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Private Boat Sightseeing Tour in Helsinki

Want to spend a day out on the sea, just you and people whose company you enjoy, cruising around the islands and exploring the Helsinki archipelago? Don’t think twice! Welcome on board! With a private boat sightseeing tour you will have a chance to see most of Helsinki’s archipelago.

Cruises in the Baltic Sea

Viking Line offers cruises in the Baltic Sea between Finland, Åland and Sweden. Viking Line also offers travel packages in both hotel and in cottages, eg golf, cycling and fishing. It is also possible to book accommodation and activities ashore on Åland via Viking Line.

Introduction to Paddling

The goal of this introduction is to learn the basic skills for kayaking and/or canoeing. Introduction takes place at the shore on shallow waters. Once you’ve learned the basics we will make a brief paddling trip towards Juuma village. After the introduction you can use the kayaks/canoes free of charge during guided trips!

Sightseeing Cruise on M/S Elviira

See the beautiful archipelago of Savonlinna on M/S Elviira. Duration: one hour. During the tour, you will pass the Olavinlinna castle. This tour offers you beautiful views of archipelago summer cottages and saunas. You might even spot a Saimaa ringed seal! Available languages: Finnish, German and Russian.

Sandvik Guest Harbour on Kökar Island (Åland)

The Sandvik Marina and Campground is beautifully situated on the northwestern part of Kökar island (in the Åland Islands), close to the ferry port. The campground has a convenience store as well as the opportunity to buy fuel, shower, go to a sauna, visit the common room and to hire bicycles, rowing boats and canoes. We also have wireless Internet access. The Church of Kökar and the ruins of a medieval Franciscan monastery are situated nearby.

One-Day Waterbus Trip to Örö Island

A waterbus trip from Korpoström to the Örö fortress island is a special experience. Before becoming part of the Archipelago National Park, Örö served as pasture for cattle as well as a military zone for a hundred years – first as a fortress of the Baltic Sea defence chain under the Russian Tsar's rule and later as a base for Finland's coastal artillery. Around 60 houses from various periods are preserved on Örö, alongside the fortifications built during the Russian reign. Guided tour and lunch included.

The Baltic Eye and the Pike’s gut

The Baltic Eye and the Pike’s gut: are 4-5 hour Sea Kayaking tours for the Intermediate paddler or someone who has a sporty physique and stamina. We paddle through medieval natural harbors and with the sportiest groups we paddle around the Russarö fortress Island (5 Nm) and take a lifetime picture.

Daytime cruises on an original steamship Ukkopekka

World’s last romantic invention, authentic steamship S/S Ukkopekka sails silently and lightly as a feather through Airisto and by its thousands of islands. The journey takes you from Turku to the idyllic monastery town of Naantali. One of this nostalgic steamers' specialties includes a famous lunch buffet.

Sailing in Turku Archipelago

The archipelago of Turku is one of the world’s most beautiful and numerous archipelagos, of which national park covers a large area. On a six-day sailing trip we will explore five completely different islands. The difficulty level is easy, so no previous sailing experience is needed.

A Baltic Sea Cruise Between Finland and Estonia

On this sailing cruise you will have an opportunity to sail the old unique, strong and seaworthy schooner on Baltic Sea. The ship starts from Turku, cruises along the most beautiful archipelago, stops in Högsåra and Hanko, then sails over Baltic Sea to Tallinn where you can spend the whole day exploring the historical Hansa town's sights and do shopping in idyllic, small shops. The cruise ends in Helsinki, the capital of Finland. This cruise is a marvellous combination of sailing and experiencing the special maritime culture in the Baltic cities.

Sea Cruise in the Archipelago

Take a boat trip in the beautiful archipelago of Kristinestad. From the boat we wil experience vivid bird life, local attractions, cottages, farms and more. Juice and softdrinks are served during the trip.

Seal Safari in Linnansaari National Park

On our seal safari's you get to know the world’s most endangered seal that can be found only in lake Saimaa. We watch the animals from a distance and make sure that we do not disturb the seals. We drive with comfortable open safari boats through a labyrinth of islands in Linnansaari National Park.

Day Cruise to Tallinn

The cruise leaves Helsinki in the morning, arriving Tallinn a few hours later, returning from Tallinn in the evening. You will have more than seven hours to spend in Tallinn!

Taste of Saimaa - Exclusive Lake Tour

During this tour you will experience some of the best parts of the Lakeland, sleep in a typical Finnish log villa and in the rustic Hotel Järvisydän. You will make an unforgettable boat trip across the lake in Linnansaari National Park and if you are lucky you get to spot one of the rare Saimaa Ringed Seals. To make this holiday even more relaxing you will be able to pamper yourself in a traditional Finnish sauna and in the new extraordinary Lake Spa. Local delicacies are served throughout the trip such as fresh fish directly from the lake, organic rye bread, local elk meat and berries.

Soling Classic Sailing at Villa Wolax

This unique program lets you sail with five Soling Classic sailboats in the waters of the archipelago. In Finland — only at Villa Wolax! Start the day by enjoying a coffee and a savory snack. Before you launch into the waters, there will be an introduction to the secrets of sailing: the activity requires no previous sailing experience. You get a chance to view the boats, after which separate teams will go into the water to compete against each other. After sailing, the group will head to the seaside sauna, and then later for dinner.

Turku - Åland Islands Cruise

Day cruise to Mariehamn takes 12 hours. Spend a day in the archipelago – cruise with M/S Amorella from Turku to Mariehamn. In Mariehamn you change ships for the return trip with the new M/S Viking Grace. Enjoy the modern interior design, exciting restaurant concepts, and the largest floating tax-free shop in the world, combined with the beautiful scenery of the archipelago.

Lighthouse Island Tankar

Today, Tankar is one of Finland's most important lighthouse islands in terms of tourism. The lighthouse from 1889, the chapel from 1754 and the Sealing Museum are the most popular attractions on the island. You can also enjoy a delicious traditional salmon soup on the outdoor patio.

Cruises to Southern Konnevesi National Park

Experience the clear waters and spectacular landscapes of a Finnish national park. Our cruise takes place in the area of beautiful Lake Konnevesi. Our professional guide takes care of your needs and is happy to answer all your questions. You are warmly welcome alone as well as with your partner or family. The 2-hour cruise departs from Häyrylänranta Harbour. Ensure your seat on the cruise by booking in advance!

Paddle Your Worries Away

Get excited about our easy and fun stand-up-paddling (SUP) experience with an instructor! The SUP experience includes transportation to and from the island with our idyllic wooden boat M/S Klippan, an instructed SUP session in front of or around the island and a specially made fresh lunch, as well as a quick sauna if you feel cold. Approximate duration: 3 hrs.

Jazz Dinner Cruise

Groovy archipelago dinner cruise! What better way to unwind than with the cool sounds of Jazz in the beautiful Helsinki archipelago while enjoying a delicious buffet dinner. Top jazz artists from Finland performing onboard the elegant restaurant boat M/S Aava.