• Tour de Skate

    Give It a Try

    Tour skating is fun and accessible to all. The season usually spans from January to April, give or take a few weeks.

  • No Excuses

    All types of supportive equipment are available when heading out to the ice. Take your pick and strap some blades on!

  • Winter Wonderland

    Cruising scenery like this makes one understand why tour skating is increasingly popular.

  • Fancy a Race?

    Finland Ice Marathon is the main tour skating event of the season. Organised in Kuopio, Finnish Lakeland, the springtime sun graces outdoor-loving competitors and spectators from all over the world, making it exotically enjoyable. Even if competing is not your thing, getting in on the fun is recommended as many smaller events are held on the side; how does moonlight skating sound?

  • Enjoyable Exercise

    Fresh air and a soothing white landscape bathing in sunlight is what many consider a perfect day out.

  • Gear up

    There’s plenty of equipment to choose from at your tour organiser’s.

  • Pole Position

    Poles come in handy when skating longer tours and they exercise the upper body even on shorter distances.

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Tour de Skate

More than a thousand kilometres of coastline and nearly 200 000 lakes make Finland rich in water. When the waters freeze over, tour skaters grab their blades and head out to the open.

Decades ago, in the Finnish archipelago, skating from island to island was a way of getting around and visiting neighbours in the winter. Nowadays, tour skating is a popular outdoor activity and a great means of enjoying the frozen waterways and beautiful scenery.

Safety First

Although tour skating is a perfectly safe activity, it can be risky for those not familiar with the terrain and natural conditions. Participating on guided tours ensures you don’t have to worry about safety risks and can concentrate on having a great time in the fresh Nordic outdoors.

Unless you’re an experienced skater and familiar with the route you’ll be taking, never, under any circumstances, head out alone.

Anyone Can Do It – Give It a Try!

Tours come in all shapes and sizes, and both beginners and experienced skaters have something to choose from. Tour organisers hire equipment and make sure you’re geared up right before instructing starts.

Many skating trips include lunch or coffee, but personal snacks are recommended just for the sake of it; everything tastes better when exercising in crispy winter air.

Give tour skating a try – even if you don’t get hooked for life, skating on frozen waters is a unique way to experience Finland’s rugged natural beauty.


The stunning yet soothing natural scenery of Finland is best embodied in Lakeland. The countless blue lakes splintered by islands, isthmuses and green spits of forest provide an unmatched setting for peaceful getaways.

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