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Convent Church – Past and Present Tour

The Naantali Church was built between 1460 and 1480 as a church for the Catholic Brigittine convent. Now, this only remaining part of the convent is the largest medieval building in Finland, excluding the Turku Cathedral. The Church is known for its portraits of Christ painted in connection to the consecration crosses. Permission to build the convent was given on the 23rd of August 1443. This is considered to be the founding date of both the convent and the town of Naantali. The most recent renovation of the church took place in 2011–2012.

Magic of Pentik - Guided Tour in Pentik Culture Centre

The idea for Pentik Ltd first emerged in 1971, inspired by Anu Pentik’s enthusiasm for ceramics and leather crafts. Starting from the family’s basement and nursery room, the company took on a fascinating history to become an international chain for interior design. During this guided tour we will visit the whole Culture Centre; Anu Pentik Gallery, Countryside Memories Museum, Old Ceramics Exhibition, International Coffee Cup Museum and Pentik Home Museum. You will get a deeper understanding and hear fascinating stories about Pentik, art, ceramics & local culture, history and nature!

Museum Card: Your Ticket to Hundreds of Museums

Gain new experiences and become inspired in museums all around Finland! The Museum Card (Museokortti) is an entrance ticket to 250 Finnish museums, including over 40 museums in the Helsinki metropolitan area! Get more out of your stay and use one ticket to easily explore both the cultural treasures and the history of our country - from Åland to Lapland! You can purchase a Museum Card for yourself or as a gift from all participating museums or through the online store.

Traditional Archipelago Craftmaking

Use your own hands and creativity while learning about traditions and cultural history in the archipelago! Make traditional crafts yourself with the help of a local guide: dye yarn using different plants, full wool and tie ropes for different uses – these crafts have a long tradition in the archipelago. You might find these traditional methods not only useful, but also relaxing and rewarding. And what could be a better souvenir than something you have made with your own two hands?

Guided Tour at Turku Art Museum

Deepen your art experience with a guided tour! Our professional guides will kindly plan a tour that fits your interests: be it an introduction to Finnish art in our collections or the themes of the current temporary exhibition. Our guides will also share the secrets of the museum building with you. Tour duration is about one hour. Languages: Finnish, Swedish, English, Russian. Group size: 1–25 persons.

Custom Tour

Challenge us! Send us an e-mail and request for a tour customized for your liking. We have a lot of itineraries to combine on short notice in order to offer you an exclusive experience. If you have something specific in mind, it is best to give us 1 to 3 weeks to organise everything before your arrival. Waiting for you will be a tour that is guaranteed to surpass all of your expectations. Contact us and let’s cook up something cool together!

Visit the World's Only Moomin Museum!

The Moomin Museum is a new, experimental art museum based on the unique collection of Moomin art by Tove Jansson (1914–2001). The Museum is situated at Tampere Hall in Tampere. Check opening hours and admission fees on our website.

A Day at Sovero Art House in Eura

Sovero Art House offers visitors a chance to spend a day in an old wooden Villa from 1905. As our Guest, you may experience the atmosphere of the House and the owner's art collection. You also have a chance to paint on wood under Kaisa Sovero's guidance. The owner's permanent art exhibition is also on display at the House. The building is surrounded by an old garden and trees, so it is the perfect milieu to experience Finnish nature. The package includes a meal with coffee or tea.

The Best Museum Experience Ever!

Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova combines history, archaeology and contemporary art with hands-on activities and professional guided tours. It is situated in Southwestern Finland, in Turku, which is a great city to make a day trip to. The museum also provides a cosy cafeteria and a lovely gift shop. The museum's guided tours introduce you to both the fascinating history of Turku, as well as the intriguing changing art exhibitions. In the summer season tours are included in the entrance fee, but they can also be reserved for groups throughout the year.

Rikalanmäki Heritage Trail

Rikalanmäki, on the western side of the Halikko River in Salo, is one of the most important ancient sites in Finland. It had already developed into an important trading site and marketplace in the Iron Age, as coastal waterways converged with inland trading routes. Today, a Heritage Trail tours the archaeological sites and the nearby Fort Hill. We offer Guided Tours of the Heritage Trail and our Traditional Building Technique Centre, combined with lectures, food and events at our restaurant.

Kieppi Museum of Natural History

Kieppi, the Kokkola Museum of Natural History is an excellent place for a visit. The museum has three eminent collections that are based on persistence and co-operation: Veikko Salkio's Natural History Collection, Viljo Nissinen's Mineral Collection and Armas Järvelä's Butterfly Collection. Photos by Joni Virtanen.

UNESCO World Heritage Site Old Rauma

Old Rauma is an extensive, uniformly wooden district dating back to the Middle Ages. Old Rauma is a living town district, where historical heritage lives on in perfect harmony with modern commerce and local residents. You’ll find an ample range of high-quality cafés, restaurants and charming little boutiques. The idyllic ambience is complemented by museums, lovely gardens, the marketplace and the impressive medieval Church of the Holy Cross.

VIP Finnish Culture

Step into our VIP Culture tour taken place around Tampere Lakeland. The theme-based days offer you authentic experiences and different characteristics of Finnish culture. Immerse yourself into Finnish way of life. Walk through the charming story of Tampere. Discover the city’s “hidden treasures”. Enjoy the Finnish cuisine and Finnish design. Interact with locals and get an inside look into Finnish culture. Our wide selection of activities is designed with care and tailored for your convenience.

UNESCO World Heritage Site Sammallahdenmäki

This unique area reflects the religious beliefs and burial practices of a community in Western Finland in the Scandinavian Bronze Age and early Iron Age (1500–50 BCE). Spanning less than a kilometre, the area feartures 36 burial cairns of different shapes and sizes. The largest and most famous cairn in the area is called Kirkonlattia (Church Floor). Sammallahdenmäki is a Bronze Age burial site that was included on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 1999. It was the first archaeological site in Finland to make the list.

Paddling along Beautiful Siuntio River to Historical Sjundby Manor

Siuntio River, the "Finnish Amazon", is a good and easy paddling route for beginners. The paddling trip from the Canoe Center to Sjundby Manor is about 6 kilometres The landing stage at Sjundby makes getting ashore easy. Built in the 1500s, Sjundby's mediaeval manor and its surroundings are well worth a visit! In the summer, paddlers are served by Café Sjundby and guided tours of the manor are available. SE-Action Canoe Centre offers paddling equipment and guidance. At only a 30-minute drive from Helsinki!

Live Like a Real Finn: Wash Some Rugs!

Finns definitely have their original habits and quirks. They like hot saunas, have summer cottages far away from other people and still like to wash their rugs in rivers or the sea. Try it yourself: visit a pier and wash a rag rug with a brush! The session includes brushes, environmentally friendly soaps and rugs that need some scrubbing. While it's a memorable experience in itself, you can also keep all the objects used as souvenirs. You may also donate the clean rug to charity. Duration: 2 hours.