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How to Dress Right and Enjoy the Winter

Yes, it gets cold in Finland in the winter. But that’s no reason to stay indoors – just gear up right and make the most of the fresh white season.

Depending on location, winters in Finland last from four to six months between November and April. Temperatures range from zero to –35.

We can’t argue below –30 isn’t freezing, but enjoying the Finnish winter is all about dressing right – and dressing right is all about layers.

Four Steps to Fun in Cold Weather
  1. Start with thermal underwear and warm socks.
  2. If it’s really cold, –20 or below, wear an additional fleece layer on top of your thermals. Another pair of socks, preferably woolly or thermal, will keep your feet warm.
  3. Wear pants with thermal lining. Don’t underestimate the importance of a neck warmer or a scarf. Slip into your winter boots and do them up well.
  4. Almost done! Throw on your winter jacket, put on a warm hat and thermal gloves. Don’t forget to tuck your gloves into your sleeves and zip your jacket ALL the way up.

There. Good to go.

A Different Kind of Cold

Many are surprised by the fact that –20 doesn’t feel as cold as they’d imagined. That’s because the air is really fresh and dry. With the right outfit it is simply enjoyable winter weather.

Still not convinced? Well, the fact is there’s no real winter without snow and no snow without sub-zero temperatures. And winter is all about fun activities in the snow. Now gear up and get out there!

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