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    The Mbar terrace is one of the most popular in town, and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why: the central location, good electronic music and the Finnish summer night make for a great outing with friends.

  • The view from the Ateljee Bar at the top floor of restaurant Torni is something every Helsinki visitor should witness. Being able to see the whole urban area while sipping on a quality drink will put any city break in a new perspective.

  • Bar Moskova, together with the adjacent Bar Corona, is owned by eccentric filmmaker brothers Kaurismäki. Soviet era political speeches on vinyl, trademark unfriendly service and a general whiff of the old USSR are crowd-pullers in Moskova.

  • Mattolaituri is a popular outdoor bar in the Kaivopuisto marina, right by the Baltic Sea. Often crowded, the lively chatter of patrons and the sweet sea breeze are a great combination and a good starting point for a night out in the Finnish capital.

  • Bar No. 9 is an Italian-inspired hangout in the Design District. Good food and drink, a simplistic hall-like interior and great location have made it a staple among the young bohemians of Helsinki.

  • Who said bar crawls and sightseeing tours couldn’t overlap? Hop on the pub tram and see the essentials of Helsinki, without having to walk step one with a dry mouth.

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Helsinki Nightlife 5×5

Conveniently-sized Helsinki has a ton of bars and clubs within walking distance from another. Pick your favourites from our listing and plan your preferred bar crawl around the Finnish capital.

Finns might seem a bit quiet and reserved at first, but meet them in a bar and you’ll discover a whole new dimension to the people.

Finns love to party, and weekend nights in central Helsinki is where it’s most evident. From sweaty rock shows to classy cocktail lounges, there’s enough supply in night-time Helsinki to cater for all preferences.

Key figures: 18+ and 4 a.m.

The minimum age for clubs and bars is 18, though some set the minimum age limit at 20, 22 or even 24. Young people are advised to carry ID, as bouncers in bars and clubs strictly observe age restrictions.

Entrance to bars is mostly free, but at clubs, a fee is often charged. Counting out special cases, bars stay open until 2 a.m. and clubs until 4 a.m.

See below our top five in five categories – bars, night clubs, live music venues, cocktail bars and karaoke bars – on where to have a good time. Cheers, or kippis, as we say in Finland!

Cool Bars x 5


  • Adjacent to Kuudes Linja in Kallio, Siltanen has become the de facto hipster hangout in Helsinki. Food, drinks, good parties, and, at the end of the day, not that much irony. Hämeentie 13.


  • A trendy bar and café in the centre of Helsinki, Mbar’s got one of the city’s most popular terraces. Their DJ’s focus on electronic music. Mannerheimintie 22.

Bar Bhangra

  • Bar Bhangra brings a touch of Bollywood to Helsinki in the otherwise quiet Töölö neighbourhood. The interior is a bit over-the-top – intentionally. Runeberginkatu 28.

Bar Llamas

  • A distant cousin to Bhangra, Llamas adds a piece of Mexico to the Helsinki Design District. The décor is overwhelming, and that is exactly why everyone loves it. Iso Roobertinkatu 14.

Moskova / Corona

  • Owned by eccentric filmmaker brothers Kaurismäki, these twin bars are a must on your Helsinki visit. Moskova takes you to the USSR, and in Corona, playing pool is the name of the game. Eerikinkatu 11.
Night clubs x 5


  • Housed within the walls of design hotel Klaus K, Ahjo is a combination of stylish modern bar, lounge and night club with quality drinks and top DJ’s. Bulevardi 2.

Navy Jerry’s

  • A mix of tiki bar and pacific cruise ship from five decades ago, Navy Jerry’s has quickly become a top spot in town. Plenty of kitsch, cocktails and old school tattoos. Hietaniemenkatu 2.

We Got Beef

  • If you ever were into skateboarding, street art, graphic design, fashion, or just generally cool, this is your daytime living room and night-time party lounge in Helsinki. Iso Roobertinkatu 21.

Kaarle XII

  • “Kalle” is where the 30+ crowd goes to let loose. Cheesy hits and europop in a beautiful, castle-like setting. Dancing on tables is not allowed, it is encouraged. Kasarmikatu 40.


  • The oldest night club in the country, Kaivohuone was opened in the 1830’s in the Kaivopuisto park. Professional athletes, beauty queens and the like mingle here. Iso Puistotie 1.
Live Music Venues x 5


  • Finland’s number one rock club with great shows on most nights of the week. If an artist doesn’t sound good at Tavastia, they won’t sound good anywhere else. Urho Kekkosen katu 6.

Kuudes Linja

  • Located in the bohemian Kallio district, Kuudes Linja houses artists from hip hop to trash metal and electro, and DJ’s make sure the house rocks until the morning hours. Hämeentie 13.


  • A converted tram depot, Korjaamo is a cultural venue that attracts art buffs, rockers and soul fanatics alike, depending on the night and artist. Töölönkatu 51.


  • Situated at the waterfront in Hietalahti, former dock warehouse Nosturi is a sizable live music venue with versatile local and international live acts. Telakkakatu 8.

Virgin Oil Co.

  • Right in the centre of Helsinki, Virgin Oil Co. surely isn’t hard to find. They put on live shows for all styles in the pop, rock and urban genres. Mannerheimintie 5.
Cocktail Bars x 5


  • A luxury cocktail lounge that has been voted “the best bar in the world” in several polls. Ring the doorbell and step into a world of fresh flavours and an air of elegance. Annankatu 21.

Liberty or Death

  • Cosy and relaxed, yet stylish and service-oriented, Liberty or Death quickly made a name for itself as one of the coolest places in town to have a cocktail. Don’t miss the wall paintings by local tattoo artists. Erottajankatu 5.


  • Constantly ranked among top bars in the country, Shaker focuses on fresh ingredients in their innovative drinks. Bartenders will be happy to serve you the classics, too. Fredrikinkatu 65.

Sling In

  • A place to sit down in the city centre after a hectic day of shopping. Cocktails with experience and a genuine passion for a well-mixed drink. Mikonkatu 8, 2nd floor.

Ateljee Bar

  • You can’t beat the location on the top floor of one of Helsinki’s tallest buildings. There’s a panoramic view over the city even from the toilets! A must for first-time visitors. Yrjönkatu 26.
Karaoke Bars x 5


  • A legend among Helsinki karaoke bars, Pataässä (“ace of spades”) is where the stage is open for all, and celebrities often swing by to sing a few while painting the town red. Snellmaninkatu 13.


  • Everybody sings in the shower, but how about the toilet? Restroom is an ex-public lavatory turned small and cosy karaoke bar in the Punavuori area. Tehtaankatu 23.

Erottaja Bar

  • Divided in two, Erottaja Bar has both a karaoke room and a disco room. For eager singers who don’t want to miss out on dancing, this just might be the place. Erottajankatu 15.


  • A full-on karaoke establishment with a stage that could accommodate even accomplished artists. Four bars, including a wine bar, on two floors keep singers and audiences happy and refreshed. Iso Roobertinkatu 10.


  • A tiny bar with a mixed clientele, karaoke sessions at Yökyöpeli (“night owl”) often take unexpected turns that result in unplanned duets and new acquaintances. Fabianinkatu 17.

Helsinki is a modern, pocket-sized European city known for design and high technology. Helsinki’s attractive and unique character comes from its proximity to the sea, as well as its location between the East and the West.

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