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Tourism in Finland – key facts and figures

Finnish tourism had a recoRd year 2011

Finnish tourism industry showed strong growth in 2011 both in terms of foreign arrivals and foreign overnight stays. After few years of modest development Finland reached it’s record of 5,5 million in nights spent at accommodation establishments. Growth rate of 10% was a good result also in the international perspective. Positive development was registered in almost all major markets.

Largest markets in overnight stays are neighbouring countries Russia and Sweden followed by Germany and United Kingdom. The biggest growth rates in top markets compared to previous year was indicated in China and Hongkong + 23%, Russia + 22%, Spain + 14% and USA +13%.

Foreign overnights in 2011 by country according to Accommodation Statistics:
  • Russia 1,3 million
  • Sweden 552 000
  • Germany 541 000
  • United Kingdom 390 000
  • Estonia 228 000
  • France 214 000
  • USA 202 000
  • Norway 173 000
  • The Netherlands 167 000
  • Italy 146 000
  • Japan 129 000
  • Spain 129 000

Obviously the structure of tourism from all main markets have their own characteristics related to travel season, area and preferred activities.

Southern Finland and archipelago are number one area for most tourists (56% of overnights). Lakeland area has become more and more attractive during the years. In year 2011 every fifth overnight was registered there. Finish Lapland has maintained it’s popularity (16% of overnights). Small coastal area in the West represents 8% of all overnight stays.

Foreign overnights are steadily growing and were 28% of all overnights facilities in Finland.

Source: Accommodation Statistics 2011, Statistics Finland

7,3 million foreign visitors in 2011

According to lastest border interview survey Finland received 7,3 million foreign visitors in 2011. The number of foreign visitors increased by 17 per cent from the year 2010.

In 2010 foreign visitors brought over EUR 2 billion to Finland, which was approximately EUR 460 million more than in the previous year. The number of travellers and the amount of money brought by them exceeded even the numbers before the downturn of 2009.

Source: Border Interview Survey by Statistics Finland and Finnish Tourist Board

Tourism’s significance to Finland’s national economy

According to information published by Statistics Finland in 2010, a total of €11bn was spent on tourism in 2007 in Finland. This includes the consumption expenditure of Finnish and foreign tourists. Foreign travellers accounted for 29 per cent (€3.1bn) of total tourism consumption.

Tourism’s share of GDP

In 2007, the value added generated by tourism amounted to €3.6bn i.e. 2.3 per cent of Finland’s GDP. When compared to value added elsewhere, that of tourism was larger than the food industry’s and almost twice as high as agriculture’s.

Employment impact of tourism

According to the tourism account, total employment in the tourism sector was calculated as 63,944 people in 2007. This figure includes all full or part-time, year-round jobs in the catering and accommodation sectors and travel agencies, and other corresponding employers. Jobs located in other sectors, but providing services for tourism in particular, are included.

Source: Tourism account 2007, April 2009, Statistics Finland

Outbound travel

Finnish residents’ leisure trips abroad by destination country in 2010

  • Estonia 1 822 000
  • Sweden 1 605 000
  • Spain 380 000
  • Russia 272 000
  • Germany 222 000
  • United Kingdom 190 000
  • Italy 169 000
  • France 124 000
  • Thailand 111 000
  • Turkey 107 000
  • Greece 104 000

Source: Finnish Travel, Statistics Finland