• Lakeland

Where to go?

Explore the various destinations of Lakeland

  • Lakeland-Kuopio


    Kuopio is one of the biggest cities in Lakeland. The rolling hills and crystal clear waters typical of the region are best viewed from the Puijo Tower. Locals are open, talkative, and have a peculiar sense of humour.
  • Lakeland-Joensuu


    Joensuu is the capital of the North Carelia region, and a major cultural hub. The verdant surroundings have bred many a Finnish artist and are home to a score of cultural events, biggest among them the Ilosaarirock festival.
  • Lakeland-Savonlinna


    Savonlinna, nestled by Lake Saimaa, is great for both short city breaks and lakeside cottage holidays. The main cultural event is the annual Savonlinna Opera Festival, held in the medieval Olavinlinna Castle.
  • Lakeland-Mikkeli


    Manor houses, design villas, cute B&B’s or charming cottages are the way to stay in Mikkeli, preferably combined with relaxing activities such as cruises on the several lakes around the city.
  • Lakeland-Lappeenranta


    These two cities lie on the shores of Lake Saimaa, half an hour’s drive from each other. Spas, water, cottages, and a score of both winter and summer activities to be experienced next to the Russian border.
  • Lakeland-Tampere


    One of Finland’s major cities, Tampere is a great example of industrial heritage reinvented for modern urban purposes. Cafés, shops, restaurants, cinemas, galleries and museums in old factory buildings are complemented by glittering lakes Näsijärvi and Pyhäjärvi that surround the city.
  • Lakeland-Jyvaskyla


    Jyväskylä is the green and blue hub of Central Finland, its forests and lakes serving as ideal terrain for all the active young people the city’s educational facilities attract. A 45-minute drive from the city, ski resort Himos is ready to fulfill all outdoor expectations.
  • Lakeland-Kajaani


    From cultural events and great fishing spots in Kajaani to the Vuokatti ski and holiday resort and the bear watching areas of Kuhmo, the Kainuu region is a great slice of Finland at its most typical.
  • Lakeland-Hameenlinna


    A mix of old and new, Hämeenlinna is a medium-sized city with two impressive castles to visit, large park areas to enjoy and galleries and museums to hop, among them the birth place of Finland’s most famous composer Jean Sibelius and the enchanting Iittala Glass Museum.
  • Lakeland-Lahti


    Design, outdoor activities, lake cruises, shopping, well-being services – Lahti and the region around the city offers all of these, and only an hour away from Helsinki and its international airport.


Best of Lakeland

a few things everyone should know about Lakeland

Tampere is a Lakeland city surrounded by water. The peaceful city with “small town feel” has great museums and shops, many of them located in old factory conversions.

Lake Saimaa is Finland’s largest lake and the fourth largest natural freshwater lake in Europe. The  beautiful, often-changing landscape dotted with islands is a perfect setting for sheltered kayaking or boating.

Kuopio comes alive in the summer when it plays host to a major dance festival and a lively wine festival. The city’s essence, however, comes from its lakeside location on the shores of Lake Kallavesi and its role as a hub for inland waterway traffic.

Cottages and cabins are an essential element of Finnish life. Many are situated by a lake somewhere. Sweating out the stress in a sauna, with regular dips in the lake, is the ultimate way to purify both the body and the mind.