Tour de Skate

More than a thousand kilometres of coastline and nearly 200 000 lakes make Finland rich in water. When the waters freeze over, tour skaters grab their blades and head out to the open.

Decades ago, in the Finnish archipelago, skating from island to island was a way of getting around and visiting neighbours in the winter. Nowadays, tour skating is a popular outdoor activity and a great means of enjoying the frozen waterways and beautiful scenery.

Although tour skating is a perfectly safe activity, it can be risky for those not familiar with the terrain and natural conditions. Participating on guided tours ensures you don’t have to worry about safety risks and can concentrate on having a great time in the fresh Nordic outdoors. Unless you’re an experienced skater and familiar with the route you’ll be taking, never, under any circumstances, head out alone.


Depending on location, winter in Finland begins in November and can last up to five months, with temperatures ranging from a balmy zero to a lung-freezing minus 35.