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Aurora Watching: Snow Village and Reindeer Ride

Board the coach to the breathtaking Snow Village. Upon arrival, you will see a fascinating multimedia presentation of the Northern Lights in an igloo and learn more about the natural phenomena that cause the Aurora Borealis. During your visit, you will also be shown the spectacular sights of the Snow Village, which is packed with snow and ice sculptures, beautiful igloo suites, and an impressive snow restaurant! After the Snow Village, it is time to jump aboard a snowmobile sleigh taxi which will take us to the nearby reindeer farm. Duration: 4 hours.

Exploring the Frozen Lake Saimaa

Welcome to an active winter holiday in the surroundings of the Linnansaari National Park! Experience the unforgettable skating excursion along the longest tour skating route in Finland with the amazing winter sceneries of the National Park. Try snowshoeing in the hills of Järvisydän, or ski along the snowy and frozen Lake Saimaa. Alternatively you can also just enjoy the sled/snowmobile ride and take a day trip to the national park and the idyllic Oravi village. On the guided trip our guide will lead you also to a camping place, where steaming hot beverages, snacks and an open fire await.

Snowmobile Safari to a Wilderness Camp with Lunch

We drive through the snowy wilderness to our private wilderness camp Sirius. While you enjoy the white silence around you, your guide gets the campfire going and prepares a snack lunch for you. After a relaxing break by the campfire, we drive back to the safari house.

Snowmobile Animal Day with Snowshoe Hike

Are you ready for a day of snow and animals? First try the snowmobile, as experts instruct you in the use of these exciting vehicles and take you for a ride to see the majestic reindeer as well as the formidable husky. Learn all about the ways these animals are trained and raised, meet them, and even ride on a reindeer-drawn sleigh, as well as a sleigh pulled a by a team of huskies...

Fishing and Snowmobiles

Ice fishing safari to a wilderness lake. Head north on a snowmobile trail that takes you along the frozen River Ounasjoki and through snowy forests up into the hills, where you can admire the beautiful surroundings of Lapland. Follow the trail through white, snow-covered fields to arrive at a small wilderness lake. The silence will envelop you as you prepare to go fishing. Try your hand at traditional ice fishing and fry your catch over the campfire. Afterwards, return to town for a well-earned rest.

Express Safari into the Arctic Circle Forest

Snowmobile Safari for those who have previous experience riding on a motorbike, jetski, quad or similar. This snowmobile safari will give you a chance to ride your own snowmobile around the Santa Claus Village area. No sleigh is carried along to avoid drag, therefore this tour is meant for adults only.

Santa Claus Safari

Our most popular safari combines nature, culture and the spirit of Christmas. The day starts with a snowmobile safari to a reindeer farm, where you will learn about reindeer husbandry and Lappish culture. You can take a reindeer ride and attend a special Lapp ceremony of crossing the Arctic Circle. In the afternoon, the trip continues by car to Santa Claus Village with time to go shopping in Santa Claus’ Village. You will also have an opportunity to send postcards from Santa Claus’ main post office. During the day you get to meet Santa Claus himself and enjoy a delicious lunch in a cosy rest.

Snowmobile Safari to Wilderness

Come and experience the crisp, frosty winter day by driving through the snow-covered forest by snowmobile! You'll receive driving instructions and safety rules - and then you are ready for adventure. This experience introduces you to the unforgettable Lappish nature as you snowmobile through snowy forests and over frozen lakes. On route enjoy a peaceful break and warm berry juice. Return back to the Safari Club House by snowmobile.

Snowmobile Safari to a Wilderness Lodge

This tour takes you further from the usual safari trails, as we ride on snowmobiles to the North from the Santa Claus Village. Our journey takes us through beautiful winter forests, and we make several stops on the way to enjoy the frozen nature and landscapes. There will be a longer break at the Arctic Circle Wilderness Lodge – a traditional lumberjack house nestled by the Raudanjoki River. A delicious hot soup lunch will be prepared and enjoyed by a campfire, filling you up with warmth and energy.

Snow Fun Day Combo, 4 hours

This tour offers the opportunity to try out the most popular activities of Lapland during the same program. A short snowmobile safari will give you a chance to ride your own snowmobile around the Arctic Circle area. We will make a visit to local Reindeer farm and have a short ride with reindeer sleigh and visit a Husky farm to pet the adorable huskies and take a ride pulled by dog team. Then 
a hike in the forest with snowshoes, hilarious tandem skiing and some fun at a sliding hill. A fun experience for everyone!

Snowmobile Safari at Ruuna Rapids

The Ruuna landscape is considered to be one of Finland's most beautiful snowmobile trails! The North Karelian border zone and rapids invite you for a holiday to remember! Rent a snowmobile or go on a guided safari with an experienced guide! Snowmobile safari includes a guided snowmobile tour with all the driving equipment and snacks in the wilderness. The duration is about 35 km / 3-4 hours.

Snowmobile Safari Around the Levi Fell

This safari takes you through snow-covered forests and lakes around the Levi fell. If the weather permits, we will drive all the way to the top of Levi and admire the beautiful scenery. We will stop for a coffee break during the safari. Distance covered: 35 km. Duration: 2–3 hours. Minimum 2 persons.

Explorers’ Multiweek, 7 Nights

Vuokatti is full of activities and entertainment for everyone. We can guarantee unforgettable nature experiences in pure Finnish nature! The perfect package for those who want to have the best excursions and also a couple of days for skiing, winter fun with the family, or just relaxing and enjoying the nature. Perfect for families! Accommodation included.

Snowmobile Safari to Reindeer Farm

A snowmobile safari to a reindeer farm. First you will learn about our Lappish culture and reindeer husbandry. Everyone who passes a reindeer-driving test will be issued an international reindeer driver's license, and you have the opportunity to participate in a special Lapp ceremony of crossing the Arctic Circle. Enjoy a cup of hot coffee or berry juice before returning back to town.

Introduction to Snowmobiling

Would you like to try snowmobiling, but have doubts if you are up to it? Then this is the safari for you! Our guide will teach you how to handle the snowmobile and you will make a short drive to get used to the machine. We use specially customised snowmobiles that make riding easier and safer for first-timers. And after this, you will be ready for longer safaris!

Evening Snowmobile Safari

This safari is suitable for beginners: we drive on an easy cross-country route and stop to enjoy coffee and buns on the way. The price includes equipment and coffee with bun. Duration: 1.5 hours. Distance covered: 25 km.

Aurora Borealis Safari by Snowmobile

Experience the Arctic night by driving through a snow-covered forest and on the frozen sea. With a little luck, you’ll travel under a bright sky lit by the moon and the stars. Perhaps the Aurora Borealis – the Northern Lights – will appear to show you the way. Sip warm beverages by a campfire and learn more about the Northern Lights and Lapland.

Aurora Borealis Safari by Snowmobile

Experience the Arctic night by driving through the snow-covered forest and on the frozen river. With a little luck, you’ll travel under a bright sky lit by the moon and the stars. Perhaps the Aurora Borealis – the Northern Lights – will appear to show you the way. Sip warm beverages and savour a snack by a campfire and learn more about the Northern Lights and Lapland.

Family Snowmobile Safari

This snowmobile safari is specialised for families with little children. We will go for a ride on the forest trails around the Santa Claus Village area, where parents can ride their own snowmobile while children travel in a sleigh pulled by the guide's snowmobile. You can enjoy the beautiful wintery scenery, and we will make several stops to admire the snowy nature. We also stop at a special area, where children can ride safely on their own on mini-snowmobiles, which are suitable for children over 12 years, smaller kids can ride with their parent or guide.

Northern Light Hunting by Snowmobile

As the white snow affords more light by reflecting the stars and the moon, we follow the snowmobile trails away from the lights of Ruka and look for the perfect spot to admire the sky. Your guide will light up a campfire and we will enjoy a picnic while waiting for the Northern Lights to appear. Everyone can grill traditional Finnish sausages on the fire as we serve Lappish berry juice to keep you warm. Remember to bring a tripod for your camera!