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Accommodation in Pori Area

Pori and the surrounding area in Western Finland has a lot of different kinds of accommodation - villas and cottages…

Flamingo Leisure World

Flamingo entertainment centre is near Helsinki-Vantaa Airport has spa, shops and a nightclub and other entertainment open all around the…

Holiday Club Katinkulta

At Holiday Club Katinkulta in Lapland, you can choose your accommodation between the spa hotel and high-quality holiday homes.

Holiday Club Salla

Accommodation by Salla Ski Resort and the Restaurant Revontuli offer beautiful view to the fell area.

Ikaalinen Spa Hotel

Fun and entertainment can be found at Ikaalinen Spa every day in Southern Finland.

Kalajoki Resort - Spa Hotel Sani

Spa Hotel Sani in Western Finland offers bright, spacious and tastefully decorated surroundings overlooking the great views over the sand…

Kasnäs Archipelago Spa

Guests at the Kasnäs Archipelago Spa are pampered with wonderful food, great service in the Coastal Finland.

Manor Hotel and Spa Kyyhkylä

Welcome to stay in the new and classy hotel only 7 km from Mikkeli on the shore of Lake Saimaa.

Manor Spa Kaisankoti

A unique old Manor house with modern spa facilities and accommodation, surrounded by beautiful nature.

Naantali Spa Hotel

Naantali Spa Hotel offers luxurious accommodation, refreshing spa baths and high-quality restaurants in a beautiful coastal location.

Ruissalo Spa

Ruissalo Spa provides a variety of services for health and well-being in the natural beauty of Ruissalo island, close to…

Sokos Hotel Bomba

The Bomba House and Karelian Village in Eastern Finland is on the shores of Lake Pielinen offers lots of things…

Sokos Hotel Flamingo

Sokos Hotel Flamingo is located in the Flamingo entertainment and shopping complex near the Jumbo shopping centre in the Helsinki…

Sokos Hotel Koli

Sokos Hotel Koli is an exciting hotel in the Finnish national landscape of Koli Hills, 75 km north of Joensuu.

Spa Hotel and Cottages Summassaari

Spa Hotel and Cottages Summassaari is located in Saarijärvi by the lake in Central Finland.

Spa Hotel Holiday Club Kuusamon Tropiikki

Holiday Club Kuusamon Tropiikki is a hotel and holiday house resort between Ruka and Kuusamo, Lapland open around the year.

Spa Hotel Kunnonpaikka

Spa Hotel Kunnonpaikka in the Lake District of eastern Finland close to the town of Kuopio offers good food and…

Spa Hotel Peurunka

Spa Hotel Peurunka in central Finland is a modern spa hotel with holiday, recreation and conference services.

Spa Hotel Rantasipi Aulanko

Spa Hotel Rantasipi Aulanko is located in a beautiful nature setting in the forest park in Hämeenlinna, Lakeland.

Spa Hotel Rantasipi Laajavuori

Spa Hotel Rantasipi Laajavuori is a leisure hotel in good location in the immediate vicinity of many outdoor activities in…

Spa Hotel Rantasipi Tropiclandia Vaasa

The Rantasipi Tropiclandia Spa Hotel is a holiday-maker's dream in Vaasa, Western Finland.

Spa Hotel Rauhalahti

Spa Hotel Rauhalahti is situated in the recreational area of Rauhalahti only 5 km from Kuopio city centre and offers…

Spa Hotel Yyteri

Yyteri Spa is located in the very heart of Yyteri, one of the longest sandy beaches in Finland, in the…

Tahko Spa Hotel

Tahko Spa hotel in Nilsiä, near the city of Kuopio, is part of the Vanajanlinna Group.

Vanajanlinna Group

Vanajanlinna Group offers accommodation, conference facilities and culinary delights in Hämeenlinna, Levi and Tahko.