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Matka - Nordic Travel Fair

Matka Nordic Travel Fair presents a vivid paradise of travel options to the general public. More than 1000 exhibitors from 80 different countries ensure an impressive start for the travel year.

The Cock

The Cock takes care of all three main meals of the day, from a big breakfast to lush lunch and all the way to a dazzling dinner. And what about events? Ambiance and food go hand in hand, and the two floors guarantee they won't run out of space.

Restaurant Saaristo on Klippan Island

Scandinavian tastes and magnificent sea views – Helsinki´s Balcony to the sea. The best view of Helsinki opens upon arrival by boat: it is a view of white, fresh city full of expectations. Restaurant Saaristo, located on the Klippan island in front of South Harbour, offers the same view and atmosphere for your enjoyment. Saaristo’s white Art Nouveau style villa, built in 1898, is one of Helsinki’s most imposing and traditional restaurants. Historical milieu as well as central and beautiful location by the sea offer unique surroundings for an unforgettable event.

Shamans Mystery

Join us for a fascinating journey into the fairy forest, where spirits live, to visit a true shaman! You have a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the spirits' communication rituals and hear stories about the life of a shaman. Many unforgettable moments are waiting for you! You will pass a purifying ritual in true shamanistic plague, enjoy a delicious dinner and get to taste the shaman's magic drink!

GLO Art Kitchen

Located in the hotel's hundred-year-old castle’s atmospheric cellar, The Art Kitchen pays honor to the origin and the taste of its menu’s fine Nordic ingredients with European influences.

Best Of Rovaniemi

Are you curious to see what hidden gems there are in the surroundings of Rovaniemi city? Let us take you around by car to see those places where locals like to take their friends and family. Get to know your guide and the local lifestyle while we chat away about life in Lapland and make stops for photos. Visit the highest point of Rovaniemi, photogenic landscapes, locals' favourite spots for a picnic, hiking and days off, gorgeous natural formations and ancient natural sights.

Seurasaari Midsummer Bonfires

Traditional Finnish Midsummer festival for families is organised every Midsummer Eve in Seurasaari. The festival offers much to see and experience, with something for everyone: Midsummer maypole raised, spells, handcraft displays, children´s programme, folk dance and music, bonfires and dancing for all.

Finnish Castles – One Day in Hämeenlinna

We offer you a trip to one of the oldest cities in Finland, rich with military and cultural history! During the tour, we will visit the main attractions of the city: the Town Hall Square, the Main Cathedral, built on the model of the Pantheon temple, see the wooden houses, as well as the home of Jean Sibelius - the greatest Finnish composer. We will have a look at the medieval castle and the "Finnish Taj Mahal", which has its incredible stories about beautiful love, knights and ghosts. We will visit the Olympic Village and glance at a real prison.

SkiExpo Fair

The largest wintersport and travel fair in Nordic Countries. The event draws active consumers of downhill skiing, snowboarding and cross-country skiing, as well as snow travellers. Skiexpo is organised at the same time with BoardExpo, Ice Hockey & Floorball and DigiExpo.

Secrets of the Snow Queen

Search of Kay will lead you to the chamber of Snow Queen. The evil queen does not want to release Kay and tries to trick and hold uninvited guests. However, the wit and friendly participation of the whole group will help to win over her spells. Afterwards the tired winners will get to rest in an ice restaurant and eat hot dinner followed by dessert.

​Southpark Restaurant

​Southpark Restaurant serves lunch, brunch and dinner in the picturesque Sinebrychoff Park. We draw our inspiration from the cuisine of Southern California, SoCal. SoCal is a melting pot of different cultures and we want to take our customers on a journey covering all their favorite cuisines​ with fresh and healthy vibes​. We believe good food deserves great drinks to go with it which is why our wine list offers quality wines and hand crafted cocktails to accompany the complex flavours.

Wilderness Tour

"The smaller the group, the bigger the experience, as listening to the woods is better in silence." Our Wilderness Tour gives you the chance to really get into the Wild. We will take a short walk to a lookout tower or the flowing rivers and lakes. It is also a good chance to try and spot some elusive wildlife: reindeer, moose and other animals can be seen if you stay quiet.

Restaurant Yume

Yume brings Asian food with a Californian twist to your table. The new raw bar of sushi, sashimi and nigiri brings fresh flavors to the scene and our selection of snacks, salads and platters with the unique Californian fusion signature will delight you.


Elite is a rare example of a Finnish restaurant widely favoured by the country's cultural and artistic circles - it has been a stage of life and a living room of the artists since 1932. The atmospheric dining room and the restaurant's traditional bar invite you to stop by or stay longer.

Restaurant Hangon Makaronitehdas

Restaurant Hangon Makaronitehdas Oy (Hanko Macaronifactory Ltd) is known for its organic fresh pasta, which is daily made out of Italian durum and organic eggs. Our sauces simmer for a long time, getting their flavor from our high-quality ingredients and fresh herbs. Downstairs you can find our cozy Vinoteca and a sunny terrace lounge. You can choose a glass of sparkling from our wide range of high-quality sparkling wines and champagne or explore our carefully selected wine list.

Restaurant NJK

This villa-type restaurant, located on the small island of Valkosaari, was built in 1900. It is one of the best locations for festivities during the summer season, as well as the most popular crayfish restaurant in town – and a wonderful setting for a tasty meal.

Legendary Knives and Rogues of Härmä

Welcome to Alahärmä, the heartland of old-time rogues and ruffians, where you can get to know their history. Learn about traditional knife production at Iisakki Järvenpää Knife Factory. Knives have been made here since 1879 and are still produced using traditional methods, original tooling and genuine Finnish materials. Accommodation is provided in the midst of natural beauty and historic countryside at the exclusive Jääskä Holiday Homes on Lake Haarusjärvi. You can feel truly at ease on your terrace or by the lakeside, fishing or enjoying the warmth of the fire place.

'Family time' – Fun Adventures at the Niittyniemi Cottages

Do something different with your family and take a trip to Merikarvia's clean nature. Here you can find many activities while exploring the surrounding nature. You can recognize countless species of plants and birds, collect and taste berries, fish and make food on a campfire, for example. While staying on Niittyniemi Cottages, you can also take care of the farm's sheep and cats!

Luxury Private Tours

Experience the wonderful atmosphere of Helsinki with a Private Sightseeing Tour by Kovanen. The luxurious tour offers a personalised city tour for a smaller group, available even on short notice. The service includes a driver-led private tour, water bottles, maps and free Wi-Fi. The basic tour includes the major sites of Helsinki and it can also be tailored around additional themes, such as nature or shopping, or e.g. a visit to Porvoo. It is possible to start the tour from the Helsinki Airport or any other location in the city, and it is available for 1–16 participants every day of the year.

Pirate Cruises for Children in Hämeenlinna

Ahoy! On this cruise children can dress up as pirates, take over the ship and raise the skull and crossbones flag as a sign of victory. During the day you will enjoy pirate lunch, search for the silver treasure and receive a special pirate prize.