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Finland is a vast country with a “tip to toe” length of over 1000 kilometers. Landscape and weather conditions differ greatly between northern and southern Finland. We have divided Finland into four distinctive regions that make it easier to understand what our country is all about.


In Finnish folklore, an element of mystery is associated with Lapland, the country’s northernmost province. Lapland is the home of the one and only Santa Claus, around-the-clock sunlight in the summer and almost guaranteed Northern Lights every night of the winter. Experience the spirituality of Lapland and you will never be the same.


One of the most important birthplaces of the Finnish identity are in Lakeland, where the glittering lakes cover most of central Finland. The lakes are synonymous to peaceful summer days spent at a cottage relaxing by the water, swimming, paddling, rowing or fishing.

Coast & archipelago

Finnish coastline is long and the archipelago off it one of the world’s largest. The area is best explored by bike, foot or boat of some sort – be it a sailing boat or a kayak. Island-hopping with camping is a great way to experience the area, as is staying in small seaside B&B’s and hostels in old wooden towns like Rauma or Hanko.


Helsinki, the capital of Finland, is situated by the Baltic Sea with a 100-kilometre-long shoreline and around 300 islands. The compact, vibrant city is both highly cultural and incredibly relaxing, with beautiful nature so close it offers many great possibilities for various outdoor activities.

Illustrated Map
  • Lapland

    Finnish Lapland is immense – as the fells begin to rise around you in every direction, you will find serenity unlike anywhere else on earth.

  • Lapland is best known for its ski resorts, national parks, the Sámi and their reindeer, the endless sun in the summer, and, of course, the one and only Santa Claus.


With the Northern Lights and the Midnight Sun, rich wildlife and vast wildernesses, Finnish Lapland is all about soothing natural beauty and wild adventures.

  • Lakeland

    Cottages and cabins are an essential element of Lakeland and Finnish life. Sweating out the stress in a sauna, with regular dips in the lake, is the ultimate way to purify both the body and the mind.

  • Lake Saimaa is Finland’s largest lake and the fourth largest natural freshwater lake in Europe. The  beautiful, often-changing landscape dotted with islands is a perfect setting for sheltered kayaking or boating.

Row the boat

Paddling together with camping is a great way to visit the lakes. The Linnasaari National Park is a great option if you are planning a canoe or rowing trip – they also hire out kayaks and boats.

  • Coast & Archipelago

    Historical cities, harbour towns, lighthouses, and maritime culture in general characterise Finland’s 1 100 kilometres of coastline and the rocky archipelago off it.

  • The Finnish coastline, including the archipelago islands, is more than 40 000 km long. Sprinkled along those shores you’ll find the loveliest cottages for rent. Many are equipped for winter use too and are accessible all year round.

so much more than just plain sailing

If the Finnish archipelago and long Baltic coast make you think about beautiful summer days filled with sailing and boating, you are definitely on the right track. But the Finnish coast invites you for many great experiences throughout the year…

  • Helsinki

    The capital of Finland is a compact city easily explored on foot. Design, architecture, culture and shopping are all great exploration angles and large park areas, forests, lakes, and the coastline with over 300 islands sprinkled off it make certain there’s no shortage of natural presence. Needless to say, there’s something going on in Helsinki every day of the year.

  • Helsinki is a compact capital city perfectly suited for a weekend exploration. Finnish design, a booming restaurant scene, a variety of bars and great shopping are things that might just make you repeat your visit.

the different faces of helsinki

As the snow falls, the charming summery Helsinki turns into something completely different – a city where great action can take place! The possibilities for summer and winter activities in Helsinki are endless.



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