Viada Video, “Site Champion of the Year” Grand Prize Winner

Viada, a Finnish DMC took part in a Site Champion of the Year video contest and ended up winning the Grand Prize.


What was best about your event?

– The idea to shoot the video just occurred while I was doing an inspection with our client. The good thing was that I had a proper mobile phone with a good camera and I had a vision.

Did everything go well and why?

– Yes, everything went just fine. Thanks to great weather I managed to capture all the proper elements of this once-in-a-lifetime experience. You can really feel the experience unfolding during the course of the video.

How was the location?

– The location was truly a unique destination in Finnish Lapland. The city is called Kemi and it is located by the Gulf of Bothnia. In addition to the icebreaker experience Kemi also offers another great attraction, the Snow Castle with its Snow Hotel.

How were the people?

– The people were really excited while I was filming this clip and you can see from the faces that we all enjoyed it a lot.

Anything you’d like to add?

– This was truly a “wow-experience” to execute and to film. The great thing is that this experience can be organized for one person as well as a group of 150 people.


Watch the video here.


Jukka-Paco Halonen


Viada Oy Ltd

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