• Meet Pelle – the Artist in the Finnish Archipelago

  • “Today Gunnarsstrand is one of the most exotic areas of Hanko and the huts are mostly summer villas”. The huts are still used for fishing but many look more like artist studios, each with its own unique character. Children play in the sand, families take leisurely boat rides and kite surfers skirt the peninsula.

  • Pelle tells us that Gunnarsstrand was not always so desirable: “This used to be considered the poor area of town. It was originally a fishing hamlet. The red huts are old fishing cottages where fishermen would hang their nets and gear and maybe sit down with a flask of something cold at the end of the day.”

  • Storms are good for an artist like Pelle who combs the beach in the aftermath, gathering pieces of wood and bark and cast-offs from passing ships to create his nature-inspired paintings.

  • “When the fall and winter storms come I run out and look…and I find things that I turn into art. Nature is truly the biggest artist of all”.

  • Pelle’s art works are treasures mined from the tangle of seaweed on the sands of Gunnarsstrand. They are displayed in a gallery in the nearby town of Ekenas and if you are lucky enough to meet him on the beach, he might just invite you back to his house for a personal tour.

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Meet Pelle – the Artist in the Finnish Archipelago

If Finland is one of the world’s best kept secrets then Gunnarsstrand is a secret within a secret. When you happen upon it you wonder why the world isn’t here. And at the same time you are glad they are not.

Artist Pelle Lindstrom has lived here all his life and the magic of it has never worn off.

– When you look out onto the sea from the shores of Gunnarsstrand you just know that this is a special place. It’s a beautiful place to live — a little paradise.


Finding Gunnarsstrand is not easy. First you must travel to Finland’s southernmost town of Hanko.

From here, the best mode of transportation is on a Helkama bike. Designed in Hanko over one hundred years ago, this iconic vehicle will take you not only to the beach but into a different time.

Wend your way still further south to the very tip of a peninsula that gently curves to reveal a white sandy beach dotted with an impossibly perfect string of red fishing huts, all in a row.

When you see these you know you have arrived.

Park your Helkama in the sand, take your shoes off and explore this hidden gem that is Gunnarsstrand.

summer retreat…AND A WINTER’S TALE

Gunnarsstrand – like the Hanko area in general – is considered to be a summer destination for visitors. Pelle begs to differ.

– It is gorgeous in winter as well when storms come here.

Pelle sits on the porch of his hut and explains how once, after a storm, the waves came all the way up to his hut.


Whether you are a local, or just passing through, Gunnarsstrand is a rare beauty to experience.

The way the sun falls on the red huts, the sound of the waves hitting the sand, the view onto the Baltic, summer or winter, Gunnarsstrand beckons.

You won’t forget her.


Coastal Finland with its stunningly beautiful archipelago offers a variety of fascinating destinations that are easy to reach. They all have their special characteristics and open up any number of various experiences for visitors.