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Houseboat DeLuxe 42m2

This high quality and fully equipped houseboat is ideal for larger families or big groups of friends. It offers all of the necessary amenities including Wi-Fi connection. Houseboats are also easy to navigate. They are equipped with a Chartplotter to make it easy to navigate the Finnish lakes. The Houseboat is 42m2 and fits 6 people.

5 Person Cottage with Sauna, 32 m²

The cottages are located on a sunny south facing slope alongside the Santalahti beach. A total of 15 holiday cottages are available for rent. Each cottage includes: Open kitchen Bedroom Sauna Shower and toilet Terrace

Rent Your Own Island - Katashäll

This beautiful island is about 1 hectare in size. The island is surrounded by fishing areas rich in fish and the rent includes the right to fish with three nets. On the island there is a separate sauna building which faces west, allowing unobstructed view of the sunset over the Baltic. The cottage consists of a single room with a sofa bed, couch, dining table and a small wood stove. There is a bunk bed and a loft. The kitchenette has gas stove and gas fridge.

Loikansaari Lakeside Cottages and Villas

A lakeside cottage will suit those who seek traditional, cosy Finnish cottage life on your holiday – with all modern comforts. The lakeside cottages guarantee a genuine holiday close to nature. A lakeside villa will be your residence of choice if, in addition to traditional Finnish cottage life, you require more space, luxuries and privacy from your holiday accommodation. In a lakeside villa, you will experience being in the middle of the most beautiful part of Lakeland Finland.

Budget Accommodation in Helsinki

The cozy rooms range in size from single room to 8-bed dormitory. All rooms include a sink and linen, and in smaller rooms there's also a TV. The toilets and showers are in the hallway. We have full cooking facilities and free wireless internet. Our 110 year old charming building doesn't have a lift.

Overnight in Hotel Niilanpää

Hotel Niilanpää is located between the Ahopää and Kiilopää hills, facing the wilderness! Overnight for 2+2 persons. The rate includes accommodation, breakfast, evening sauna and possibility to take part in Kiilopää's weekly activities (guided hiking trips in the summer, snowshoe and skiing trips in the winter).

An Eagle View Suite at Iso-Syöte

The Eagle View Suite is a spacious suite divided in two floors. On the ground floor there is lovely living-room with a cosy fireplace, seats and sofa’s, and a luxury bathroom with its own private sauna. There's a tree growing in the middle of going up to the second floor. The branches of the tree will hold the “nest” where the bed is placed. There's also a jacuzzi. Lying on the bed or while enjoying a relaxing bath in the jacuzzi you can overlook the unspoiled nature all around you, like an eagle, admire the scenery and almost touch the sky!

Aurora Evening in Luvattumaa Levi Ice Gallery

Aurora Evening includes an accomodation in Luvattumaa Levi ice Gallery's fine-carved hotel room in a snow castle, Aurora -dinner in warm hut restaurant, a guide in snow castle and to tell the sleeping instructions, Northern lights -film in snow theater and a tasty breakfast next morning in a warm hut restaurant. Dinner in the evening in Luvattumaa and after dinner there's a guided castle tour, instuctions for accomodation and a film.

Wheelchair-accessible Villa Soukkio

Villa Soukkio offers stunning surroundings that satisfy even the most demanding holidaymaker. Both the cottage and its outdoor kitchen are situated elegantly beneath the pine trees right at the lakeshore. The villa and its yard offers also silence of pure nature and privacy. The ground floor and yard, even out to the private jetty, are wheelchair-accessible. The water of Lake Soukkio is clean and rich in fish. Birdwatchers can start their hobby from the yard and continue by rowing to the other side of the lake where a nature reserve starts. There is a place nearby where Capercaillies court.

Cottage Holiday

Have a relaxing holiday in a cozy cottage, enjoy the sound of a real fireplace, and get a good night's sleep surrounded by Luosto's peaceful nature. We have over 120 fully equipped cabins with sauna, kitchen, open fireplace and other services. Smallest cabins are for 2 persons, and you can find various sizes, also big enough to have a splendid holiday with a group of friends.

Bed & Breakfast & Bread

We warmly welcome you to spend a night at the Vanha-Heikkilä's Bed & Breakfast villa. The stay includes comfortable chamber with bedclothes and breakfast. Guests can also enjoy traditional sauna which is heated with wood. During your visit, you can bake your own rye bread in host's guidance. Bread baking is done with respect for the old recipes and traditional baking methods.

Accommodation at Hotel Kämp

At Hotel Kämp in Helsinki, the luxury of timeless elegance and European glamour unite. Enjoy your stay in spacious hotel rooms at the most luxurious hotel in Helsinki, whether you're on a business trip or on vacation.

Two nights Accomodation in the Peacful Surroundings of Kvarken Archipelago

This product is recommended for one or more families (accomodation possibilities up to 12 person) that want to spend a few days in the world's rockiest archipelago. We offer three separate bedrooms (two rooms with bunk beds, an one bedroom with five separate beds). The Villa is fully equipped, including a big kitchen, and a large main hall and toilets. A big sauna is available and for an extra fee you can enjoy an outdoor jacuzzi. A private beach is also at your disposal. On the big terrace you can enjoy a late dinner watching the beautiful sunset. We also have good fishing opportunities.

Hotel Lilla Roberts

Lilla Roberts is located between Helsinki’s busiest business district and the most prestigious residential area, making it the perfect home for you whether traveling for business, pleasure… or why not both?

Cottage for four

These 20 m² cottages are located on a sunny south-facing slope alongside the beach. There are 9 holiday cottages available for rent. They are perfect for families and each cottage has a kitchenette, toilet, shower, and terrace.