• Hymn to Cottage Life

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Hymn to Cottage Life

How often do you fall asleep to the sound of silence or do your morning routines in a lakeside cottage listening to birds twittering?

Spending your summer days in a cottage near water is like taking a crash course into Finnish mentality – nothing calms and relaxes the Finns like days spent at their summer cabin.

In Finland, people have an inherent yearning for nature. Only five decades ago, most of the population lived in the countryside and worked in traditional trades connected to their surroundings. These days, towns and cities are the most populous areas and people stay in touch with their rural roots by escaping to cottages and cabins at the weekend.

Nowadays, luxury cottages are available throughout the country and are an extremely popular way to spend holidays. However, many people prefer a more traditional approach, seeking smaller cabins that offer the bare minimum of amenities and are usually located further off the beaten track.

Most special activity at a summer cottage is heating up the sauna – following up with swimming, fishing and eating endless amounts of fresh food such as grilled fish, new potatoes and hand-picked berries and mushrooms.




The stunning yet soothing natural scenery of Finland is best embodied in Lakeland. The countless blue lakes splintered by islands, isthmuses and green spits of forest provide an unmatched setting for peaceful getaways.

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