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Fork in Hand, Culinary Walk in Helsinki

Fork in Hand is a culinary walk in Helsinki. Learn stories about Helsinki and Finnish food as you enjoy a meal on the go! From the largest food hall in the city to the smallest local deli; the market place and the market hall, raw food and local food... Meet local vendors and cafe owners and hear their tales. Make your own memories. They sure will be tasty!

The Ultimate Explorer

Nothing beats this unique journey with Sámi reindeer herders when the reindeer migrate to their summer pastures. The trip starts from and finishes in Finland, but you will explore the Arctic beauty of Norway, live with the Sámi in their traditional tents and be a part of the host Sámi family. This trip is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Due to herding traditions, it is only available in April. Small groups only.

Töölönlahti Bay and its Colourful History

The old sugar factory, Opera House, 19th century villas, the first railway, Aurora Karamzin; a high society beauty of the 19th century, Finlandia Hall; the most important creation of the famous architect Alvar Aalto, the modern Helsinki Music Centre and the interesting history of our national epic Kalevala – these and many more subjects will be covered during our walking tour.

Half-Day Visit and River Cruise in Porvoo (5–6 hours)

Discover the old city of Porvoo, Finnish history, culture, and walking in silent nature. Lunch in a typical restaurant, then we continue our visit along the river and in the empire part of the city. In the afternoon we will visit nice spots with beautiful views. Possibility to rent bicycles to see more places outside the town. River cruise on historical Porvoo River also included.

Cleantech Finland Showroom

The Cleantech Finland Showroom features developing and progressive low-impact and energy-efficient technology solutions and services that reduce the burden on the environment. No entry fee.

Gold Panning in Lemmenjoki

Lemmenjoki River is famous for gold panning. Now you can also try your luck in this fascinating activity. First we drive with the river boat to the gold claim where you will learn the secrets of gold panning and hear stories of Lappish gold history. During the trip you will hear traditional Sami joik singing and visit the Ravadas Falls, one of the more spectacular water falls in northern Lapland and enjoy camp lunch. After the trip there is a possibility to visit your guide’s reindeer farm and his mother’s felting atelier and learn some more of the Sami culture.

Taste of Finnish Nature

First, you must build a fire without matches. Only then can you begin preparing a Finnish creamy salmon or vegetable soup cooked over an open fire. This is a hands-on tour set in the beauty of the Finnish countryside, a unique twist on your standard holiday meal. Highlights: -Build a fire the traditional way (without matches or lighters!) -Cook traditional Finnish soup on open fire from pure local ingredients -Relax in the silence of nature

Field Trip for Beer Lovers

Field trip for Beer Lovers is an introductory tour to the most famous pubs in Turku. The tour begins at the Panimoravintola Koulu (an old school and brewery). How beer is produced, what ingredients are used and which sorts of beer are available are just some of the questions that will be answered at this stage of the tour. During your ‘studies’ you’ll taste four different types of beer. Your education will continue on foot over the river to the Uusi Apteekki. Set in an old pharmacy, this corner pub is brimming with character and a huge variety of potions!

Visit to Juminkeko

During your visit to Juminkeko, a guide tells you about the center itself and shows you different copies of Kalevala, the Finnish national epic. You can get visit one of the exhibitions and get acquainted with Kalevala's stories thorugh our multimedia programs. Welcome!

Ahola Museum

Visit the birthplace of Lake Tuusula's artist community. The author Juhani Aho and painter Venny Soldan-Brofeldt moved to the villa in 1897 and laid the foundation for a community of artists on the shores of Lake Tuusula. The couple's long-term residence exhibits their lifework. Aho, who is considered Finland's national author, was also a vigorous outdoorsman. Soldan-Brofeldt was a visual artist, who was also influential amongst art educators and the feminist movement.

Working for the Company – A Humoristic Drama Guidance at Serlachius Museum Gustaf

Are you a suitable person to work for the paper company? Put your abilities to the test! You are among the hopeful new workers applying for a job in the paper company in the early 1950’s. The first person you meet is the 'ever-so-slightly' self-important head office secretary. You will be acquainted with the paper company's history, life in the realm of Serlachiuses and the evocative exhibitions of the museum. A test in the paper workshop reveals, who has the potential to work at the mill.

Gallery Veranda

Gallery Veranda is free to visit and open to all. The exhibitions are a great reason to stop at Finlandia Hall and enjoy our unique milieu and service. The gallery is open during Café Veranda’s opening hours. Exhibitions are managed by their organisers and works are sometimes available for purchase.

Sightseeing Cruise on M/S Elviira

See the beautiful archipelago of Savonlinna on M/S Elviira. Duration: one hour. During the tour, you will pass the Olavinlinna castle. This tour offers you beautiful views of archipelago summer cottages and saunas. You might even spot a Saimaa ringed seal! Available languages: Finnish, German and Russian.

Helsinki City Center Walking Tour

The best way to experience Helsinki, especially if you have not been here before! Our tour is going to take you through the history and the present of Helsinki and Finland. Along the way, the changing architectural styles will give us visual references of the different historical eras of Helsinki. We are going to talk about culture, sports, architecture and give you a couple of funny stories. We will also offer you some suggestions and recommendations of what to do in Helsinki: where to dine and what to experience. During the tour we also get a taste of Finnish foods.

Cycling Holiday in Southwest Finland – Self-Guided 9 Days / 8 Nights

9-day self-guided cycling holiday in Southwest Finland will bring you from Salo to Kimitoön, passing Teijo National Park and lovely countryside all the way south out to the Archipelago National Park. You cycle along small countryside roads, forest paths and scenic cycle routes. Besides the beautiful and varying nature and scenery, there is much to see and experience along the route; small, lively villages with culturohistorical ironworks buildings, mills, red ochre houses, and the majestic Bengtskär lighthouse. Enjoy the calm atmosphere – and of course the Finnish sauna!

Kitchen & Table Helsinki Airport

Kitchen & Table restaurants by top chef Marcus Samuelsson are inspired by New York’s abundance of flavours but come with a Nordic twist. Kitchen & Table Helsinki Airport is a perfect pit stop by the Aviapolis train station - only 2 minutes from Helsinki Airport! The restaurant carries a menu where Harlem high fives Vantaa. Finnish ingredients meet the tastes of Manhattan! Packed with memorable dishes from clam chowder to classic burgers and from cured salmon to buckthorn sorbet. Delicious!

Life as a Reindeer Herder

Experience the life of a Sámi reindeer herder. Your journey starts at herder's home, where you snuggle into the snowmobile's sledge and join the herder to feed his reindeer in the forest. You may help feed the reindeer or just enjoy their company. Take a seat among the reindeer and enjoy a fresh coffee, brewed on the open fire. The feeding station offers an excellent opportunity to both observe and photograph the reindeer in the nature. The program lasts 2–3 hours, depending on the reindeer's location. Reservations on the previous evening at the latest.