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Kolovesi National Park Sightseeing Cruise

Charter a sightseeing cruise in the Kolovesi National park with local Guide! Kolovesi is a paradise for nature lovers: isolated, silent and wild, a jewel of Eastern Finland. Our Ecoboat "Lady of the Lake" brings you to explore the wilderness in luxurious comfort. You will see great landscapes, feel the clean air and water, listen to the silence, and explore Stone Age rock paintings. If you are lucky, you might even see the endangered and rare Saimaa ringed seal. Fee includes a group of 1–10 persons.

Savonlinna Charter Cruise during Savonlinna Opera Festival

See & experience Savonlinna in a new and comfortable way on a private cruise, VIP style. A small, comfortable eco-boat goes where big ships cannot go. You will see the old castle, old ships museum and nice islands. Skipper will entertain you with tales and insights of local history and the nature of Saimaa. Live accordion music during the cruise guarantees some of the best summer moments you will experience. Gourmet guests might want to pre-order an optional caviar & champagne service onboard.

Steam Ship Cruise

Discover Finnish summer with a shoreline cruise sailing through the gorgeous Saimaa Lakeland labyrinth. See the heart of Lake Saimaa district and Savonlinna's famous medieval Olavinlinna castle. A sightseeing cruise with an original Finnish handmade steamship is an unforgettable experience.

RIB Tour in Helsinki Archipelago

Welcome to an unforgettable adventure! You can experience the Finnish archipelago and satisfy your hunger for speed at the same time! You will visit the most beautiful places of the Helsinki archipelago. Have a look at the sights and see the fantastic nature!

Sailing in the Archipelago with an Old Traditional Ship

The Turku and Åland Archipelago is one of the world’s most beautiful and part of it has been designated the Archipelago National Park. This is a unique opportunity to explore the archipelago and each day you will visit a completely different island, each with its own distinctive landscape, nature and history. Along the way, there will be opportunities to hike, cycle, kayak, fish, swim, take a sauna, go bird watching, and forage for wild mushrooms and berries. Enjoy the beauty of nature, see the midnight sun and experience genuine Finnish archipelago life.

Taste of Saimaa - Exclusive Lake Tour

During this tour you will experience some of the best parts of the Lakeland, sleep in a typical Finnish log villa and in the rustic Hotel Järvisydän. You will make an unforgettable boat trip across the lake in Linnansaari National Park and if you are lucky you get to spot one of the rare Saimaa Ringed Seals. To make this holiday even more relaxing you will be able to pamper yourself in a traditional Finnish sauna and in the new extraordinary Lake Spa. Local delicacies are served throughout the trip such as fresh fish directly from the lake, organic rye bread, local elk meat and berries.

Osprey Safari to Linnansaari National Park

The Osprey Safari takes you to Linnansaari National Park where we will see this beautiful bird and its nests. On the way, we’ll take a break on Kaarnetsaari Island and make some coffee and local snacks by the open fire.

Two Canal Cruise

A fascinating cruise route on southern Lake Päijänne: two canals and three different lakes. The return journey is almost made every day. Good coach connections. Travel in one direction by scheduled coach and in the other by ship.

Helsinki by Bus&Boat

Combine two beautiful sightseeing experiences and enjoy the best of Helsinki on land and at sea.The package includes the Beautiful Canal Route cruise and Hop On Hop Off bus sightseeing tour with an open top bus.

Midnight Sun Experience

Our evening begins with a relaxing cruise on a traditional long riverboat along River Kemijoki, which is surrounded by beautiful summer scenery. A local-style evening meal will be prepared by your guide in the midst of nature. Before midnight, you’ll be driven to the top of Ounasvaara Fell to admire the fascinating midnight sun and the tranquil surroundings. Then we raise a toast to the magical white nights of Lapland with a glass of sparkling wine. Afterwards we will take you back to your hotel.

Låna Boats

Låna Boats are emission free electrical picnic-boats that let you discover the city from a new perspective in an ecological way. Take a romantic picnic ride with a loved one, spend an evening with a friend or arrange a meeting on the Aura River. The boats are sturdy, suitable for 2–8 people, and have all the necessary equipment. The boats also have a Bluetooth sound system! You can buy some snacks and beverages from Å-Bar&Café to take with you, or you can bring your own food with you! Rent a Låna Boat for 1 to 3 hours, book your own adventure at!

A Baltic Sea Cruise Between Finland and Estonia

On this sailing cruise you will have an opportunity to sail the old unique, strong and seaworthy schooner on Baltic Sea. The ship starts from Turku, cruises along the most beautiful archipelago, stops in Högsåra and Hanko, then sails over Baltic Sea to Tallinn where you can spend the whole day exploring the historical Hansa town's sights and do shopping in idyllic, small shops. The cruise ends in Helsinki, the capital of Finland. This cruise is a marvellous combination of sailing and experiencing the special maritime culture in the Baltic cities.

Follow the White-Tailed Eagle in Archipelago National Park

Saving the white-tailed eagle is one of the Archipelago National Park's success stories. This great bird almost vanished in the 1970's with only 5–6 nesting couples, but the population has increased to over 300 nestings this year thanks to protection work. Come join us for a boat tour in the white-tailed eagle's home environment. You will learn about the diverse wildlife in the archipelago from an experienced nature guide while you try to spot these great birds that frequently fly over the islands.

Canoe Trip to Lake Pielinen

First we practice how to paddle - starting while we are still on the coast, then moving to the water. After this our trip can start. On the way we will see beautiful parts of the lake Pielinen. We will paddle to the island, where we will take a small break. Our destination can be some small island near the coast, or Hiekkasaari (sand island ) / Iso- Korppi.

Historical Helsinki Sightseeing

Enjoy the most extensive Sightseeing Cruise in Helsinki! With this tour, you can see the best of Helsinki from the sea: numerous islands, beautiful shores of old city districts, famous historical buildings, churches, icebreakers, harbours, villas, saunas and the zoo. Historical Helsinki is available only on Royal Line's vessels. You can also enjoy the traditional archipelago buffet onboard. Interesting commentary available in 10 languages.

Archipelago Cruises on Turku-Åland-Stockholm Route

Cruising in the Nordic Archipelago is unforgettable all year round! Imagine the fresh sea air and glittering Baltic Sea in the midnight sun or during winter, when the ship is sailing through ice. Turku, Åland Islands and Stockholm are within your reach – step onboard! Choose between morning and evening departures and experience an adventurous sea voyage with Silja Line's cruise ships Baltic Princess and Galaxy. Spend a memorable day onboard dining, shopping, and enjoying the breathtakingly beautiful views.

Riverboat Cruise on the Tracks of Timber Rafting

Once upon a time there were many logs floating on the rivers of Kemijoki and Ounasjoki. Embark on the riverboat cruise and come to learn more about the timber rafting. We will cruise along the two famous rivers which used to be the route for the timber out of the woods to the mills. This excursion back to the old time will also give you the chance to admire the beautiful surroundings and Lappish nature.

Introduction to Paddling

The goal of this introduction is to learn the basic skills for kayaking and/or canoeing. Introduction takes place at the shore on shallow waters. Once you’ve learned the basics we will make a brief paddling trip towards Juuma village. After the introduction you can use the kayaks/canoes free of charge during guided trips!

World Heritage Cruises to Mikkelinsaaret

On the island of Kummelskär there is a nature station, and from its tower you can observe areas of former shipwrecks. We will walk together with a guide on the nature trail. Lunch will be served at the nature station, and on the way back, we stop for a coffee and a bun.