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Magical Christmas Time – One Night

Welcome to the Tertti Manor, a functioning farm house and boutique hotel, where you can enjoy the spirit of Christmas traditions! Our one-night ”Magical Christmas Time” package includes accommodation in a double room, a welcoming drink of mulled wine, dinner at the grand Christmas buffet and a luxurious breakfast.

Old Barn Dinner

The oldest buildings in our courtyard have been watching over Iloranta for a long time. The black girders of the drying barn are full of stories. If you really concentrate, you might hear whispers from the past! Step into the barn and see the dinner table covered with dishes from the Iron Age: fish, vegetables, cheese and braised meat. The atmosphere of the barn with its long tables and lanterns along with our stories about life in the Iron Age are essential parts of the Barn Dinner.

The Arthur Menu

The Arthur Menu includes the most popular dishes from our à la carte menu. The menu is updated a few times throughout the year. Reservations not necessary.

Dine at Home

Experience true Lappish hospitality! We are happy to invite you to our home for dinner. Come and discover the local life and hear amazing stories about Lapland, while a delicious home cooked three course meal is served.

Visit a Finnish Family

Have you ever walked the streets of a city and wandered what’s going on inside the homes? What does it look like? What do they talk about? What do they eat? We sure have – that is why Home Dining exists. We put together a network of selected homes. Single individuals, couples or families have all their own stories to tell. Experience wonderful moments, in our homes, over a meal and you will catch a glimpse of our everyday life. You can choose the type of family you want to visit by language spoken and food served. The “menus” come in three different main categories.

Three-Course Dinner at Smakbyn

Smakbyn's evening menu is a love letter dedicated to our fantastic nature here in the Nordic countries. Every dish is inspired by our love for Nordic food and the season at hand. We like to keep the dishes simple yet well-prepared, letting the ingredients speak for themselves. You can watch the chefs prepare your dishes in the open kitchen and have a glance at the beautiful view of Kastelholm Castle. Visit our website to have a look at the current menu and book a table!

Viking Food Feast

The hill of Rantamäki in Iloranta is full of stories from the times of the Vikings. Our traditional Iron Age food fest starts with stone baked bread and herb beer for the hungry travelers. Then the viking chief leads you to the ancient barn. You'll find a table covered with the flavours of the Iron Age: caramelized turnips, lovage soup, fish and braised meet. A spelt-berry dessert is served to the table. The mystical feeling of the barn, long tables, candle trees and stories about life in the past are essential parts of the food fest.

Five season’s dinner in Restaurant Krapihovi

Restaurant Krapihovi both cherishes and creates Finnish food tradition in an idyllic villa environment. The pearl grey main building with its green touches was built in 1883 by the Councillor of State Sourander for his summer residence and for the main building of the Krapi estate. The story of the Krapi kitchen is built of seasonal variation and fresh Finnish ingredients from the surrounding earth, water and forests. Krapi grounds hold their own smokehouse, butchery and bakery. Everything on your plate is homemade with pride and joy!

Food and Drinks Downtown Helsinki

Iguanas are a self-service based food and drink restaurants. We serve pizzas, pastas, burgers, salads and tex-mex food. We also have a vast selection of Finnish and international drinks - come and taste our excellent strawberry margarita!

Lappish Restaurant Nili in Rovaniemi

A visit to restaurant Nili is a combination of tastes, scents and atmosphere. You can watch our skilled and cheerful staff at work through the open kitchen shutters. Our cornerstone is pure Lappish and Finnish ingredients, and the food is prepared with heart and soul from start to finish. The tasty portions will not leave you hungry, either. Our menu always contains fish caught in the pure Lappish lakes, game, berries and mushrooms. Come experience the enchantment of Lapland!

Kallio-kierros (Pub crawl)

It’s time to party! “Kalliokierros” is a familiar concept to most party-people in Helsinki. We’ll guide you through the edgiest neighbourhood, where hipsters and hobos roam the streets in perfect harmony. We’ll provide you a crash course on local ways of drinking and partying. The prize includes some free drinks and all the entrance fees. On top of the usual, we also offer a chance to experience the local karaoke and club scene. You must bring an ID with a picture to prove you are over 18. All clubs ask for it.


Have you ever kissed a Moose!!!??? In the backwoods of Mt. Himos, in the middle of deep forest, lies Moose Manor. Moose Manor is about simple pleasures of life. The tranquility of the forest and the pure flavors of the nature will give you an unique experience of traveling back in time and of our tasty country gourmet.

Culinary Journey Inspired by Art at Art Museum Gösta

We set out on a culinary journey, inspired by the historical tales underlying the works of Finnish painter Akseli Gallen-Kallela. The dishes will be prepared using our national treasures such as vendace, game, mushrooms and berries. From these high-quality ingredients, our kitchen creates modern classics. This themed dining with Finnish flavors includes a guided walk through Serlachius Museum Gösta's island and the park., campfire soup and a four-course dinner.

SATOA Goes Wild, Kuopio Food Festival

SATOA Goes Wild is an international food festival, where restaurants offer authentic cuisine of North Savo with a twist of wilderness. SATOA goes Wild is an event where a map guides you through the tasty streets of Kuopio. You'll get locally produced wild food spiced up with local arts.

SATOA Kuopio Food Festival

SATOA Kuopio Food Festival celebrates the traditional harvest season and local tastes. All restaurant's set up their kitchens on the street to offer small tasty dishes within a price range of 3-6 euros. The venue is a unique opportunity for the chef's and customers to come together and celebrate good food. In addition to the delicacies, there will be performances by street musicians and artists in the festival area. The festival has no entry fee. Welcome to SATOA!

Five Season’s Lunch in restaurant Krapihovi

Restaurant Krapihovi both cherishes and creates Finnish food tradition in an idyllic villa environment. The pearl grey main building with its green touches was built in 1883 by the Councillor of State Sourander for his summer residence and for the main building of the Krapi estate. The Five Season's lunch includes country-style Finnish delicacies from garden, sea and forest.

Foodie's Delight in Turku

Stay in the heart of the city at the Original Sokos Hotel Seurahuone, and enjoy the Turku Food Walk. The Food Walk Card takes you to the best spots and inside the local food culture. We also recommend a visit to the Market Hall, built in 1896, and the Market Place, both just a short walk from your hotel.

Viking Restaurant Harald

Whether you are looking for a quiet, romantic dinner or a big feast served on medieval swords and shields, Viking Restaurant Harald offers diners great Nordic- inspired food in a quirky setting. Drawing inspiration from mystical Viking times, the restaurant allows diners a unique way to switch off and dive into the world of Vikings.