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    Finland has a rather dense airline network with airports throughout the country, including the far north. The longest domestic flight distance is around 1,5 hours.

  • Finnish trains are well-maintained and the scenery along the rails is beautiful, especially in Eastern Finland with its many lakes. For longer distances, traveling overnight in a sleeping car is recommended. Car carriers are also available. Kids will be happy to travel in the train’s play area.

  • Cruises are convenient for vitising other countries on the Baltic Sea from Finland. The autonomous Finnish islands of Åland are also easily reached by ferry, and the rocky archipelago on the way is well worth a glimpse or two.

  • If the rail network doesn’t reach your chosen Finnish destination, coaches will take you there. Riding a coach is a good way to take in the scenery along smaller roads.

  • Driving in Finland in the summer is a breeze, but can be tricky in the winter if you don’t have any experience. Roads get slippery and snow tires are legally required from December to February. Headlights must be used at all times. Motorists in Finland should remain alert for elk and reindeer which frequently wander onto roads and are most active at dusk.

  • Almost all of Finland’s coastal and lakeside towns run boat services, as well as organized sightseeing and charter cruises. Lakeland and Archipelago cruises range from short expeditions to leisurely tours with cabin accommodation. Vessels vary from old-fashioned lake steamers to open-top motor cruisers ideal for sightseeing.

  • While in Finland, popping to Russia is easy by train these days. The new Allegro takes passengers from Helsinki to St. Petersburg in only three hours. Don’t forget to have a valid Russian visa on your person.

  • Cycling is a great way to get around and do some local sightseeing. Roads and terrain all over Finland – not to mention the scenery – are terrific for pedalling.

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Getting Around in Finland

Finland is a large and sparsely populated country, but getting from point A to B is no hassle. Transport networks by air, rail, road and water are comprehensive and reliable.

When arriving in Finland, chances are you’ll be landing in Helsinki. Even if not, you’ll notice all corners of the country are connected:


There are 27 airports in Finland, five of which have regular international flight services. The main gateway is the Helsinki-Vantaa international airport.

The northernmost airport is in Ivalo in Lapland, approximately 250 kilometres above the Arctic Circle. The following airlines operate domestic flights in Finland:

Finnair, Norwegian, Flybe, SAS


Finnish trains are spacious, comfortable and clean. The rail network stretches all over the country from Helsinki to Kolari in Lapland.

VR – Finnish Railways


Finland’s coach route network is one of the most comprehensive in Europe covering more than 90 per cent of public roads. See the following sites for coaches to your destination:

MatkahuoltoOnnibus, ExpressBus


Finland has right-handed traffic with a polite and stress-free driving culture. There’s a good network of petrol stations close to each other. Some of the car rentals operating in Finland:

Avis, Budget, Europcar, Hertz, Scandia Rent, Sixt


There’s a plethora of charter and sightseeing cruises along local coastlines and inland waterways. Please see details with the tourist office of your destination.

Several ferry lines operate cruises to the autonomous Finnish islands of Åland and countries by the Baltic Sea:

Viking Line (Estonia, Sweden, Åland)

Tallink Silja (Estonia, Sweden, Åland)

Finnlines (Germany, Sweden, Åland)

St. Peter Line (Russia – St. Petersburg)

Linda Line (Estonia)

Eckerö Line (Estonia)


Located between East and West, with snowy winters and warm, light-filled summers, Finland offers a number of fascinating contrasts.

Finland's unspoilt forests and thousands of islands and lakes offer plenty of opportunities for visitors to enjoy beautiful natural surroundings.

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