• Turku – Design Full of Pep

    Kotonadesign’s wooden decorative boards are treated with magnetic and chalkboard paint. They make wonderful memory boards.

  • KUI Design is one of Turku’s most famous labels, making products from soft materials and in earthy colours.

  • Saana ja Olli’s wonderful folkloric designs are full of rabbits, deer, squirrels and pike. The motives are printed on hemp, which is a nature friendly and durable material.

  • Turku is an inspiring city enveloped by nature. Its old wooden houses offer great ideas for motives, collars and materials.

  • Between shopping trips, you can take a break in a charming cafe. Turku has a variety of great places to enjoy a hot drink and slice of delicious cake.

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Turku – Design Full of Pep

Turku, Europe’s Culture Capital of 2011, offers small but magnificently interesting labels.

If Helsinki is sassy and modern, Turku is more folklore and retro. The motives in designers’ products are often playful and funny and colours and shades are warm, soft and mirthful. You can almost feel that you are back in your childhood when everything was easy and playful.

Turku offers everything from rich textiles to elegant tableware in an ancient and ravishing milieu. The materials are mainly nature-friendly or even recycled. Green thinking spans also to production as a great deal of the products are handmade and manufactured in Finland.



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Contrast is the main ingredient in Finnish cultural life, probably because everything looks and sounds different from our northern perspective.