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Dine at Home

Experience true Lappish hospitality! We are happy to invite you to our home for dinner. Come and discover the local life and hear amazing stories about Lapland, while a delicious home cooked three course meal is served.

Culinary Journey Inspired by Art at Art Museum Gösta

We set out on a culinary journey, inspired by the historical tales underlying the works of Finnish painter Akseli Gallen-Kallela. The dishes will be prepared using our national treasures such as vendace, game, mushrooms and berries. From these high-quality ingredients, our kitchen creates modern classics. This themed dining with Finnish flavors includes a guided walk through Serlachius Museum Gösta's island and the park., campfire soup and a four-course dinner.

Exotic Dinner in The White Reindeer Tepee ”KOTA” Restaurant

Enjoy a memorable dinner by the fire in an atmospheric White Reindeer Lappish tepee ”Kota” restaurant in the Nuuksio reindeer park. An atmospheric kota is furnished with rustic wooden tables, benches and reindeer skins. Meals, e.g. glow-fried salmon, is prepared over an open fire. During your visit you can also see and feed our adorable reindeer with lichen and buy some souvenirs.

Idyllic B&B and Great Restaurant in the Beautiful Countryside of Southern Finland

Cronin's Café & Guesthouse is an idyllic B&B with 6 comfortable rooms and a great summer bistro & bar with an authentic Irish-Finnish atmosphere. Drop in for a dinner or just for a coffee and cake. Or book a room and let the Cronin family be your hosts for a couple of days. You are always most welcome! Our summer terrace lets you enjoy refreshments whilst watching beautiful sunsets over the lakeside scenery. The B&B is open all year round, the restaurant is open 5 days a week in the summer months (in winter for groups with advace booking).

Three-Course Dinner at Smakbyn

Smakbyn's evening menu is a love letter dedicated to our fantastic nature here in the Nordic countries. Every dish is inspired by our love for Nordic food and the season at hand. We like to keep the dishes simple yet well-prepared, letting the ingredients speak for themselves. You can watch the chefs prepare your dishes in the open kitchen and have a glance at the beautiful view of Kastelholm Castle. Visit our website to have a look at the current menu and book a table!

Food Sightseeing Helsinki (Culinary Walking Tour – 3h)

The Food Sightseeing Tour is a culinary adventure walk around Helsinki. You will see Helsinki up close and learn about Helsinki and Finnish food as we enjoy a meal on the go! We will walk around Old Market Hall to Market Square, visit the historical City Center, taste local food, taste wine and explore several beer options. The culinary tour is a unique opportunity to experience Helsinki through its food culture while listening to stories about its fascinating history. Join us and enjoy deliciously fresh food brought to you in true Scandinavian style.

Café Veranda

The spacious, bright, modern, and stylish design of Café Veranda – together with its location in the centre of Helsinki – provides a perfect setting for a coffee or snack with friends or colleagues. The café is located at street level. Its glass walls reflect the changing seasons perfectly and help create an inspiring setting. Excellent Wi-Fi and a wide range of newspapers and magazines are also available.

Finnish Food Walk

Welcome to have a taste of Helsinki with us at the best market places and local shops & cafes it offers. You will taste for example salmon, cheese, reindeer and the famous salted candy: salmiakki. There's also time for food souvenir shopping and superfood shots!

Lappish Evening in the Wilderness Hut

Experience the Finnish culture through an authentic evening full of traditional activities and food. Together we start heating up the sauna and prepare a delicious fire-glazed salmon dinner on open fire. It takes about 1 hour for the sauna to heat up. You can also play fun outdoor games and put your fish catching skills to the test! Then you can relax in a hot sauna and take a dip in the refreshing water of a wilderness lake. Afterwards we will enjoy our dinner while savoring the gorgeous nature.

Bon Vivant Package

The Bon Vivant-package includes a delicious 3-course dinner in the restaurant, an overnight stay in a double-room (standard) and a breakfast buffet in the restaurant.

Visit a Finnish Family

Have you ever walked the streets of a city and wandered what’s going on inside the homes? What does it look like? What do they talk about? What do they eat? We sure have – that is why Home Dining exists. We put together a network of selected homes. Single individuals, couples or families have all their own stories to tell. Experience wonderful moments, in our homes, over a meal and you will catch a glimpse of our everyday life. You can choose the type of family you want to visit by language spoken and food served. The “menus” come in three different main categories.

Foraging – Wild Food Resources

Spend the day by the sea and in the forest searching for wild food with our chef. The day ends with wild flavours on your dinner plate. Between foraging and dinner, you can relax by the sea, take a rowing trip or try a Finnish sauna with a dip in the sea! You need good shoes, everything else is provided by us.

Fork in Hand, Culinary Walk in Helsinki

Fork in Hand is a culinary walk in Helsinki. Learn stories about Helsinki and Finnish food as you enjoy a meal on the go! From the largest food hall in the city to the smallest local deli; the market place and the market hall, raw food and local food... Meet local vendors and cafe owners and hear their tales. Make your own memories. They sure will be tasty!

Magic Night in a Cottage by the Lake

Arrive in the afternoon and walk in the woods of Nuuksio National Park with your private guide, pick berries, forage mushrooms and experience the healing powers of nature. Row a boat and fish on the peaceful lake. Relax in the gentle heat of a traditional Finnish sauna and refresh yourself in the calm lake. Enjoy delicious wild Arctic food prepared on an open fire by your private cook. Sleep deeply in the silence of Finnish nature and start your day with a traditional Finnish breakfast. Get back to your hotel or to the airport by noon, relaxed and empowered.

SATOA Kuopio Food Festival

SATOA Kuopio Food Festival celebrates the traditional harvest season and local tastes. All restaurant's set up their kitchens on the street to offer small tasty dishes within a price range of 3-6 euros. The venue is a unique opportunity for the chef's and customers to come together and celebrate good food. In addition to the delicacies, there will be performances by street musicians and artists in the festival area. The festival has no entry fee. Welcome to SATOA!

Old Barn Dinner

The oldest buildings in our courtyard have been watching over Iloranta for a long time. The black girders of the drying barn are full of stories. If you really concentrate, you might hear whispers from the past! Step into the barn and see the dinner table covered with dishes from the Iron Age: fish, vegetables, cheese and braised meat. The atmosphere of the barn with its long tables and lanterns along with our stories about life in the Iron Age are essential parts of the Barn Dinner.

The Many Faces of Finnish Forest

The history and the legends of Finnish forest industry are presented with a dash of humor, as well as national art treasures inspired by the forest nature at the Serlachius Museums. Forest’s culinary goods on the plate at Art Museum’s Restaurant Gösta and a short trip to the actual forest along with a good meal and sleep in the sylvan manor. The small town amid the beautiful forest and lake landscape offers its visitors a variety of possibilities to experience Finnish nature.

Let’s party – Cosy Bring Your Own Wine

Grab your favourite bottle of wine and visit a Finnish home! Red or white, it’s up to you. We will organize a host who prepares a Finnish meal for you and introduces their choice of wine as well. While you enjoy the dinner and wine, you have a great opportunity to learn about everyday life in Finland and our unique culture.