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Art Exhibitions
Aboa Vetus Ars Nova

Experience the Museum of History and Contemporary Art on the banks of the River Aura in Turku.

Amos Anderson Art Museum

Interiors of Amos Anderson’s home and Sigurd Frosterus’s collections are permanently on display.

Art Centre Puustelli - Woodsculpting

The exhibition includes an extensive collection of sculptures created during the Kemijärvi International Woodsculpting Symposiums in Lapland.

Art Centre Salmela

Art Centre Salmela is one of the biggest and most famous art centres in Finland located in the Lakeland region.

Helsinki Festival

Helsinki Festival, yearly in August is an extensive program, which features music, theatre, art and film.

Juminkeko Visitor Centre in Kuhmo

Juminkeko, is an information centre in Kuhmo specialized in the Finnish national epos, Kalevala, and offering folklore tours.

Kenkävero in Mikkeli

Kenkävero in Mikkeli, Eastern Finland, has fine restored buildings, exciting exhibitions and events and exquisite handicrafts as gifts.

Korundi House of Culture

The Korundi House of Culture offers art, music and events in Rovaniemi, Lapland.

Kuhmo Culture Celebrates Winter

Kuhmo Culture Celebrates Winter presents this wide selection of culture both to local residents and to people from further away.

St. Henry's Ecumenical Art Chapel

St. Henry’s Ecumenical Art Chapel on the island of Hirvensalo is also a pilgrimage for lovers of architecture.

Stundars Open-Air Museum

Stundars is a large open-air museum and a lively culture centre in Korsholm near Vaasa, Western Finland.

The Silent People

The Silent People is an art show on close to Kuusamo, Lapland on the side of a highway and is…

WeeGee Exhibition Centre

The centre has 5 museums, an art gallery, a museum shop and a coffee-restaurant in Espoo, Southern Finland.