• Tampere – friendly and casual

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Tampere – friendly and casual

A large city by Finnish standards, with more than 200,000 inhabitants, Tampere has managed to keep the small town feel. The city centre is compact in size, and the atmosphere is friendly and casual.

The city is located on a scenic spot on a narrow isthmus between two lakes. The Tammerkoski rapids and their riverbanks form the backdrop for old industrial buildings, and ridges formed thousands of years ago by ancient seas and retreating ice offer fantastic views over the two lakes. Original architecture and innovative urban development blend together to please both viewers and users of the built environment. Enjoy the surrounding lakes on peaceful rowboat trips or on cruises on larger vessels, or concentrate on the urban sights from a sightseeing bus.

The Tampere region is the birthplace of Finnish industrialism: Finland’s first electric light was lit in a cotton mill in the city, and the region also saw the founding of the now global company Nokia. The city has always offered a wide variety of culture as well: there is a plentiful selection of performing arts, but we are also inspired by historical collections from all walks of life.

Tampere for the Palate

Finland’s clean nature provides high-quality ingredients and is a source of local delicacies. The local specialty of Tampere, the “black sausage”, can be bought at any open air market in the city as well as at the atmospheric indoor market. Many restaurants in Tampere have turned to areas nearby for produce and ideas to create delicious dishes with local flavors for the patrons to enjoy. Try out the Tampere Menu!



The largest Lake District in Europe: In a scarcely populated country there’s enough scenery and shoreline for all, allowing you to easily lose yourself in thought or be inspired by the vast clear lakes, intricately splintered by islands, isthmuses and green spits.