• At the top with the Snowmobile Man

  • Winter – the best season of the year

    When winter comes to Kilpisjärvi and the hills are covered in snow, the region by no means turns towards silent hibernation. On the contrary, the snow eases all kinds of travel methods on an otherwise difficult terrain.

  • Snowmobilist’s Paradise

    Hundreds of kilometres north of the Arctic Circle, winters are long. The hills receive stable snowfall by October, and usually by the beginning of November one can already ride a snowmobile on them. The fun lasts all the way to the beginning of June.

  • Less is more

    – The best thing here is nature. There are many bare, beautifully round hills. It has a calming effect to be able to see kilometres away, and it’s perfectly silent, Jussi says, summing up the thoughts of many travellers.

  • Home is where the sauna is

    As we’re in Finland, a sauna follows every expedition, wherever the road may lead. A hot, steamy sauna in minus twenty-degree temperatures in the middle of the wilderness is an impressive experience.

  • Hill cottages as service points

    The Lappish highlands are dotted with small cottages (“autiotupa”) in which any explorer can rest freely. They also act as rest points on snowmobile excursions. In these cottages, one can cook food or simply warm up by a fireplace.

  • National landscape of Lapland

    The guaranteed appearances of the Northern Lights in winter and the Midnight Sun in summer, autumnal leaf colours and the magical rebirth of nature in spring are all reasons why the Kilpisjärvi area is considered to be a national treasure.

    – Kilpisjärvi offers a completely different experience from any place else. It is worth the trouble to come here if you want something absolutely exceptional, Jussi sums up.

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At the top with the Snowmobile Man

Take a look at the geographical shape of Finland and you’ll see why people call her “The Finnish Maiden”.

At the tip of her thumb is the only part of the country where peaks rise 1,000 metres above sea level. Nestled in those peaks you will find a tiny village called Kilpisjärvi, home to roughly a hundred year-round residents.

One of them is 25-year-old snowmobile guide Jussi Rauhala.

As the snowy season in Kilpisjärvi can last from October all the way until the beginning of June, it helps that Jussi is a great fan of winter.  As most people who live this high up in the North, he simply loves it.

With the exceptionally beautiful, white, barren landscape as the background of his daily excursions, there is no wonder why.