Restaurant Day

Four times a year, there is a very special day when even the wildest restaurant dreams can come true: the Restaurant Day. The day is, of course, a Finnish invention.

Think of a restaurant. A restaurant out of the ordinary. A restaurant where food is served to you on someone’s living room floor, or where dessert is hauled from a window for you to be eaten on the street corner. A restaurant barbequing 137 kilos of meat, just for the fun of it. Or a restaurant where kids are being the chefs cooking their own meal and eating it like they would – with fingers.

The idea is simple, really. On a Restaurant Day anyone can set up a restaurant, anywhere, for a day. This means ordinary people get to play chefs and sommeliers for a change resulting a whole lot of fun and food plus wonderful meetings and memories, even odd ones.

Photos by Restaurant Day.


Cultural Beat

Contrasts are the main ingredient in Finnish cultural life – like running from a hot sauna to an icy lake, we embrace them to the fullest.

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