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Introduction to Paddling

The goal of this introduction is to learn the basic skills for kayaking and/or canoeing. Introduction takes place at the shore on shallow waters. Once you’ve learned the basics we will make a brief paddling trip towards Juuma village. After the introduction you can use the kayaks/canoes free of charge during guided trips!

Rowing Boat / Canoeing Trip

Enjoy a wonderful nature experience with a rowing boat/canoe. This 6-day trip is available in the summer and includes accommodation during the 1st and 5th night in a twin log granary, sauna, row boat/canoe, lifejacket and a map.

Archipelago Cruises on Turku-Åland-Stockholm Route

Cruising in the Nordic Archipelago is unforgettable all year round! Imagine the fresh sea air and glittering Baltic Sea in the midnight sun or during winter, when the ship is sailing through ice. Turku, Åland Islands and Stockholm are within your reach – step onboard! Choose between morning and evening departures and experience an adventurous sea voyage with Silja Line's cruise ships Baltic Princess and Galaxy. Spend a memorable day onboard dining, shopping, and enjoying the breathtakingly beautiful views.

Porvoo by Kayak

Trip starts from heart of Porvoo. We will paddle through the historic Centre. After a few kilometers we will arrive to the river delta. The route will take us around historic area where lot of war indemnity ships were build after second world war. We will finish in shore of Hotel Haikko Manor.

Motor Yacht SKUM Meeting Cruise

Immerse yourself within the Helsinki archipelago and its estimated 300+ islands. We are pleased to offer a relaxing 1.5 hour cruising experience for up to 8 guests aboard the classic motor yacht SKUM. This cruise is an ideal way to witness natural beauty and the Finnish coastal water lifestyle.

Visit the Distant Island of Aspö and its 11 Inhabitants

Take a one-day waterbus trip to the most beautiful and genuine island of Aspö. Aspö is a distant island in the outer Archipelago of Finland. Only 11 people live there year-round. Nonetheless, they have a long history of traditional music, a beautiful white church, a nature trail and a fish shop. In the summertime, it becomes a popular sailing harbour with a sauna available for rent.

Archipelago Cruise to Gustavsvärn and The Pike's Gut

Gustavsvärn is the best kept part of a four-part larger whole of fortresses outside Hanko. The little islet contains the ruins of a fortress built by the Swedes in the late 18th century, as well as a lighthouse from 1951. Tha Pike´s gut is a narrow strait between two islands outside Tulliniemi. There are over 640 kept rock carvings on the islands. the earliest ones are from the 16th century.

Paddle Your Worries Away

Get excited about our easy and fun stand-up-paddling (SUP) experience with an instructor! The SUP experience includes transportation to and from the island with our idyllic wooden boat M/S Klippan, an instructed SUP session in front of or around the island and a specially made fresh lunch, as well as a quick sauna if you feel cold. Approximate duration: 3 hrs.

Sailing in Turku Archipelago

The archipelago of Turku is one of the world’s most beautiful and numerous archipelagos, of which national park covers a large area. On a six-day sailing trip we will explore five completely different islands. The difficulty level is easy, so no previous sailing experience is needed.

Self-Guided Kayaking in Finland

Finland is a true paradise for kayak trips and expeditions. The Finnish coastline is 1500 kilometres long with thousands of islands. We also have thousands of lakes, many of them great kayaking destinations. We offer self-guided tours in three areas, but we cantailor packages in other are places.

Evening Cruise in the Enchanting Waters Around Naantali

Enjoy Naantali out on the sea. Nothing really compares to the feeling when the beautiful evening sunshine reflects off the Baltic Sea. This is how Naantali was meant to be experienced. Join a 90-minute leisurely evening cruise on M/S Aavatar. Departures from the Old Town harbour on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 1st to 29th July at 7 pm. Tickets can be purchased beforehand from the Visit Naantali office or from our website.

Sightseeing Cruise on M/S Ieva

A sightseeing tour onboard M/S Ieva from the Savonlinna harbour to the beautiful Lake Saimaa. Duration: one hour. During the tour, you will pass the Olavinlinna castle and other Savonlinna sights. Available languages: Finnish, English, German and Russian.

A Baltic Sea Cruise Between Finland and Estonia

On this sailing cruise you will have an opportunity to sail the old unique, strong and seaworthy schooner on Baltic Sea. The ship starts from Turku, cruises along the most beautiful archipelago, stops in Högsåra and Hanko, then sails over Baltic Sea to Tallinn where you can spend the whole day exploring the historical Hansa town's sights and do shopping in idyllic, small shops. The cruise ends in Helsinki, the capital of Finland. This cruise is a marvellous combination of sailing and experiencing the special maritime culture in the Baltic cities.

Steam Ship Cruise

Discover Finnish summer with a shoreline cruise sailing through the gorgeous Saimaa Lakeland labyrinth. See the heart of Lake Saimaa district and Savonlinna's famous medieval Olavinlinna castle. A sightseeing cruise with an original Finnish handmade steamship is an unforgettable experience.

Cruises to Bengtskär Lighthouse

The lighthouse was built in 1906 and is situated about 25 kilometres south-west of Hanko. Being the tallest lighthouse within the Nordic countries, Bengtskär rises a majestic 52 metres above sea level. If you want to experience the magnificient view, you have to climb up 252 steps, but the view is well worth the trouble!

Savonlinna Charter Cruise during Savonlinna Opera Festival

See & experience Savonlinna in a new and comfortable way on a private cruise, VIP style. A small, comfortable eco-boat goes where big ships cannot go. You will see the old castle, old ships museum and nice islands. Skipper will entertain you with tales and insights of local history and the nature of Saimaa. Live accordion music during the cruise guarantees some of the best summer moments you will experience. Gourmet guests might want to pre-order an optional caviar & champagne service onboard.

Water Taxi in Vaasa

A speedy water taxi in Vaasa. Cruises from the inner bays through the archipelago among summer cottages to the World Heritage area. The skipper is a certified World Heritage guide. Also boat rental.

Luxury Yacht - Archipelago Cruise to Åland Island

Wit the luxury yacht we will visit five different islands, including Ahvenanmaa island which is located in the autonomous region between Finland and Sweden. Each of the islands has unique wildlife, fascinating history and lots of stories to tell. There will be opportunities for cycling, kayaking, walking trips, swimming, birdwatching, picking wild berries & mushrooms, and shopping in independent boutiques. Guests will dine in the best restaurants on the archipelago, which specialise in local delicacies and fresh seafood. There's a visit to the world-famous Moominworld as well.