Fancy Voyages Incentive to Rovaniemi

Fancy Voyages arranged this incentive event to Rovaniemi in February 2014. 56 participants took part to winterly activities.


What was the event in question?

Award for best customers of a company in paint for car industry.

Where and when was it held?

Rovaniemi in Feb 2014.

How many people attended?

56 pax.

What was best about the event?

It was a great moment altogether in a destination really appropriate for this kind of customers as they work in “car business” so ice driving by car and snowmobile were just perfect activities for them.

Did everything go well and why?

Everything went perfectly well due to our local DMC, Arctic Incentives, with whom we work for years in a very good cooperation.

How was the location?

Rovaniemi was perfect for this group due to the wide range of activities with good capacities for Incentives groups (Ice driving, Sampo, big husky farm…) and choice of surprising dinner venues (Snow restaurant, Lappish restaurant and Lumberjack evening).

How were the people?

Customers were really happy and enthusiastic because they had good fun in day time but also in evenings, enjoying beautiful places and good entertainment.

More comments?

Lumberjack evening and Ice driving were the must of the trip!

Many customers came to thank us after the ice driving day, they really had good fun with Rally cars, knowing that they all are interested by cars and all engine machine due to their work branch.

Lumberjack evening did fit very well to this group, cosy restaurant with great entertainment, we all were laughing and enjoyed particularly this last evening!

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Anick Leplatre

Director of Fancy Voyages


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