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Wild Food Tour in Nature or Food Tour in the City

Our nature is full of food and healthy nutrition we can eat and learn from. Enjoy a guided tour where you learn to forage safely in the wild. We can pick blueberries, mushrooms, and herbs, among other things! Nutrition and wild food lessons are also available. You can also enjoy a food sightseeing tour in the city and sample some local delicacies. Hiking and wildlife safaris also available. Duration: 1–2 hours

Restaurant På Kroken

På Kroken is a seafood restaurant situated in the harbour of Hangonkylä. The cosy family restaurant offers everything from a tasty archipelago buffet with a unique selection of the local and traditional archipelago delicacies to fresh lobster and the famed pepper steak of Kroken. In the menu there are for example different archipelago dishes and even some dishes with a taste of the Mediterranean. Come and enjoy good food with a good wine inside the restaurant or on the terrace overlooking the harbour and the sea. An own smokehouse and the own seafood import guarantees the freshness of the food

Idyllic B&B and Great Restaurant in the Beautiful Countryside of Southern Finland

Cronin's Café & Guesthouse is an idyllic B&B with 6 comfortable rooms and a great summer bistro & bar with an authentic Irish-Finnish atmosphere. Drop in for a dinner or just for a coffee and cake. Or book a room and let the Cronin family be your hosts for a couple of days. You are always most welcome! Our summer terrace lets you enjoy refreshments whilst watching beautiful sunsets over the lakeside scenery. The B&B is open all year round, the restaurant is open 5 days a week in the summer months (in winter for groups with advace booking).

Narrative SMAKU Walk in Old Porvoo

Enjoy tasty food in historic setting! SMAKU is a joint creation of the restaurants of Porvoo providing visitors with food portions in a journey of tastes adventure. Four individual style restaurants provide small special Smaku portions of their own choice. The Ingredients of each portion are locally produced whenever possible and of seasonal choice. A guide will tell us narrative tales about the restaurants, Finnish culinary culture and of the history of Porvoo

Santamus evening

This is the most famous and mysterious restaurant in Lapland. The restaurant is famous not only because of its unique location at the Santa Claus Village on Arctic Circle, but also due its one of a kind design. You will walk into a fairy tale, where you will see a raging river with splashing trout and a spruce forest along the shores. Footbridges, wooden walls, and fireplaces create a unique atmosphere, and many other surprises await you! During the evening, you will hear traditional Finnish musical instruments and also a very non-traditional musical instrument – the saw!

Food Walk in Turku

A walking tour to sample all of the River Aura's finest delicacies. This food walk is sure to leave a good taste in your mouth! Spend a day in Turku experiencing new delightful tastes and enjoying the river front. The Turku Food Walk card will lead you straight to the heart of Turku’s restaurant culture. The route along the banks of the River Aura will take you to genuinely local restaurants that offer the most delicious tastes in Turku. The tour is not guided, but the card includes a map which provides an easy navigation of the route along the River Aura.

Traditional Lappish Evening

Your guide will come and pick you up from the reception. After a 30-minute drive, you will find yourself at a wilderness cabin next to a calm, beautiful lake. You will experience a traditional Finnish evening which includes a sauna, swimming in the lake or ice swimming (wintertime) and a delicious dinner cooked by the open fire. If you are lucky, you might even see the Northern Lights dancing in the sky on winter nights.

Food Sightseeing Helsinki (Culinary Walking Tour – 3h)

The Food Sightseeing Tour is a culinary adventure walk around Helsinki. You will see Helsinki up close and learn about Helsinki and Finnish food as we enjoy a meal on the go! We will walk around Old Market Hall to Market Square, visit the historical City Center, taste local food, taste wine and explore several beer options. The culinary tour is a unique opportunity to experience Helsinki through its food culture while listening to stories about its fascinating history. Join us and enjoy deliciously fresh food brought to you in true Scandinavian style.

Campfire Night

Well sheltered from the wind, we stay by the fire in a traditional Lappish “Kota” hut, grilling Finnish sausages and enjoying hot drinks. You will hear stories of Finnish nature and life on the shores of the Bothnian Bay. The hut is located just next to the gigantic SnowCastle.

Finnish Food Walk

Welcome to have a taste of Helsinki with us at the best market places and local shops & cafes it offers. You will taste for example salmon, cheese, reindeer and the famous salted candy: salmiakki. There's also time for food souvenir shopping and superfood shots!

Foodie's Delight in Turku

Stay in the heart of the city at the Original Sokos Hotel Seurahuone, and enjoy the Turku Food Walk. The Food Walk Card takes you to the best spots and inside the local food culture. We also recommend a visit to the Market Hall, built in 1896, and the Market Place, both just a short walk from your hotel.

Wild Food Dinner at Forest Manor ~ Authentic Taste & Feeling

Get to experience genuine Finnish flavours: we prepare rustic and tasty meals using pure Finnish and especially local ingredients. Abundant wild ingredients provided by nature are the best part of the Forest Manor’s cuisine. Wild herbs, berries, mushrooms and game from local forests and fish from the local lakes. That is the secret of the Forest Manor’s home-style cooking. The food at the Forest Manor is homemade from start to finish – and you can taste it.

Discovering Finland in Porvoo (6–7 hours)

Explore the old city of Porvoo, learn about its history, and walk along the old streets and forest paths. Then we will visit a local shop and buy all produce we need to cook Finnish specialties together. Upon our arrival to the kitchen, a professional chef will explain how we will proceed during the next hours. The chef will tell us where the recipes come from and what they contain. Everyone will participate and several dishes will be made simultaneously. When everything is ready, we will taste the dishes together in an atmosphere of pure Finnish bliss.

Magic Night in a Cottage by the Lake

Arrive in the afternoon and walk in the woods of Nuuksio National Park with your private guide, pick berries, forage mushrooms and experience the healing powers of nature. Row a boat and fish on the peaceful lake. Relax in the gentle heat of a traditional Finnish sauna and refresh yourself in the calm lake. Enjoy delicious wild Arctic food prepared on an open fire by your private cook. Sleep deeply in the silence of Finnish nature and start your day with a traditional Finnish breakfast. Get back to your hotel or to the airport by noon, relaxed and empowered.

Helsinki Tour + Sibelius Visit

Welcome on our tour of Helsinki with all the highlights. Visit the home of Jean Sibelius, our national composer, with a musical program at Villa Kokkonen, where our hosting artists will sing and play for you. Learn all about Sibelius and the artist community living around Tuusula in the early 20th century. The tour includes all entry fees to the main sights of Helsinki as well as Sibelius' home visit and coffee, cake and concert at Villa Kokkonen.

The Many Faces of Finnish Forest

The history and the legends of Finnish forest industry are presented with a dash of humor, as well as national art treasures inspired by the forest nature at the Serlachius Museums. Forest’s culinary goods on the plate at Art Museum’s Restaurant Gösta and a short trip to the actual forest along with a good meal and sleep in the sylvan manor. The small town amid the beautiful forest and lake landscape offers its visitors a variety of possibilities to experience Finnish nature.

Lappish Restaurant Nili in Rovaniemi

A visit to restaurant Nili is a combination of tastes, scents and atmosphere. You can watch our skilled and cheerful staff at work through the open kitchen shutters. Our cornerstone is pure Lappish and Finnish ingredients, and the food is prepared with heart and soul from start to finish. The tasty portions will not leave you hungry, either. Our menu always contains fish caught in the pure Lappish lakes, game, berries and mushrooms. Come experience the enchantment of Lapland!

Café Tour in Naantali

Naantali is famous for its many picturesque coffee houses and our town is known as a paradise for coffee and tea enthusiasts. This new and exciting café tour is a brilliant way to explore Finnish café culture. Take a moment to enjoy sweet or savoury treats with your hot cup of coffee. Three delicious cafés are included in the Café Tour. Buy your ticket at Visit Naantali's office in the old town of Naantali!

Restaurant Ruukinranta

The restaurant Ruukinranta offers a large variety of food made out of local ingredients. The local fishermen and hunters deliver fish and meat directly to the restaurant. The fish is caught in the lake next to the restaurant (pike, pike-perch, perch and vendace). On the menu you also find several courses made of local wild elk (Alces alces).