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Finland Festivals
Baltic Jazz

Baltic Jazz Festival in Dalsbruk offers classical jazz and blues in a unique coal factory in coastal Finland in July.

Ekenäs Summer Concerts

Concerts and soloists in the church of Ekenäs, coastal Finland, with the Finnish Chamber Orchestra annually in August.

Jyväskylä Festival

The theatre stages of the Jyväskylä Festival will accommodate contemporary circus, comedians and international stars in Jyväskylä, Central Finland.

Kimito Island Music Festival

Kimito Island Music Festival is a Finland Festivals event and takes place annually in July in the coastal Finland.

Korsholm Music Festival

Korsholm Music Festival has invites artists ranging from baroque compositions to classical chamber works to Western FInland.

Kuhmo Chamber Music Festival

Kuhmo Chamber Music Festival in Lapland is undoubtedly one of the most famous events in Finland.

Kuopio Dance Festival

Kuopio Dance Festival is a significant celebration of dance art, which has also dance courses and street events.

Lohja Tenor Festival

Lohja Tenor Festivals includes concerts in churches in July in Lohja, Southern Finland.

Pori Jazz Festival

Pori Jazz Festival gathers the superstars of jazz and other rhythm music and takes place in the middle of July…

Sata-Häme Soi Accordion Festival

The idyllic centre of Old Town Ikaalinen is filled with musicians and friends of accordion music summer after summer.

Tampere Biennale

The Tampere Biennale in Southern Finland presents contemporary Finnish art music with the latest compositions and the finest musicians.

Tampere Theatre Festival

Tampere Theatre Festival in Southern Finland is one of Europe`s most important festivals of professional theatre in August.

The Gergiev Festival in Mikkeli

The Gergiev Festival is an annual festival and takes place at the beginning of July in the Lakeland region.

Time of Music

Time of Music is the only annual festival of contemporary music held in central Finland.

Turku Music Festival

Artistic director Topi Lehtipuu’s inspiring programme captivates Turku in August.

Vaasa Choir Festival

Vaasa Choir Festival is an international, five-day-long major event of choir music in Western Finland.