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Pyhä Ski Pass

The improved Pyhä Ski Resort serves skiers better than ever before. 9 lifts, 14 slopes and the PyhäExpress detachable 6-seater chair lift. Elevation 280 m, peak at 500 m. Longest slope 1800 m. Lift capacity 10400 skiers per hour. And probably the best backcountry skiing in Finland!

Snowshoe Adventure

SNOWSHOE ADVENTURE 5 Hours in the morning/afternoon Day: Wednesday 10:00 – 15:00 Take a walk through the beautiful snowy landscape on snowshoes. This little adventure gives you the opportunity to see things you can't see on the beaten paths. Our pace is slow and the terrain won't be too difficult, so the tour is suitable for everyone. We will take a break at a laavu where we can make some coffee and have something to eat. This adventure is great for those who want to see more nature!

Children's Winter Park

The Porokylä Winter Park gives the whole family a chance to play in the snow. The entrance fee includes the use of the carousel sled, snow shoes, children’s snowmobiles and toboggan slide. The cafeteria provides warm drinks, which you can enjoy by the fireplace. During Christmas, Santa will visit Porokylä and the reindeers. The park is open in December–March depending on snow conditions. See the opening hours on our website!

Snow Surfing at Lucky Ranch

The Pyhä area is a freerider's paradise. The long season and heavy snowfall mean there is always something to shred. You can reach the Soutaja backcountry without transportation from Lucky Ranch. Lucky Ranch is a test centre for Ilahu snow surfboards and home to many freeriders. Price includes a guide, a snow surfboard, hot drinks, and snacks. Suitable even for beginners.

Snowshoeing in a Magical Winter Forest

Our guided snowshoeing trip offers a meditative experience in the magical tranquility of a white winter forest. Suitable for over 12-year-olds and outdoor sport enthusiasts. Duration: 2–3 hours Distance: 3 km

Snow Fun Day Combo, 4 hours

This tour offers the opportunity to try out the most popular activities of Lapland during the same program. A short snowmobile safari will give you a chance to ride your own snowmobile around the Arctic Circle area. We will make a visit to local Reindeer farm and have a short ride with reindeer sleigh and visit a Husky farm to pet the adorable huskies and take a ride pulled by dog team. Then 
a hike in the forest with snowshoes, hilarious tandem skiing and some fun at a sliding hill. A fun experience for everyone!

Wild Reindeer Tracking and Watching

The wild forest reindeer or Finnish caribou (Rangifer tarandus fennicus) is the native reindeer of Finland and northwestern Russia. They live in boreal taiga forests and migrate twice a year for their summer and winter pastures. Their numbers are around 1700–2000 in all of Finland, separated into 2 areas. This safari will take you into the spirit of the taiga forest. We will follow the trails of the reindeer on foot, by car, on snowshoes or on skis, depending on the season. Experience tracking these animals by reading the signs of nature, as we all once did.

Adventure Week in Ranua

Come and enjoy Lapland’s magnificent Arctic nature in Ranua! Enjoy an exhilarating drive over ice-covered lakes and through snowy forests. Experience the genuine lifestyle of times past on a reindeer safari. Feel the unbroken tranquillity and purity of Arctic nature. Spend a day off visiting the Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi or wandering at your leisure, experiencing the great outdoors.

Snowshoe Walking in the South Coast Archipelago

Enjoy the beautiful winter landscapes of the Finnish archipelago. Go snowshoe walking on the ice among snowcapped islands and skerries. Feel the unique sense of freedom, hear the silence. SE-Action offers snowshoeing equipment and guidance. At only a 30-minute drive from Helsinki!

Ice Climbing Experience at Pyhätunturi

This is an outstanding chance to get familiar with the fascinating winter element of ice! With no previous climbing experience required, this activity is suitable for anyone with normal physical condition. Pyhätunturi, generally known as 'Pyhä' is a little village and a ski resort, located 135 km from Rovaniemi. The transportation from Rovaniemi is operated by Pyhä Ski Bus.

Wintertime Hiking and Fishing at Lake Saimaa

This package includes: Day 1: arrival, accommodation and supper at Nestorinranta Day 2: local breakfast, snowshoeing along the beautiful snowy hillsides of Lintusalo Island and Lake Saimaa, duration 4–5 hours (includes lunch and coffee/tea at local teepees); supper and sauna in the evening Day 3: local breakfast, a winter fishing trip on Lake Saimaa, duration 4–5 hours (includes lunch and coffee/tea at local tepees or on the ice), supper in the evening Day 4: departure after local breakfast

Ice Climbing, Mont Karhu Climbing Tower

Experience ice climbing up in the Mont Karhu climbing tower. Learn how to use a climbing harness, carabiners, crampons and ice axes. We start ice climbing from the eastern side of Month Karhu climbing tower. Ice climbing is a real team work effort so you will be working in a group of three people. One of you is climbing and two of you belaying. Previous climbing experience is not needed for this program.

Exploring the Frozen Lake Saimaa

Welcome to an active winter holiday in the surroundings of the Linnansaari National Park! Experience the unforgettable skating excursion along the longest tour skating route in Finland with the amazing winter sceneries of the National Park. Try snowshoeing in the hills of Järvisydän, or ski along the snowy and frozen Lake Saimaa. Alternatively you can also just enjoy the sled/snowmobile ride and take a day trip to the national park and the idyllic Oravi village. On the guided trip our guide will lead you also to a camping place, where steaming hot beverages, snacks and an open fire await.

Silent Twilight

Day sets for night, the ski slopes shut off their lights, and it's our turn to take over the slopes. Walking along the silent slope sides, we listen to the peace and quiet of the night while keeping breaks to admire the beauty of the night sky. Sit down and listen to the fire crackle while enjoying a cup of hot chocolate and snacks. If we're lucky, we might even see the Northern Lights perform their dance in the night sky!

Snowshoes for Rent

Snowshoeing isn't just walking. It's a great way to get around in the snowy forest without disturbing the wildlife. It can also be a great cardio workout and you can burn twice as many calories compared to walking! It's very easy – and lots of FUN! Kids' sizes available as well! The pick-up and return locations for the snowshoes can be arranged according to your needs.

Pyhä Ski School: Lessons and Courses

The Pyhä Ski School provides the most up-to-date instruction available in all snow sports: alpine skiing, snowboarding, telemark, cross-country and skiing for persons with reduced mobility. Both beginners and experts can benefit from our professional staff's guidance. Ask for off-piste trips to the Pyhä backcountry as well!

Kicksled Tour and Reindeer Safari

We will leave Levi for the village of Köngäs. Once we reach Taivaan Valkeat, we will switch our transportation to kicksleds. We kick our way along the Ounasjoki river, first to Pirkko's gallery. You have an opportunity to admire some beautiful paintings and handicrafts which are also available for purchase. Then we will continue our tour towards Johanna's reindeer farm. You can choose between a 1 km and a 3 km reindeer ride. Afterwards we will enjoy some hot coffee and sweet pastries.

Wilderness Winter Skills for Women

Are you planning a trip or expedition to remote Arctic areas in the winter? Hikes 'n Trails wilderness winter skills for women is an all-inclusive one-week course on the Russian border. The course includes all you need to know when planning an Arctic skiing tour with a sled or if you just want to challenge yourself with a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You will stay in a nice and tidy room at a former Border Control station in a small village just beside the Russian border.