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The Story of the Lotta – Always Demand the Most from Yourself

The Lotta Museum’s main exhibition ”The Story of the Lotta – Always Demand the Most from Yourself” is an experimental exhibit based on the personal experiences of Lottas. Visitors are taken along on a Lotta posting across the country, guided by the stories of Lottas who served in medical duties and administration. Produced with multimedia techniques, the story is combined with photographs from the same posting. Together, these two narratives – the original voice and the photographs – form the unique and moving story of the Lotta.

Restaurant Valo

Restaurant Valo has the capacity for 300 clients. Valo is situated just next to the Olavinlinna castle in beautiful surroundings.

Restaurant Savu

210 year old log storehouse by the sea! Savu has a beautiful location on the Tervasaari Island, just walking distance away from Helsinki Market Square. Road connection from street Pohjoisranta leads to the island so it’s possible to bring the guests by car/bus to the island. The red log storehouse, built in 1805 for storing tar barrels, creates a unique milieu for Restaurant Savu. In the old days households were counted based on the number of smoke (=savu) plumes you could see rising from a village - so the restaurant is the only "savu" on the island.

Siida Shop

Siida Shop is Siida's museum and nature shop. For visitors, it is an extension of the exhibitions. Here our guests can buy handicrafts and literature that celebrate Sámi culture and the Arctic, as well as souvenirs and postcards.

Pets Fair

Every kind of pets including dogs, cats, birds, guinea pigs, rabbits, terrarium animals, rats, mice, aquarium fish ect. are on display at the event.

Great Walking Excursion in Helsinki

Any city can be seen in different ways – to take a tourist bus or a car and drive by the tourist route, or walk through the main sights, visit the beautiful churches and interesting museums; – but you can walk through the route of the first tramway. It means to walk, and not to drive through the tramway route, and by this way to see the basic, and not exactly advertised in guidebooks sights. And also, just nice city places. In time of excursion we will see: Senate Square, Cathedral Church, walk through Central Park, and will be able to enjoy a cup of coffee in the oldest cafe.

Sightseeing and Excursion in the Old Fiskars Village

Departure with a limousine in the morning or afternoon from the Helsinki Airport or from your hotel. The car will take you to the old Fiskars village, which is located about 100 km west of Helsinki. The route is focused on Finnish nature, giving you a good look at Finnish countryside. Once at the Fiskars village, you have two hours to spend as you please: enjoy sightseeing or go shopping and dining at the various cafés and boutiques.

Excursion to Fiskars Village

Founded in 1649, Fiskars started in a small village about 1/2-1 hours west of Helsinki. In the 1980s, Fiskars began to move operations out of Fiskars Village to streamline production and make use of more modern facilities. Later on, Fiskars wanted to keep the traditions of the village and buildings alive by searching for new inhabitants and bringing craftsmen, designers and artists to fill the vacant historic buildings. Under the slogan ‘A Living Ironworks Village’ this project was a huge success and the result is the Fiskars Village of today. Excursion: 4h incl. guiding service, transfer.

Katajanokka Casino

The nearly century-old building serves as both à la carte restaurant and an event and conference venue. Just imagine having your event in the Merisali hall or the chandelier-lit Kenraalisali hall by the glorious sea view or choose a cabinet room best suited for your party.

Five season’s dinner in Restaurant Krapihovi

Restaurant Krapihovi both cherishes and creates Finnish food tradition in an idyllic villa environment. The pearl grey main building with its green touches was built in 1883 by the Councillor of State Sourander for his summer residence and for the main building of the Krapi estate. The story of the Krapi kitchen is built of seasonal variation and fresh Finnish ingredients from the surrounding earth, water and forests. Krapi grounds hold their own smokehouse, butchery and bakery. Everything on your plate is homemade with pride and joy!

New Year in Kuhmo

A beautiful scenery covered with a mantle of dazzling white snow, crackling frost, and magical winter darkness create a special atmosphere for New Year’s celebrations. Wild Taiga is dominated by evergreen forests and dazzlingly clear-watered lakes, and its misty blue hills are some of Finland's best-known regions for guaranteed snowfall throughout the winter season. On New Year’s Eve, we will celebrate with a special Gala dinner before watching the fireworks and raising a toast for the New Year.

Ode to Finnish Spirit and Culture: Lahti and Finnish Lakeland

Join our tours which will truly lead you to the origins of Finnish spirit and culture! Only one hour from the city of Helsinki and its airport! Tour package includes accommodation in double rooms in a well-equipped log cabin for two nights, a guided walking tour, visit at Kinnari Farm and baking gingerbread, guided wooden architecture or stairways & patios tour, guided brewery tour, relaxing whisking and whisk massage program and traditional sauna menu of your choice.

Helsinki Forest Fair

One of the fields' biggest events in Finland presents recreational use of forest and its management as well as forest innovations. For forest owners Helsinki Forest Fair offers inclusive assortment of products and services.

Arctic Golden Circle

On the Arctic Golden Circle, you can relish the beauty of ice and snow, enjoy local treats and attend a very special ski jumping show. The day tour includes: Visit at Snow Castle Kemi, crossing the frozen Tornio River by foot from Sweden to Finland, lunch in a log house with local salmon by the open fire, visit to Tornio and the Lapin Kulta brewery, and a ski jumping show. Transfers, winter thermal outfit (overall, boots) and English speaking guide also included.

Restaurant Sipuli

A conservatory, bar, banquet hall and cabinet rooms under the same roof. Restaurant Sipuli, built in an old red-brick harbour storehouse, is an exceptionally versatile restaurant. Sipuli is not one of the most popular venues in Helsinki by accident. It's the place for creating your kind of event.

Kulosaari Casino

The Kulosaari Casino, located only a 10-minute drive away from the centre, boasts the city's most popular sea view of the Gulf of Finland. This venerable old lady is known for good food, unique atmosphere and comfortable cabinet rooms.

Näsinneula Observation Tower

When you take the lift up to the top of Näsinneula, you'll get a chance to admire the scenery from the tallest observation tower in Finland. You also get familiar with the most famous symbol of Tampere. You can see a fantastic panorama of the city centre from the tower’s observation deck or from the rotating restaurant. In other directions, a breathtaking scenery of ridges and lakes unfolds before you.

Water and Amusement Park Kesämaa

Our goals at Kesämaa water and amusement park are safety, cleanliness, and ensuring that both children and grown-ups enjoy the park. Our principles in planning the park are based on allowing children to be active. There are activities to keep even youngest children busy.