• An Unforgettable Family Christmas

    Nothing beats the excitement of waiting for Santa at Christmas.

  • Keep your eyes peeled and you might just catch a glimpse of a real elf too!

  • During a Finnish winter, the country is blanketed in a deep layer of snow.

  • In Finnish Lapland, reindeer may roam free but they all have an owner.

    Many safaris offer reindeer rides and feeding – meeting “Rudolph” is often a highlight of the holiday.

  • There are few people so instantly recognisable and so loved.

  • The climb to the top of the hill is worth the thrill of the journey down.

  • The festival of St Lucia takes place every December 13 and involves a young girl wearing a crown of candles.

  • In the heart of Helsinki is the famous ice-skating rink and it is open throughout the winter.

  • Christmas Markets can be found in most Finnish cities and towns, each offering their own special experience. This photo is from Turku.

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An Unforgettable Family Christmas

Christmas is a time for families to make new memories together, yet it is usually over in the blink of an eye. This is where Finland steps in with a winter wonderland that is so enchanting that even Santa Claus calls it home.

Whether visiting the north or south, your family will always treasure their trip to Finland: Remember the time mum drove a snowmobile? What about that sleigh ride and dad falling over on ice-skates? And how can we ever forget meeting Santa…

Santa’s magic and secrets

Only elves know the exact location of Santa’s toy factory, but the man in red isn’t one for hiding away. Santa Claus Village, located on and under the Arctic Circle, offers visitors more festive fun than they can shake a candy cane at.

You can study at Elf School, bake with Mrs Claus and then head underground for an unforgettable meeting with Santa.

Joulukka, also the Arctic Circle, is home to the Christmas Command Centre. It’s described as one of Santa’s best kept secrets and is a bustling hive of elf activity. Be warned: Only good children are allowed in!

Complete the Santa experience by taking your family on a magical sleigh ride, courtesy of Rudolph’s many reindeer cousins. As you swoosh through the snow, gaining speed, you might wonder if you really are going to take off into the night sky.

FROM Snowmen and ice castles…

If you have only ever built an elf-sized snowman, prepare to be impressed by the awesome snow castles and villages in Kemi and Lainio. However, the fun really lies in the fast ice slides that will leave children impatiently waiting for their parents to have ‘just one more go’.

Keep sliding by grabbing skis, a snowboard or a sledge, and feel the icy wind on your face as you whizz down the slope time and time again. Don’t forget to build the biggest snowman of your life, so pack a large carrot for the nose.

…TO CITY SKATING and winter markets

Snow-covered cities in the south, such as Helsinki and Turku, offer different Christmas experiences for visitors, such as ice-skating in the heart of the city and winter markets that lure you in with their mouth-watering aromas.


Silence, please

For many Finns Christmas is the time to slow down and spend time with family. It is the season when the different generations get together and recall old traditions.

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