• At the Top

    Springtime sunshine is Lapland at the top of its game.

  • …or hike to the top of a fell and decide where you want to end up.

  • Wilderness huts come in handy in… well, the wilderness.

  • Make your way across the barren lands by snowmobile…

  • …or let these guys take you…

  • Reindeer – you can’t miss them in Kilpisjärvi.

  • Feel like entering?

  • Just getting to the National Park in Kilpisjärvi is a milestone in its own right.

  • You could do worse than fly-fishing in Lake Kilpisjärvi with the Saana fell in the background.

  • No. It’s not a painting. It’s just autumn leaf colour coming on.

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At the Top

Take a look at the geographical shape of Finland and you’ll see why they call her “The Finnish Maiden”. At the tip of her thumb lies a tiny village called Kilpisjärvi, home to roughly a hundred year-round residents. Thanks to its natural offerings, though, it is one of the best known destinations in the North.

The rugged beauty of Lapland is embodied in the wilderness areas surrounding Kilpisjärvi. The stark contrasts between seasons make the area an ideal natural destination any time of year.

The guaranteed appearance of the Northern Lights in the winter and the Midnight Sun in the summer, autumn leaf colour and the magical rebirth of nature in the spring are all reasons why the Kilpisjärvi area is considered a national landscape.

Iconic fells Saana and Halti

The area is home to several of Finland’s highest fells, and the only part of the country where peaks rise above 1 000 metres from sea level. The best known of them are Halti, Finland’s highest point, and Saana, a peculiarly shaped fell at the side of which the village of Kilpisjärvi lies.

The boundary mark between three nations – Finland, Sweden, and Norway – is a popular sight just outside the village. The open borders also facilitate easy visits to neighbouring countries.

Sámi centre and outdoor paradise

Lapland’s indigenous Sámi have inhabited the Kilpisjärvi area for ages and it is still one of the best-known strongholds of the culture. While modernity has spread even to this corner of the world, Sámi traditions like reindeer herding are still evident in local life.

There are few places where hiking and trekking, all year round, are as enjoyable as Kilpisjärvi. The vast wildernesses offer many a sight to behold from water falls to old Sámi villages, and the endless fell tundra is exotically soothing in its barren beauty.


In just a few minutes, you can leave behind the hustle and bustle of a ski resort or a city and arrive in the peace and quiet of the wilderness.