’s silent forest or enjoying Vanhankaupunginlahti’s white flowing waters, visitors can find them both just 15-minutes from the city centre.

Take a hike on the trail

Pornaistenniemi nature path is the best way to experience the Viikki area. The wooden pathways, trails and cycle paths cover the area thoroughly and offer a great escape from busy urban life. Viikki Arboretum, a 20-hectare tree park with over 300 species, is a perfect spot for taking a deep breath of fresh forest air, while listening to birds sing and leaves rustle. To catch a glimpse of the fauna of the area, there are six bird observation towers that offer amazing panoramas.

Fisherman’s fantasy

If you’re into fishing, Pornaistenniemi peninsula is a great place to try to catch some salmon or trout. Just be early; the bay is always full of fishermen and the best spots are taken first. In the winter, the steam rushing up from the almost frozen rapids makes ice-fishing an almost magical experience.

Friendly grass cutters

An essential part of the Finnish countryside landscape is cows. These calm and gentle animals have been chewing the cud since the 16th century in Viikki’s Latokartano. Nowadays, Helsinki University’s education and research unit continues the farm work in Viikki, where over a hundred heads of cattle sunbathe and dine on the fields, shouting out friendly moos to visitors.


Helsinki is a modern European city, where more than 450 years of history and tradition blend seamlessly with contemporary design and trends. Cosy and compact in size, exploring the Finnish capital is stress free.

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