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Snowmobile Safari to a Wilderness Camp with Lunch

We drive through the snowy wilderness to our private wilderness camp Sirius. While you enjoy the white silence around you, your guide gets the campfire going and prepares a snack lunch for you. After a relaxing break by the campfire, we drive back to the safari house.

Snowmobile Safari into the Arctic Circle Forest

This snowmobile safari will give you a chance to ride your own snowmobile on forest trails around the Santa Claus village area. You will enjoy the beautiful winter scenery and during the way we will make several stops to admire the snowy nature. The tour is suitable for anyone interested in experiencing snowmobiling. Children are traveling in the sledge pulled by the guides' snowmobile.

Northern Lights Snowmobile Safari

As the day sets for night, we are ready to go. Moving by snowmobile in the peaceful darkness and keeping an eye on the night sky, we search for the magnificent Northern Lights. During the safari, your guide lights up a fire and we grill sausages for an evening snack. No more than 7 snowmobiles on each safari. Duration 2.5–3 hours.

Olokolo Luxury Ride on the Frozen Sea

Enjoy the luxurious ride in the Olokolo, pulled by a snowmobile across the frozen sea. The 1,5 hour safari allows you to stay comfortably inside the nest, where through the transparent roof you may watch the vast open sky, admiring a sparkling sunny winter’s day, or the beauty of the star-filled darkness of Lapland at night. Daytime safari gives you a good opportunity to see the local fishermen at their job in the traditional way. Beautiful small islands around offer a great possibility to see the local wildlife. During the night-time, you may even see the northern lights!

Happy Landings – Snowmobile Safari from the Airport

As you are landing in Ruka-Kuusamo you see the alluring snowy, vast landscape under you, and we bet you cannot wait to plunge into some proper winter fun! Your guide greets you in the arrivals hall and provides you with winter-proof driving gear. The snowmobiles wait for you just outside the terminal and you are good to start the safari to your place of accommodation (in the Ruka-Kuusamo area). We will transport your luggage by car!


Package includes the following services: Private transfers from/to Kittilä airport, 3 nights in Spa hotel and 1 night in a Levi Glass Igloo. Daily breakfast. Excursions included in the package: • Husky farm visit and longer ride in a sled pulled by a team of Huskies. • Seek Aurora Borealis, evening excursion by snowmobile. Can also be done by car if preferred. • Snowmobile excursion to Lainio Snow Village, lunch included. • Last night in a Levi Igloo – if you are lucky, you can see The Northern Lights.

Northern Light Hunting by Snowmobile

As the white snow affords more light by reflecting the stars and the moon, we follow the snowmobile trails away from the lights of Ruka and look for the perfect spot to admire the sky. Your guide will light up a campfire and we will enjoy a picnic while waiting for the Northern Lights to appear. Everyone can grill traditional Finnish sausages on the fire as we serve Lappish berry juice to keep you warm. Remember to bring a tripod for your camera!

Snowmobile Safari to Search for the Northern Lights

This evening departure of a snowmobile safari will be a special experience to discover the magic of snowy forests in the night. Given extra light by the white snow reflection or the stars and the moon, we follow the snowmobile trails away from city lights and looking for the spot to admire the sky. The guide will light up a bonfire and we will enjoy a picnic while waiting for the Northern Lights to appear. Everyone can grill traditional Finnish “makkara” sausages on the fire and we serve Lappish berry juice to keep yourself warm.

Evening Snowmobile Safari

This safari is suitable for beginners: we drive on an easy cross-country route and stop to enjoy coffee and buns on the way. The price includes equipment and coffee with bun. Duration: 1.5 hours. Distance covered: 25 km.

A True Vagabond

Discover the Arctic Ocean and the North Cape on a three-day snowmobile safari. This trip is planned and provided by the native Sámi reindeer herders who know the area like the back of their hands. Your Sámi guides will take you beyond the fells. Are you ready to travel 270 kilometres on a snowmobile? You will explore Sámiland in Finland and in Norway. You will also try ice-fishing and learn more about the fascinating Sámi culture.

Wilderness Safari to Kammi

Drive a snowmobile through the glistening snow to Kammi. The Kammi wilderness lodge, called the most romantic restaurant in the world, is located partly underground. There is mystique in the air, an authentic ambience created by the fireplace and hundreds of candles. The gentle heat of Kammi's smoke sauna is contrasted with the refreshing water of the ice-covered lake. Surrounded by candles and next to a fireplace, you will be served a menu of wild food and herbal beverages, all from the clean nature of Kuusamo.

Exciting Northern Lights Drive

Come enjoy the wild nature and beautiful wintery scenery of Vuokatti on snowmobiles. Our professional guide gives you instructions for driving and information about snowmobiles before we start driving. Driving a snowmobile in the dusk is exciting, even if you have some experience with snowmobiles. With a bit of luck, we can admire the fantastic natural show of Aurora Borealis.

Explorers’ Multiweek, 7 Nights

Vuokatti is full of activities and entertainment for everyone. We can guarantee unforgettable nature experiences in pure Finnish nature! The perfect package for those who want to have the best excursions and also a couple of days for skiing, winter fun with the family, or just relaxing and enjoying the nature. Perfect for families! Accommodation included.

Snowmobile Safari

Snowmobile safari to the forest of Koli and to the amazing frozen lake Pielinen. The safari's start from the harbor restaurant Alamaja. First we put warm driving equipment on (helmet, helmet hat, overall suit, driving boots) and then we will have short driving instructions from the guide. Afterwards we go and enjoy the motor power and Koli’s magnificent views!

Snowmobile Safari to the Levi Ice Gallery

We will enjoy the scenery while snowmobiling around the Levi fell to Luvattumaa. The 10 000 square meter snow and ice structure contains a snow hotel, snow chapel, ice bar, and an ice and snow art gallery. After a coffee break in the ”kota” restaurant, we will drive back to Levi through the beautiful forest scenery. Driving distance 35 km. Duration about 2–3 hours.

Snow Fun Day Combo, 4 hours

This tour offers the opportunity to try out the most popular activities of Lapland during the same program. A short snowmobile safari will give you a chance to ride your own snowmobile around the Arctic Circle area. We will make a visit to local Reindeer farm and have a short ride with reindeer sleigh and visit a Husky farm to pet the adorable huskies and take a ride pulled by dog team. Then 
a hike in the forest with snowshoes, hilarious tandem skiing and some fun at a sliding hill. A fun experience for everyone!

Snowmobile Safari to the Icebreaker

Snowmobile safari to the Mighty Icebreaker Sampo is an experience of the arctic freedom at its fullest. A journey through the frozen sea, climbing aboard the Icebreaker and an incredible adventure swimming in the icy sea with the survival suit on. Guided tour aboard and tasty lunch included.

Full Day Scenic Wilderness Safari

This safari takes you to one of the most beautiful snowmobile routes of the area and to the top of Kuntivaara (481 m). From the top you have a view over Paanajärvi National Park in Russia. We have delicious soup lunch en route. Have the joy of driving with excellent snowmobiles in picturesque landscapes!

Exploring the Frozen Lake Saimaa

Welcome to an active winter holiday in the surroundings of the Linnansaari National Park! Experience the unforgettable skating excursion along the longest tour skating route in Finland with the amazing winter sceneries of the National Park. Try snowshoeing in the hills of Järvisydän, or ski along the snowy and frozen Lake Saimaa. Alternatively you can also just enjoy the sled/snowmobile ride and take a day trip to the national park and the idyllic Oravi village. On the guided trip our guide will lead you also to a camping place, where steaming hot beverages, snacks and an open fire await.