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Lapland in miniature

The excursion starts with a visit to the village of Santa Claus where you can meet him and visit his post office. Next up is a visit to a Husky farm and a short excursion in Rovaniemi. Lastly a visit to a reindeer farm and dinner at the farm will take place. Welcome to experience Lapland in miniature.

ArtHelsinki Exhibition

An international fair for contemporary art.ArtHelsinki stated its new vision for an internationally pertinent contemporary art fair during its 2015 edition with Helsinki Highlights, which presented an installation composed of a variety of art initiatives acting locally and operating internationally.

Lekotti Air Trail Adventure

It gives a wide variety of activities with high and low element challenges, zip lines and simulated free-fall adventures. The Trail is a carefully designed system of structures on 1 to 8 meters high where guests may walk, swing, climb or glide with or without assistance. The Trail is equipped with easy to use Smart Belay, which is a high standard personal security system that eliminates the risk of accidental unclipping from safety cable. Activities will require periods of moderate to high physical exercise, exposure to heights, balancing, lifting, pushing, pulling and climbing.

Circus with the Stars

Cirque du Soleil trapeze artist, Pauliina Räsänen, and world champion acrobat, Slava Volkov, are offering a unique opportunity to spend an enthralling day participating in circus-art workshops. The program includes a circus-art workshop where participants will learn various circus disciplines such as the tightrope, the trapeze, acrobatics, as well as manipulation and juggling skills. No previous circus experience is required and exercises are designed according to capabilities. Groups will also pay a visit to the Kustavi Clay Workshop in the heart of the archipelago.

Taste of Finland: Gastronomy Tour

This interesting walking tour introduces you to Kallio, the most happening neighbourhood in Helsinki. The former working class area is today one of the most trendy areas in town, abundant with nice restaurants, shops and culture. You can taste some typical Finnish foods, like Finnish berries, Karelian pasties with egg butter, vendace, rye bread, marinated and salted whitefish, cold smoked salmon and different local cheeses. And fear not, you won't go without Finnish beer and spirits!

Concerts at Tampere Hall

Find the best concerts and gigs at Tampere Hall! With over 300 concerts and cultural events yearly, we have the best selection of Finnish and international music from rock, pop, blues and jazz to ballet, opera and classical music by our resident Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra. Opening in May 2017: the first Moomin Museum in the world opens its doors at the Tampere Hall, the largest congress and cultural hall in the Nordic countries.

Visit a Local Family

Would you like to know about the way of life in Lapland? We invite you to visit our home. During a homemade 2-course dinner, we have time to chat about the Finnish and especially Lappish way of life and share our experiences. Pick up point is in front of Levi Tourist Information. Duration: 2 hours with transfer. On Fridays!

Lahti Historical Museum

Lahti Historical Museum is situated in the former main building of Lahti manor house. The building was designed by architect Hjalmar Åberg (1870-1935) and built during the years 1897-1898. The manor was in the ownership of Captain and Court Counsellor August Fellman and his family until the year 1919, when the town of Lahti gained possession of the manor. The purpose of the Historical Museum is to collect, document, research, exhibit and publish historical, cultural-historical and ethnological material and oral tradition in its own area.

Happy Helsinki Walk

City walk with local guide to see the major attractions in the centre of Helsinki and hear the story of Finland the most entertaining way. Available Mon-Fri in June-August, other months we offer private tours!

Adventure in B&B Kirjakkala Ironmills Village

In Teijo National Park you can experience Finnish nature on a mini-scale; lakes, forests, marshes, streams and the sea. The National Park is also a gateway to the archipelago. There's more than 50 km's of marked trails with cooking shelters along the way. You can trek, cross-country ski, fish, cycle, pick berries and mushrooms or go wild swimming. Kirjakkala Ironmills village was established in 1600's and tells you the story of Finnish industrialization. The environment has been preserved for more than 300 years. Old buildings are in new use as accommodation now.

Museum of Natural History in Pori

The Ark Nature Centre (Museum of Natural History) is a part of Satakunta Museum. The museum's permanent exhibition highlights the wetlands of the region, with a focus on the Satakunta coast and the Kokemäenjoki delta area. The exhibition uses miniature scale to show the influence of human culture on Satakunta, as well as its nature, raised bogs and outer archipelago.

Arboretum with Woodland Garden, Café, Garden Centre and Wine Estate

Arboretum Mustila was founded in 1902 as a test site for exotic trees. Today it remains a unique area of introduced trees and horticultural plants in Europe. Nearly 100 conifer species, more than 200 broad-leaved tree species and numerous shrubs, vines, bulbs and perennials have been planted in the arboretum, covering 120 hectares. What makes Mustila unique are the large, naturally developing stands that support most of the trees. Visitors can also enjoy our cafés, a Garden Centre, Wine Estate, and sheltered trails in the wild exotic forest.

Salpa Line Museum

History in the Midst of Nature – Established in Miehikkälä in 1987, the Salpa Line Museum is a military history museum presenting the history of the Salpa Line. It covers an area of several hectares that was originally built as a defence centre for an augmented company. The permanent exhibition includes an indoor exhibition with multimedia and an outdoor museum area with guided paths in rugged and rocky forest terrain.

Helsinki Card, City and Region

The Helsinki Card is a handy, economical way of making the most out of your visit to Helsinki. The Helsinki Card includes a number of benefits to help you discover and experience the city. With the Helsinki Card Region you can use the public transportation also in the whole metropolitan area.

Nature Centre Siida

The Nature Centres of Metsähallitus (National Board of Forestry) are a resource for experiences from and information about our nature. In Siida, the Nature Centre operates with the Sámi museum, and the joint exhibitions of Siida celebrate both nature and Sámi culture. The customer service point at Nature Centre Siida also provides information on hiking and excursion services, and the surrounding nature. You can also get advice on outdoor excursions, and the permits needed in the region.

Guided Tour of Nötö

Take a tour of the lovely island of Nötö and explore its diverse nature. Your tour guide is always a local from the island, so you get the best information.

Lemmenjoki Gold Rush Autumn Hike

A remote guided one-week autumn hike in the largest and northernmost national park in Finland. Full board, accommodation in tents on tour, and in a log cabin at the beginning and end. The tour highlights include an overnight gold mine visit with a panning possibility and a sauna, visit to the Morgan-Viibus fell, an introduction to the Sámi way of life and reindeer husbandry with genuine Sámi people. You will also receive an introduction to the survival skills needed in Finland. Transport from and to the Ivalo airport are included.

Himos Catering Service by Moose Manor

We cater the cottages in the Himos ski resort area. Good food, the best service! From the hightlights of your life to get-togethers of any reason – we'll cater your parties! HimosCatering provides catering services around Himos ski resort and Jämsä city area. We'll serve you lunch and dinner, we'll make your breakfast ready for the next morning. We'll even go grocery shopping for you! Need a night snack or a five o'clock tea?

Moomin and the Magician’s Hat

Kenneth Greve’s choreography to music by Tuomas Kantelinen is based on the novel ’Finn Family Moomintroll’ by Tove Jansson. Moomin and the Magician’s Hat transports viewers to Moomin Valley, where the appearance of a strange hat causes confusion. Characters already seen in the earlier Moomin ballet are now joined by Little My and the Groke.