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Wildlife and Bird Watching
A Day with Arctic Animals

Meet the 200 huskies in our husky farm and enjoy a hike with them in the nearby Oulanka National Park…

Arola Wilderness Hotel

Arola farm and wilderness holidays is a perfect place for people who are interested in nature and Finnish history in…

Levi Husky Park

Levi Husky Park offers husky safaris in Köngäs only 10 minutes drive from Levi Ski Centre in Lapland.

Nature House Villa Elfvik

Changing exhibitions present a variety of environmental topics at the Laajalahti nature reserve in Southern Finland.

Reindeer Herding and Culture

Visit a reindeer farm and try a sleigh ride on a snowy track or enjoy the midnight sun with the…

Seal Watching on Lake Saimaa

See the endangered Saimaa Seal on a guided nature trip to the home waters of osprey in the Lakeland region.

Söderfjärden and Meteoria Visitor Centre

The Meteoria visitor center is in the centre of the Söderfjärden meteorite crater in Wester Finland.

St. Lapland Accommodation and Activities

All St. Lapland services are based on local traditions, stories, our rich nature, and homely atmosphere in Kuusamo, Lapland.

The Hannu Hautala Nature Photography Centre

The Hannu Hautala Nature Photography Centre offers a unique nature photography experience for people in Kuusamo, Lapland.

Wild Animal Watching in Karelia

A safe way to meet the large carnivores on an animal watching lodge in the middle of the wilderness of…

Wildlife Watching and Photography in Kuhmo

Wild Taiga in Lapland is one of the few areas in Europe where it is possible to watch bears and…

Yyteri Beach - Finland's Riviera

One of Pori's main attractions is the six kilometer long Yyteri beach, which is one of the most beautiful beaches…