• The Catch of a Lifetime

    Fly fishing

    Finland’s diverse waters offer endless opportunities for fly fishing. Water quality in rivers and lakes is mostly good or excellent. Travellers can also enjoy beautiful scenery and a serenity that is difficult to find these days.

  • Catching salmon from a row boat

    Flowing streams, such as Tornio River, are well-suited for catching salmon from a boat. Fishermen drive a motorboat upstream and, after the lures have been placed into the water, the boat is rowed downstream. It moves in the stream and the rower controls it.

  • Luring lampreys at Simojoki River

    Simojoki River is one of Finland’s most notable sources for lampreys. Lamprey season begins in the middle of August and continues until winter. The traps, made of willow, are placed into the water in the evening and collected in the morning.

  • Scooping up whitefish from Kukkolankoski

    Tornio River is one of Europe’s last freely flowing major rivers. Kukkolankoski Rapids are famous for a centuries-old style of fishing in which whitefish are caught with a long-handled scoop net called a ‘lippo’; fishermen stand on trestles as they reach into the water.

  • Fly fishing in Lapland’s Kairi River

    Kairi River (‘Kairijoki’ in Finnish), located at Savukoski in Lapland, can be called a fly fisher’s paradise; graylings, trout and whitefish are all up for the taking. The gorgeous stream, surrounded by nature’s majesty, is also suitable for less-experienced fishermen.

  • A smoky finish at Savukoski

    Cooking a trout on a stick over an open fire offers a delicious finale to a fishing excursion. The brook trout is prevalent in northern Finland’s fell landscapes. Elsewhere in Finland, it’s found both in the Gulf of Finland and the Gulf of Bothnia, as well as in the headwater streams of rivers concluding in large lakes.

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The Catch of a Lifetime

A tenth of Finland is made up of bodies of water and almost a third of the country’s population fishes in their free time. This may explain why the vast majority of the country’s 500,000 summer cottages have been built beside lakes and ponds.

Fishing has a solid position in the Finnish cultural lexicon, with revered Finnish author Juhani Aho (1861-1921) famously describing fishing as an experience that left him “spellbound, intoxicated”.

You can’t disagree once you see the lake’s surface glistening in the early morning sun, inviting you to relax on the dock, enjoy the immaculate stillness and to then lure in perches from the surrounding waters.

Sneaky pikes

Fishing is a year-round activity in Finland; only the fishing styles and species vary according to season. The vast and clean waters, a wide variety of species and beautiful lakes and rivers are attracting a growing number of fishing tourists to Finland.

Finland’s waters are home to about 60 species of fish, of which about 20 are actively pursued by fishermen. Leisure fishers often catch perches, pikes, roaches and pike-perch. Resilient whitefish are also popular among fishing tourists.

In the right environment, a pike can grow to 10 kilos, which can provide plenty of challenges for any fisherman. The pike season extends from May to November or December.

Angling with a hook and line does not require a licence in Finland, while a permit for fishing with a lure can be obtained for a small fee.

Arctic chars swim in cold waters

Finland’s pike-perch populations have notably strengthened over the past two decades. Lake regions in both central and southern Finland are the most optimal waters for catching pike-perch. Finland’s national fish, the European perch, thrives in lakes, rivers and oceans.

Grayling, a member of the salmon family, grows to an impressive size in north-western Lapland, the “arm of Finland”. The cold and deep lakes of northern Finland are also home to the delicious Arctic char, which is a sought-after food fish and is also caught by ice fishers. Those looking for a challenge can try to catch an Arctic char with fly fishing.

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