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River and Rapid Floating
Lakeland GTE - Cruises with "Lady of the Lake"

LakeLand GTE is a company offering nature & outdoor activities and lake cruises in an ecological electric boat in Varkaus…

Rapid Floating in Kuhmo

Floating the rapids is an activity which can be carried out all year round in Kuhmo, Lapland.

River Adventures in Varjola Farm

You don't have to travel to Northern Finland to enjoy good whitewater adventures - Varjola in Central Finland has it…

Sampo IceBreaker

Icebreaker Sampo in Kemi, Lapland offers four-hour long tours that include swimming in the sea and delicious lunch!

Varjola Guest House

Varjola is a traditional Finnish farm which nowadays is a house full of old-time hospitality in Central Finland.