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Visit to a Genuine Local Reindeer Farm

Visit a local reindeer farm where you will meet the young owners who are introducing you the local life of reindeer herders. Reindeer are semi-domesticated, and every animal is owned by a herder. In Northern Lapland, reindeer husbandry is still a major source of income for many. You can see and feed the animals while listening to their incredible stories. These activities offer great possibilities for taking photos and experiencing authentic wilderness life. Warm drinks are offered by the open fire.

A Shortcut

Spend an exciting day as a reindeer herder in Nuorgam, Northern Finland. Your native Sámi guide will take you to check his reindeer stock somewhere in the Arctic wilderness – only he knows where. You will experience herding and feeding the reindeer by snowmobile and sled. Enjoy local delicacies by the fire and let your mind rest in the quiet. Unwind and breathe the cleanest air in the world. Welcome to the northernmost part of the European Union!

Nature Centre Siida

The Nature Centres of Metsähallitus (National Board of Forestry) are a resource for experiences from and information about our nature. In Siida, the Nature Centre operates with the Sámi museum, and the joint exhibitions of Siida celebrate both nature and Sámi culture. The customer service point at Nature Centre Siida also provides information on hiking and excursion services, and the surrounding nature. You can also get advice on outdoor excursions, and the permits needed in the region.

Guided Walking Tour in Kultaranta Garden

The majestic granite manor house and garden on the shore of Naantalinlahti is most likely the most recognised summer residence in Finland. Since it is the place where our president spends the summer, Naantali is considered to be Finland's holiday capital.

Wild Food Master Class

Learn to cook wild food! Get on a wild food master class in middle of a Finnish forest, where pure berries, mushrooms and herbs depending on the season are next to you. Saturday night dinner will be prepared together using the ingredients you found from nature.

Postimäki Open Air Museum and Cultural Heritage Site

Since the latter part of the 1960’s, Postimäki has been associated with outdoor theater, music, crafts and its coffee house. Today group guiding, visits from school classes and other public events are also part of the activities. A majority of the cottages are furnished in accordance with their past, and include a straw museum, a shoemaker’s workshop and a smithy.

Museum Card: Your Ticket to Hundreds of Museums

Gain new experiences and become inspired in museums all around Finland! The Museum Card (Museokortti) is an entrance ticket to 250 Finnish museums, including over 40 museums in the Helsinki metropolitan area! Get more out of your stay and use one ticket to easily explore both the cultural treasures and the history of our country - from Åland to Lapland! You can purchase a Museum Card for yourself or as a gift from all participating museums or through the online store.

Chamber Music, Cultural Heritage and Wildlife – Welcome to Kuhmo!

In the summertime, Kuhmo radiates a harmony of culture and nature. Chamber music fills the air from morning to late at night, Juminkeko reflects the Finnish national epic and heritage both yesterday and today, while bears and other carnivores of the forest await visitors at the Petola Visitor Centre. The silent forests, the beautiful scenery and thrilling visits prime your senses for exquisite enjoyment.

Taste of Finnish Nature

First, you must build a fire without matches. Only then can you begin preparing a Finnish creamy salmon or vegetable soup cooked over an open fire. This is a hands-on tour set in the beauty of the Finnish countryside, a unique twist on your standard holiday meal. Highlights: -Build a fire the traditional way (without matches or lighters!) -Cook traditional Finnish soup on open fire from pure local ingredients -Relax in the silence of nature

Willatar Workshops and Experiences

Visitors get to explore the Willatar workshop located in the idyllic 18th century courtyard in the heart of Porvoo Old Town. In addition there is an opportunity to relax by creating small handcrafts from recycled materials. Group visitations are on request, 4-10 people

Villa Concerto

Villa Concerto is a modern, 5-star luxury villa. High-level, well-equipped villa offers a lot of space (365 m²), light, 2 saunas, 3 kitchens, terraces, free Wi-Fi and a peaceful location in nature. No matter if you're here for a business meeting or spending a relaxed weekend with friends, Villa Concerto is able to offer a unique holiday for you – suitable for groups up to 14 persons. There is a beautiful forest lake only a 5-minute walk from the villa. You can swim, fish, pick berries or walk on trails. You can even hear and try Finland's national instrument, kantele, with us. National park only 30 minutes from the villa.

Lekotti Air Trail Adventure

It gives a wide variety of activities with high and low element challenges, zip lines and simulated free-fall adventures. The Trail is a carefully designed system of structures on 1 to 8 meters high where guests may walk, swing, climb or glide with or without assistance. The Trail is equipped with easy to use Smart Belay, which is a high standard personal security system that eliminates the risk of accidental unclipping from safety cable. Activities will require periods of moderate to high physical exercise, exposure to heights, balancing, lifting, pushing, pulling and climbing.

Role guided tours

Experienced guided introductions are made by guides projecting themself into a role of Mansion's inhabitants from the 19th century. The tour leads to the history of the mansion circulating in halls, in the garden, in orangerie or e.g. in a robust tree alley. Guided tours are planned according to your wishes. The tour theme can be general guidance of the history and presence of the Mansion, Björkenheim family as the owners and builders of Vuojoki or the restoration of Vuojoki Mansion. Languages: Finnish, English, Swedish, Germany, French, Esthonian and local dialect. Duration 1 h.

Evening Cruise with Steamship Ukkopekka

During summer evenings Steamship Ukkopekka sails from Turku to the fascinating small island of Loistokari. There is everything you need for a wonderful evening: delicious dinner inspired by the Finnish archipelago with a variety of fish and barbecue specialties, along with live music and dancing on the pier. The ship is alive with an unforgettable atmosphere and happy people!

From Guesthouse to Guesthouse Finnish Cuisine

Finnish cuisine is known for generally combining traditional country fare and haute cuisine with contemporary continental style cooking. Fish and meat play a prominent role in traditional Finnish dishes from the western part of the country, while the dishes from the eastern part, for example Karelia, have traditionally included various vegetables and mushrooms. During this tour you learn more about Finnish cuisine and also get to know the Finnish culture and locals. The delicious food is local and lot of the products are organic!

Fazer Visitor Centre

Fazer is a 125-year old, international, family-owned business offering quality bakery, confectionery, biscuit and grain products as well as food and café services. The new Fazer visitor center is a result of Finnish design and houses an exhibition, a Fazer Café and a shop. It also offers meeting and event services from cooking classes to children’s birthday parties and weekend brunches. The well-known Fazer produce, long history, corporate responsibility and innovations give food for many an interesting story. These stories are told during the 1-hour guided tours.

Sawmill Museum

The Makkarakoski sawmill at the heart of Noormarkku Works was converted into a museum in 2014. At the sawmill, you view the entire life cycle of the sawmill, as initially, it was run by hydropower, them by steam, and finally by electric power. The Makkarakoski sawmill was in operation for more than 200 years. It burned in 1875, and the current sawmill was built in its place. The current Makkarakoski sawmill was stopped in February 1956.

Visit to Juminkeko

During your visit to Juminkeko, a guide tells you about the center itself and shows you different copies of Kalevala, the Finnish national epic. You can get visit one of the exhibitions and get acquainted with Kalevala's stories thorugh our multimedia programs. Welcome!

Working for the Company – A Humoristic Drama Guidance at Serlachius Museum Gustaf

Are you a suitable person to work for the paper company? Put your abilities to the test! You are among the hopeful new workers applying for a job in the paper company in the early 1950’s. The first person you meet is the 'ever-so-slightly' self-important head office secretary. You will be acquainted with the paper company's history, life in the realm of Serlachiuses and the evocative exhibitions of the museum. A test in the paper workshop reveals, who has the potential to work at the mill.

Swimming in a Sea Pool with Sauna

Allas Sea Pool has three pools: large fresh water pool, large sea water pool and medium-sized kiddie pool. Our three saunas, one for women, one for men and one to be rented for group, offer you a genuine Finnish sauna experience. Swimwear and towels available for rent. Entry fee includes both swimming and sauna.