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A Half-Day Husky Adventure in Ylläs

Exclusive husky adventure for you! Now you have a chance to unleash your inner musher. You will drive your team of huskies for about 20 km's along the beautiful taiga forest of Lapland and over the lakes, while breathing the fresh winter air of Lapland. Definitely an unforgettable experience to have!

A Reindeer Safari to an Ice-Fishing Lake

This safari offers you an insight on how the real traditional life in Lapland used to be when you travel through the silent snow covered surroundings of Lapland in a traditional reindeer sleigh to a frozen wilderness lake. Our guide will teach you how to drill a hole in the ice and prepare the ice-fishing rod and baits. You just might to fish the catch of the day! A small Lappish campfire with sausages will highlight the day spent outdoors before returning to the reindeer farm by a reindeer sleigh.

A Traditional Reindeer Safari in Ylläs

A traditional reindeer sleigh ride through an old, snow-covered forest with a reindeer herder is an unforgettable experience. After the ride, we will sit down in a warm Lappish tepee to drink coffee or tea and listen to stories about reindeer herding by a man who has spent his whole life with reindeers. After the information and pictures, we will head back to Ylläsjärvi by bus.

A Two Hour Husky Safari

The friendly barks of the huskies welcome you to the local husky farm but as soon as the safari departs from the farm, these wonderful dogs quiet down and start to work. Enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the arctic nature and the husky ride on the snowy trails in silence. Stop for a break in the middle of nowhere and take photos. We drive with two people per husky team, but there is a possibility to change the driver along the way. The average length of the trail is 12-17 km's, but the weather conditions and the skills of the participants may affect the length of the ride.

A Visit to Santa Claus Village and a Husky Farm in Rovaniemi

Our excursion begins with a car transfer to Santa Claus Village on the Arctic Circle where you can visit the numerous souvenir shops, send Christmas cards from the Santa Claus' main post office and surely meet the man himself. The tour continues to a local husky farm where you will be welcomed by the barking dogs and get a guided tour of the farm and enjoy the thrill of a brisk husky ride on wheels. Following the ride, you can relax and enjoy some coffee and biscuits in a tepee and hear interesting tales of the life at the husky farm.

A Visit to Santa's Village and Snowmobiling to a Local Reindeer Farm

Experience and discover the secrets of Santa Claus and his little helpers! Meet Mr. Father Christmas himself, visit the official Santa Claus main post office on the Arctic Circle, do some souvenir shopping in Santa Claus Village and enjoy a delicious lunch. Afterwards we head for the snowmobiles and drive to an authentic reindeer farm. Meet the reindeer herders and try a short reindeer sleigh ride, as well as take part in a crossing the arctic circle ceremony. After an unforgettable day we return back to the city by snowmobiles by driving into snow covered forest and frozen rivers & lakes.

Afternoon Husky Safari in Ylläs

After a half an hour transfer to a local husky farm, we will meet the musher and his arctic dogs at his home. First we learn how to steer the husky sleigh and get on the path of the first explorers with a 10 km husky safari through the magnificent taiga forest. Two passengers are sharing the sleigh taking turns in driving. After the ride the musher tells about the life of the dogs by an open fire in a Lappish tepee where we enjoy a hot drink and biscuits.

Alfons' Runaway Trail

Get swept from the excitement of the arena out into the peaceful and surreal winter forest. Learn how to harness the sled dogs and practice the skill of driving over a long distance. This trail is 6 km long and you'll be riding in a traditional Björkis 2-person sled. The peaceful motion and the beautiful scenery is inspiring. We'll also introduce you to our huskies day-to-day life. Hot drinks included.

All About the Northern Lights - Lapland Exclusive

This 3-day tour will first take you to a husky farm where you can enjoy a 10 km ride on a husky sleigh. After that you will have an opportunity to meet reindeer on a reindeer farm and enjoy the stunning northern lights. The tour culminates to a visit and dinner in an ice restaurant. The Lapland Exclusive travel package include both flights and accommodation.

An Evening Reindeer Safari in the Arctic Night

This is a night to remember! Travel by car to the start of the adventure at a local reindeer farm. Sitting comfortably in a reindeer sleigh, travel through snowy forests while we go Aurora hunting, and who knows with a bit of luck the northern lights will paint the skies in shades of green above you. A hot cup of coffee with a bun is served around a campfire.

Arctic Attraction – Meet Sledding Huskies

Get to know the world of dog sled racing in its various forms and meet some of its heroes in the small village of Kirjais. The guide and dog owner will tell you about their history and how dog sledding has become a professional sport. These furry friends are sociable, and you can pet and rub them while the guide tells you about their training and daily care. You can also harness a dog and feel its pulling power on a kickbike. This short program can be supplemented with a cozy campfire in the cool fresh air – or with some light excercise, if you're looking to raise your pulse further!

Arctic Expedition - Premium Husky Sled Ride in Nuuksio National Park

Enjoy the Finnish nature in a mystic dog sled ride through the forest. Meet our friendly huskies and hear the stories of dog mushing. You'll ride safely through the up's an down's of Nuuksio National Park, pulled by Siberian huskies. In the 3-hour-version we'll make a nice stop close to a lake, often frozen, and enjoy of a typical Finnish snack and delicacies by the fire, with special hot coffee. In the 2-hour-version we'll drive a bit less and cook coffee by the fire back at the base camp. We'll use dog carts or dog sleds.

Arctic Explorer – 4 nights

The Arctic Explorer package offers you a memorable stay in Northern Lapland. During your stay, you will ride a snowmobile to a reindeer farm, explore nature with snowshoes, and enjoy a ride with enthusiastic Huskies. The evenings are dedicated to hunting down the amazing Northern Lights. The package includes airport transfers from and to Ivalo Airport, full board meals, winter clothing, accommodation, a Husky safari, reindeer day, snowshoeing, an Aurora Camp and Aurora snowmobiling. Nellim provides a variety of accommodation options, from hotel rooms to log cabins and Aurora Bubbles. Welcome!

Arctic Husky Hike - Guided Husky Walk in Nuuksio National Park

Walk in the peaceful Finnish forest pulled by one of our friendly Siberian huskies. Our experienced nature guide and our lovable dogs will guide you through a nice hike in the beautiful forests of Nuuksio National Park, Espoo. You’ll hear stories about Finnish nature and huskies. What a splendid time to enjoy the silence and pureness of Finnish nature! We’ll walk a nice track of 3-7km, passing many lakes. We'll have a nice break by the fire cooking sausages and tasty coffee/tea/juice. The duration of the hike is 3 hours.

Arctic Mini Break

This 3-night mini break packs in all the main activities on offer in Lapland. Based on Tuesday arrivals, accommodation at the Harriniva hotel in cozy double rooms or our Northern Lights cabins.

Aurora Hunting

Seeing the Northern Lights cast their magical glow across the Arctic sky is always an impressive sight, but what makes it truly unforgettable is a special trip to chase this natural phenomenon. Imagine a nocturnal adventure in the wilderness, riding a sleigh drawn by a reindeer or horse, enjoying the panoramic views from the snow tank’s sleigh, speeding along on a snowmobile, or perhaps gracefully gliding on skis.

Best in Wilderness Weekend

A true wilderness experience over the weekend. A weekend breakaway with Lappish highlights like snowmobiles and huskies, 2 nights in comfortable rooms at Harriniva and one night in a wilderness lodge. And to top it off, a relaxing afternoon in the Aurora Spa of Harriniva with a jacuzzi by the riverside.

Best of Lapland

For those who want it all! This diverse activity package gives you the best of what the Lappish winter has to offer. Enjoy a traditional day on a reindeer farm, including a reindeer safari with lunch around an open fire, spend an exciting day snowmobiling through the wilderness, and top it all off with a true wilderness experience: a two-day husky safari with your own dogsled, spending the night in a wilderness cabin. You can have it all!

Call of the Wild Husky Adventure

Get away from the city and enjoy the magical forests of the lappish wilderness, while driving your own dog-team. The sound of the panting huskies and the snow underneath your sled is the perfect soundtrack for this adventure. During the tour we drive about 16-22 km. The husky excursion lasts about 3 hours.

Candlelight Dinner for Two – the Finnish Way

A Romantic Arctic experience for couples. We welcome you with a hot drink and an introduction to our friendly Huskies in the kennel. We harness the teams together, and after a short briefing, it’s time to explore the Arctic blue darkness of the ancient spruce forest. Mushing a team of huskies in the magical atmosphere of blue darkness and soft white snow is an unforgettable experience. Husky sleds are one of the most ancient means of transport, and the quiet of the sleeping forest creates an intimate atmosphere.