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Health and Fitness
Aulanko Resort

Aulanko in central Finland has provided an excellent setting for conventions and recreational activities.

Holiday Club Katinkulta

At Holiday Club Katinkulta in Lapland, you can choose your accommodation between the spa hotel and high-quality holiday homes.

Ikaalinen Spa Hotel

Fun and entertainment can be found at Ikaalinen Spa every day in Southern Finland.

Kuortane Sports Resort

At Kuortane, by a beautiful lake in Western Finland, you can choose from a wide range of sporting activities.

Manor Hotel and Spa Kyyhkylä

Welcome to stay in the new and classy hotel only 7 km from Mikkeli on the shore of Lake Saimaa.

Spa Hotel Kunnonpaikka

Spa Hotel Kunnonpaikka in the Lake District of eastern Finland close to the town of Kuopio offers good food and…

Spa Hotel Peurunka

Spa Hotel Peurunka in central Finland is a modern spa hotel with holiday, recreation and conference services.

Spa Hotel Rauhalahti

Spa Hotel Rauhalahti is situated in the recreational area of Rauhalahti only 5 km from Kuopio city centre and offers…

Sports Centre Pajulahti

Pajulahti is full of facilities to enjoy sports in a picturesque Lakeland environment and in a cosy and warm atmosphere.

Tahko Spa Hotel

Tahko Spa hotel in Nilsiä, near the city of Kuopio, is part of the Vanajanlinna Group.

Vierumäki Leisure Centre

Vierumäki is the most versatile leisure centre in Finland: full of action, sports and life in the Lakeland region.