• Escape to the Helsinki Islands

    Islands ahoy!

    Reaching Kaunissaari is easy: you can jump on a ferry at Vuosaari or sail there on a private boat.

  • Kaunissaari quay is open to the public

    Reaching Kaunissaari is easy: you can jump on a ferry at Vuosaari or sail there on a private boat.

  • Camping in Kaunissaari

    Kaunissaari has ideal beaches for campers who are seeking peace and quiet.

  • Restaurant Pihlajasaari

    Originally built as a villa named Hällebo in 1883, today Pihlajasaari is a summer restaurant.

  • Colourful Changing Rooms in Pihlajasaari

    The cheerful changing rooms are a must-see on the island.

  • Landscape Caretakers in Pihlajasaari

    The sheep are efficient landscape caretakers, taking care of the grass and plants. You might come across some goats out to pasture, too.

  • Panorama Point in Pihlajasaari

    Viking Hill is the island’s most prominent lookout point. It is the perfect place to relax; just rest your gaze on the soothing sea panorama.

  • Playful Squirrels in Seurasaari

    Squirrels are very tame in Finland and the population on Seurasaari is exceptionally social and playful.

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Escape to the Helsinki Islands

The archipelago of Helsinki consists of around 330 islands, providing a great getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. Jump on a ferry and a life of Riley is guaranteed.

Pihlajasaari is the most popular island among Helsinkians to spend a sunny summer’s day. The island is famous for its picturesque sandy beaches, as well as its rocks on the other side of the island, both of which offer great spots for sunbathers and swimmers. The island is perfect for day-long picnics but, if you want a day off from the kitchen, then you can enjoy the delicacies of the restaurant Pihlajasaari.

Kaunissaari is situated on the crest of the high seas and provides amazing views. In fact, the island is one of the farthest islands from the city, with the ferry trip lasting around 40 minutes. The island is known for its long beaches and rich fishing grounds. The diversity of flora and fauna is also impressive and many campers head to the island to enjoy them.

Vartiosaari’s history is very intriguing. It is believed that the island was used as a guard ground to warn locals of imminent attacks during the Viking Age. A warning fire was lit on a rocky hill that soars to 32 meters above sea level. A thousand years later, the island has become a popular site among Helsinki’s bourgeoisie, who built villas there. Nowadays, the opulent berry and mushroom crops attract visitors during the summer and autumn months. The winter creates a superb setting for skiers and skaters.

Seurasaari is one of the few islands you can reach by foot. One of its exceptional features is its open-air museum in which the traditional Finnish way of life is celebrated. The houses, manors and outbuildings have all been relocated from around Finland. There are currently 87 separate buildings that offer a glimpse into Finnish countryside life from the 18th to the 20th century.


Helsinki is a modern European city, where more than 450 years of history and tradition blend seamlessly with contemporary design and trends. Cosy and compact in size, exploring the Finnish capital is stress free.

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