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Camping Site
7 Bridges Archipelago

Experience the 7 Bridges Archipelago on the Finnish west coast in Nykarleby, Pedersöre, Jakobstad, Larsmo, Kronoby and Kokkola.

Accommodation in Pori Area

Pori and the surrounding area in Western Finland has a lot of different kinds of accommodation - villas and cottages…

A camping holiday will give you the best opportunity to see Finland and from this site you'll get all the…

Cycling Tour on Åland Islands

A cycling tour around Åland is one of the most popular activities, because Åland consists of more than 6500 gorgeous…

Erittäin Sallainen

Caravan area and apartments next to the Salla Ski Resort with good connections to ski tracks and hiking paths.

Himos World Accommodation

While visiting Jämsä or Himos Holiday Resort, you have several great accommodation options from villas to hotels in Central Finland.

Holiday Centre Rauhalahti

Rauhalahti Holiday Centre is a five-star Holiday Centre, where you can spend an unforgettable holiday with your family or friends…

Hyvärilä Holiday and Youth Centre in Nurmes

Hyvärilä Holiday and Youth Centre resort is situated on the shores of Lake Pielinen in Nurmes, in Eastern Finland.

Kievari Rantapirtti Inn

Kievari Rantapirtti Inn is located in the beautiful country scene by the lake Salosvesi, in Central Finland.

Vierumäki Leisure Centre

Vierumäki is the most versatile leisure centre in Finland: full of action, sports and life in the Lakeland region.