• Meet Santa Claus

    Moment with Santa

    Santa’s office is probably the most exciting place in the world for children. It’s where Santa carefully listens to children’s wishes and may even entertain children with a carol or two, since he is a keen singer.

  • Warm and Cosy

    Santa’s hut is as warm and as inviting as the big man himself.

  • Good Deeds

    Christmas is time of good deeds. Finns often put out oats or seeds for little birds to help them survive the cold winter.

  • Fill it up!

    It’s essential for Santa’s reindeer to stock up on energy before Christmas Eve, and lichen works wonders.

  • Everybody is Welcome

    Santa Claus may only visit children in their homes once a year, but he is also delighted to welcome you into his own home and show you around his office.

  • Hit the Road

    Santa and Rudolph are an inseparable team, keeping one another company as they travel over rugged fells and through freshly fallen snow.

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Meet Santa Claus

If you are particularly eager to meet Santa Claus and his jolly elves before Christmas or just want to personally say ‘thank you’, you are warmly invited to stop by his official office, situated on the mysterious Arctic Circle in Finland.

Open all year round in the city of Rovaniemi, children and adults can visit Santa’s office, enjoy a private chat with him and revel in the enchanted atmosphere.

As we all know, Santa’s annual mission is to deliver happiness around the world with the help of his team of furry reindeer friends. A visit to Santa’s office could end with you stroking the fur of a real reindeer – just be sure to keep an eye open for the one with a red nose.

The magic of Christmas is undeniable. It’s a time of goodwill and spending time with your family and friends. Santa also enjoys the simple Yuletide pleasures, such as eating tasty ginger bread biscuits freshly baked by Mrs. Claus and singing festive songs with the elves, so come and join him in the magical Arctic Circle – he might even sing you a carol.

Santa may only visit your home once a year, but he welcomes everybody to visit him during the rest of the year. Don’t pass up the invitation.


In just a few minutes, you can leave behind the hustle and bustle of a ski resort or a city and arrive in the peace and quiet of the wilderness. All children (and young-at-heart) know that Santa Claus lives in Finnish Lapland, where you can meet him in person.