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Russian Restaurant Saslik in Helsinki

Culinary trip to Czarist time - experiences for all senses. Saslik, one of the most legendary restaurant in Finland, has honorably cherished the food tradition and the atmosphere of the Czarist era since 1972. In over 40 years Saslik has grown from a restaurant to a landmark. Uniquely decorated milieu together with Czarist hospitality and food culture offer unforgettable experiences for all senses.

Excursion to Turku

Turku is a city on the southwest coast of Finland. As a town, it was founded most likely at the end of the XIII century, being the oldest city in Finland. Since then the city had the most importance in Finland for the whole century. In 1809, Finland became part of the Russian Empire and the capital of the Grand Duchy of Finland was moved to Helsinki (1812). Because of its long history, it has been the site of many important events and has extensively influenced Finnish history. A guided car tour of Turku provides a good overall picture of the city´s history.

Santa's Secret Forest Joulukka

The elves welcome you to step into a fairytale, to have a magical private meeting with Santa Claus and learn the secrets of Christmas. The elves invite you to spend unforgettable moments in Santa’s secret forest Joulukka, where you will discover the secrets of the real elves, visit a top-secret Christmas Command center and whisper your Christmas wishes to Santa Claus during your exclusive private meeting. You can take as many pictures with new magical friends as you wish and enjoy the Christmas atmosphere all around Joulukka.

DigiExpo Fair

DigiExpo exhibits all about consumer home electrionics. Do you want to see and play the newest games? DigiExpo games exhibition presents the novelties before they hit the stores.

Big Sightseeing Tour in Helsinki

This tour takes first the tram route and runs through all the wonderful places of the city. With your very own eyes, you will see the Senate Square, the Cathedral, walk through Central Park and will be able to enjoy a cup of coffee in an old café. Additionally, you will see Silvio Berlusconi's monument in Helsinki and learn, how this Italian politician earned the love of the Finnish citizens. You will visit an old brewery and the oldest churches of the city along with the Old Market Hall, which was designed in resemblance of the Tsarist Russia Markets.

Food Helsinki? Hel Yeah!

Helsinki's food culture is the most interesting one in the Nordic countries thanks to its unique location between East and West. Now for the first time local food information and tips have been compiled in a single visually attractive theme brochure “Food Helsinki? HEL YEAH!”. Published by Visit Helsinki, the new pocket-sized brochure “Food Helsinki? HEL YEAH!” presents Helsinki’s food culture and current trends with tips and special themes. The brochure features a map that encourages readers to discover the city independently through the theme of food.

Rental Villa Tapion Huvilat

Find luxury in the midst of peaceful nature - at the quality villas of Tapion Huvilat. We have three high-quality villas for rent throughout the year. We welcome you, your family and friends to our villas!

Smuggler's Dinner Cruise

Alcoholic beverages were prohibited in Finland from 1919 to 1932. During the prohibition smuggling and bootlegging was widespread. Smugglers used fast boats and their hard liquor was often hidden in underwater "torpedoes". The Coast Guard and the Police tried to chase smugglers with patrol boats and airplanes, even using machine guns... Want to hear more? Welcome to our Smuggler's Dinner Cruise!

Wartime Memories

On this tour your Local leads you through the wartimes during Finnish independence and how Helsinki was like from a local's point of view during the second World War. You can choose from a 6 hour or a 3 hour tour. On both tours we will go back to the times of the Winter War (1939-1940) and the Continuation War (1941-1944). We will visit the Military Museum (additional cost). It is also possible to combine a theme related RIB Boat tour to this tour in summertime (additional cost). On the 6 hour tour we will also have a theme related lunch (additional cost).

Helsinki Sightseeing Tour by Car

Helsinki is one of Europe’s most modern and culturally progressive cities, yet remains in touch with an intriguing history stretching back over 450 years. Take full advantage of this opportunity to discover beautiful Helsinki. You will have chance to visit the Senate Square and Lutheran cathedral, elegant Uspenski Cathedral, unique Temppeliaukio Rock Church, Sibelius Monument and many more sights. The duration of the tour is 2-3h and includes guiding service and transportation.

The Children's Fair

THE place to be for families and future parents. Families come to the expo to spend some quality time together and to see the latest children's products and services. Also getting the latest information on parenting is important for the visitors. Joy and laughter fill the exhibition hall together with an exhilarating programme.

An Evening at Pettu-Eerikki

An evening at Pettu-Eerikki includes our finest á la carte dining, a guided tour to one of Finland's most expansive private historical collections and the unique atmosphere of our candlelit torture chamber. Includes: * Three course á la carte dining * Guided tour of the premises and the historical collection * Warm drinks in the candlelit torture chamber Booking min. 3 days before the event. The guided tour is available in English. Suitable for individuals and for groups of up to nine persons.

Raseborg Castle Ruin

Rasebord Castle was the administrative of Western Uusimaa in the Middle Ages. The history of this royal castle includes thousands of stories with themes ranging from a spellbinding tale of love and the shipwreck of a treasure ship to the collapse of beer cellars and the end of the castle's era of glory.

Kuusisto Bishop's Castle Ruins

In the Middle Ages, the bishop's palace was not only the centre of spiritual life in Catholic Finland, but also the focal point of political power. The castle's story came to an end when King Gustav Vasa ordered the bishop's residence to be demolished after the Reformation. Ruins were all that remained of former glories.

Archipelago Trail Cycling

A four day (five nights) circular cycling tour in the amazing Turku Archipelago. Enjoy the unique scenery, silence and fresh air. The daily cycling distances are moderate, max. 50 km and suitable for most cyclists. You can also ask for a electronic bike.


Presto is all about mouthwatering, genuine flavours, made from the best Italian ingredients. Here you can witness your dish being carefully made at the mozzarella bar or in the pizza oven, a feast to your senses! Combine your meal with a perfectly suited beverage.