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Field Trip for Beer Lovers

Field trip for Beer Lovers is an introductory tour to the most famous pubs in Turku. The tour begins at the Panimoravintola Koulu (an old school and brewery). How beer is produced, what ingredients are used and which sorts of beer are available are just some of the questions that will be answered at this stage of the tour. During your ‘studies’ you’ll taste four different types of beer. Your education will continue on foot over the river to the Uusi Apteekki. Set in an old pharmacy, this corner pub is brimming with character and a huge variety of potions!

Genuine Countryside, Art and Nature

Come and relax in the midst of beautiful Finnish countryside! Experience the sauna, swim in a lake, and enjoy the peace and quiet. Overnight in the historically valuable, rustic surroundings of the Vehkaniemi Estate, located in the village of Pohjaslahti. Day 1: Art Tour in Mänttä-Vilppula, including Serlachius Museum Gösta Day 2: Hiking in Helvetinjärvi National Park Both Serlachius Museum Gösta and Helvetinjärvi are some 30 kilometres from the Vehkaniemi Estate.

Museum Walk

Are you a hardcore museum-goer? Get a Museum Walk card and save big! As a Museum Walk cardholder, you can visit any of the twelve participating museums once. The card also offers other benefits, such as discounts on museum shop purchases. The Museum Walk card can be purchased at the Visit Turku Tourist Information office and its online shop.

The Age of Agriculture – The Story of Farming in Finland

Have you ever seen the first Finnish tractor or sat in a cabin of a modern combine harvester? Have you been inside a real windmill or wondered how cream is separated from milk? The Age of Agriculture exhibition allows just that and much more. The exhibition is a journey through three thousand years of farming in Finland. The age of agriculture is one of labour, cultivated species, domesticated animals, arable fields, burn-cleared swidden plots and pastures; it is a landscape.

Prehistorical Rock Paintings

Experience authentic countryside atmosphere in the guidance of the manor's owners. Your program includes Nordic walking, visiting ancient rock paintings, fresh air, and a surprise dinner with entertainment. Our location is far from the masses, yet only two-and-a-half hours from Helsinki. You will stay comfortably in our new Villas with a view to the lake.

Ahola Museum guided tour

Experience a guided tour about the life and art of author Juhani Aho and his painter wife, Venny Soldan-Brofeldt. You can see a diverse display of books by Aho, who was a ‘folk depicter’ and social thinker, including publications that were forbidden at the time or published under a pseudonym. Soldan-Brofeldt was a skilful sketcher. She could instantly capture insightful moments on paper, as her sketchbooks reveal. There are also book illustrations, small sculptures and jewellery on display. We offer guided tours in English and Swedish. Tours in other languages may also be available.

Guided Tour to the Didrichsen Art Museum

We offer guided tours for groups with different interests. Besides our current exhibition the focus of the tour can be e.g. on architecture and design, sculptures in the surrounding sculpture garden or our Pre-Columbian or Oriental collections. Coffee and snacks can be arranged for the group. During the summer season you can relax and enjoy the scenery from our sea view terrace.

Rissla Nature Trail in Fiskars Village

Cultural landscape of Fiskars, beautiful forests, scenic lakes, ridges, streams and paths take you on an unforgettable trip to the Rissla nature trail, which is in the immediate vicinity of Fiskars. You will enjoy the tranquility of nature and you can relax by the campfire at the shelter, enjoy a cup of coffee. Matti tells you facts from nature, animals, birds, plants, fungi.We can pick up mushrooms or berries that you can take with you back home! You’ll have the chance to see a variety of forest types, get to know how forest management is done, and we'll look at the history of the region.

Locomotive Museum

Located opposite to Akaa Toijala’s busy train station, the unique Locomotive Museum offers marvels for all ages. The old diesel locomotive collection includes several world class rarities. Steam engines and large/small diesel locomotives can be seen as well as a cross-section of the history of the Finnish locomotive industry. The museum conveys the phases of the railroad in a memorable way.

Flora Tours

Guided tours with small groups through South Karelia's wilderness and gardens. South Karelia is famous for its endemic species – among them flowers like the beautiful and very rare arctic violet (Pulsatilla Vernalis). It is also known as the lady of the snows, as it blossoms very early in the spring. It is highly endangered and you are not allowed to pick them. It is the county flower of South Karelia. Another Ice Age relic is the sand pink (Dianthus Arenarius) which blossoms in July. South Karelia has quite a many beautiful private gardens that are open for visitors, too.

Moomin and the Magician’s Hat

Kenneth Greve’s choreography to music by Tuomas Kantelinen is based on the novel ’Finn Family Moomintroll’ by Tove Jansson. Moomin and the Magician’s Hat transports viewers to Moomin Valley, where the appearance of a strange hat causes confusion. Characters already seen in the earlier Moomin ballet are now joined by Little My and the Groke.

Delicious Dinner

Enjoy some creamy smoked reindeer soup with fresh bread and garlic-olive-tomato-hazelnut spread for starters, followed by peppered fillet steak, creamy cognac sauce and potato wedges for main course. Créme Brûlèe dessert.

Heureka – The Finnish Science Centre

At Heureka, visitors learn about science and technology in an exciting and fun hands-on environment. In addition to the main exhibition, the centre presents temporary exhibitions on various topics. Heureka Classics Main Exhibition Area: Science on a Sphere, About a Coin, Intelligent City, Under Cover, The Wind in the Bowels + Planetarium films, Rat Basketball, Science Shows and much more!

Guided Tour of Nötö

Take a tour of the lovely island of Nötö and explore its diverse nature. Your tour guide is always a local from the island, so you get the best information.

Santa Claus Office

Meet Santa Claus in person and spend your own unforgettable moment with him. Santa Claus Office is open every day of the year, entrance is free of charge. Your meeting is photographed and filmed by a professional photographer-elf. Photos, video and a variety of souvenirs are available at the Santa Claus Office Shop. For over three decades Santa Claus has met visitors in Santa Claus Office at the Arctic Circle. Santa Claus Office is located in Santa Claus Village with good transport links. It wouldn't be Lapland without him!

Food & Fun Festival 2016

Our international guest chefs from different countries are challenged to create their own four-course menus during the festival at local restaurants. Bartenders and pastry chefs offer their own delicious recipies for food lovers in bars and cafes. The chefs are definitely allowed to bring some of own flavours, but locality, the Archipelago's ingredients, and freshness are the essence during the festival week. Also look out for bartenders creating their own cocktail menus, introducing great ideas and experiences to the Finnish cocktail scene!

Logging Museum at Yllästunturi Visitor Centre Kellokas

The forest has always been an important resource in Finland. The Logging Museum at Kellokas takes you to a time when men spent months at a time in the forest, cutting and transporting wood. There are lots of articles, photographs, old tools, and other material related to logging sites. The Logging Museum comes alive at least once a year during the Forest and Market Days in September. Old-time dresses, different kinds of work presentations, singing and saw playing, baking contests, and other activities make this event truly memorable.

Delightful Raekallio

We head towards the north, driving along frozen swamps to the small village of Pöntsö. In Pöntsö, we visit the home and gallery of Lappish artist Reijo Raekallio. Reijo is known for his talent of capturing the beauty of Lappish nature and its people and animals into his paintings. A coffee break surrounded by beautiful art will feed your mind and soul.

Avanti!'s Summer Sounds Festival

Avanti!’s music festival Summer Sounds has been held since 1986 in Porvoo and Pernaja. Each year it focuses on an international guest composer, thus forging a living link with contemporary music and claiming an established place among Finland’s unique summer festivals.