• Five days hiking in Lapland

    We started our trip from Aittajärvi on Lake Suomujoki. In the south of Finland, September is still a warm summer month, while autumn had already arrived in Lapland.

  • On top of the fells, our faces were lashed by horizontal rain but it was worth it for the stunning views of the Sarvijoki River.

  • Hiking in Urho Kekkonen National Park is safe. There are plenty of bookable and freely available huts for overnight stays, as well as saunas; the area also has lots of water and wood for cooking.

  • After a good night’s sleep, we woke up refreshed for the next day. The nights were still so light that there was no need for candles.

  • We made our way up to Paratiisikuru. The path was edged with short bushes and dwarf birch trees, as well as black crowberries, mountain bearberries and edible lingonberries.

  • We made our way up from Paratiisikuru to Ukselmapää fell five metres at a time, stopping for regular breaks to catch our breath.

  • On top of Ukselmapää fell, the visibility was only 20-50 metres.

  • After a long day hiking, we camped for the evening by the Pälkkimäoja River.

  • Over breakfast we planned the day’s route. In Urho Kekkonen National Park you can enjoy short day trips or hike over several days, depending upon how energetic you happen to be feeling.

  • We took a compass bearing towards Joukhaispää, the peak rising behind the lake.

  • Maantiekuru, the route chosen for the day’s hike, is an ancient trail, mainly used in winter.

  • The start and end of the trail begin easily with a sandy path winding its way through beautiful country.

  • Saukki gathered the kindling, lit the fire and put the coffee on.

  • It’s easy to remain properly hydrated in Lapland as the water that flows through the fells is all suitable for drinking.

  • Walk quietly and you might spot wildlife in the wilderness, other than reindeer and jays. We also encountered grouse, capercaillie and countless lemmings.

  • The last kilometres of the trip took us through a wood filled with the scent of pine resin. The silence in our group suggested that our thoughts were already returning to reality.

  • Lake Aittajärvi formed a good backdrop as we waited for our taxi. The airport, local towns and villages are easily accessible from the park, including the resort of Saariselkä with its many hotels.

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Five days hiking in Lapland

Lapland is Europe’s last wilderness. Its barren, beautiful natural landscape has an irresistible charm, and the changing seasons are more strongly and more clearly evident on the northern side of the Arctic Circle than anywhere else.

There is a huge contrast between winter and summer, and this is why even Finns consider a trip to Lapland to be the only way to see the true face of their country. Countless visitors repeatedly return to the north simply because they have lost their hearts to this region and that is exactly what happened to me.

Mighty fells, vast bogs and forests

Our all-male group spent an unforgettable five days hiking in Urho Kekkonen National Park, considered to be one of Lapland’s most pleasant and most varied destinations for walking holidays.

It is Finland’s second largest national park, covering 2,550 square kilometres, and encompasses a wide range of varied landscapes, from mighty fells and vast bogs to forested areas.

There is a large selection of marked trails that make it easy for inexperienced hikers to explore the huge park, while the wilderness areas are perfect for longer and more demanding hikes.



In just a few minutes, you can leave behind the hustle and bustle of a ski resort or a city and arrive in the peace and quiet of the wilderness.