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Museum Walk

Are you a hardcore museum-goer? Get a Museum Walk card and save big! As a Museum Walk cardholder, you can visit any of the twelve participating museums once. The card also offers other benefits, such as discounts on museum shop purchases. The Museum Walk card can be purchased at the Visit Turku Tourist Information office and its online shop.

Stundars Open Air Museum

Stundars is one of Finland's largest open air museums, an Ostrobothnian handicraft village and a very popular attraction south of Vaasa. During summer, you can walk around the museum village and run into "villagers" from 1917. You can participate in their chores or just have a chat with the farmer's wife, the school master or whomever you happen to meet during your stroll.

Guided Excursion to Lainio Snow Village

We will take a bus to the Lainio Snow Village and get to know the village, snow hotel, snow bar and ice sculptures. You will learn how this magnificent castle was built. After the tour, we will have time to enjoy hot drinks in the cozy log bar at the castle. Duration about 2.5 hours.

Dressed with Pride

Dressed with Pride is a permanent exhibition at the Craft Museum of Finland and presents traditional outfits from different parts of Finland in various eras. The exhibition draws attention to the remarkable level of detail in the costumes: flax and wool fabrics, pewter brooches, colourful stripe patterns on skirts, headgear and pockets. The exhibition is curated by the National Costume Centre of Finland, which works as part of the Craft Museum of Finland.

Radio and TV Museum

The Radio and TV Museum is situated on the beautiful Radio Hill area in Lahti, a vibrant lakeside city amidst the Salpausselkä ridge landscape in Southern Finland. The Radio and TV Museum offers plenty of interactive exhibits for visitors to try out and experience. You can listen to old radio programmes and familiar voices from years gone by. You can travel through different decades via old movie clips and TV programmes. Please note: The museum is closed at the moment. Renewed exhibitions open in late 2016.

Fell Lapland Visitor Centre

The Fell Lapland Visitor Centre offers six permanent exhibitions free of charge. The Vuovjjuš – Wanderers exhibition focuses on nomadic Sámi culture and nature. Travellers of the North is a description of the researchers and other travellers drawn to the Arctic fell nature. 8 Seasons is a story of the special atmosphere in local nature. The children's exhibition focuses on nature trips and life on the fells. The library is dedicated to a veterinarian-author who saved the whooper swan from extinction. Lauri Pappila's Birds is an amazing collection of wooden birds by the local sculptor.

Kummakivi Boulder

The Ice Age that prevailed in Northern Europe some 11 000 years ago has significantly affected Finland's geography. The retreating ice sheet ploughed out an assortment of rocks, both big and small. One of the strangest is the Kummakivi boulder in Ruokolahti, Finland. This balancing giant lies on a convex bedrock surface with a very small footprint, but so firmly that it cannot be rocked with human force. Kummakivi ("the strange stone") has been protected since 1962. This boulder is on every tourist's must-see-list in South Karelia!

Postimäki Open Air Museum and Cultural Heritage Site

Since the latter part of the 1960’s, Postimäki has been associated with outdoor theater, music, crafts and its coffee house. Today group guiding, visits from school classes and other public events are also part of the activities. A majority of the cottages are furnished in accordance with their past, and include a straw museum, a shoemaker’s workshop and a smithy.

Guided Tour on the Sampo Icebreaker

Visit the icebreaker Sampo in the summer. On top of serving the Finnish government since 1961, Sampo has welcomed tourists aboard for 30 years already. Most parts of the icebreaker are open to visitors. Visits always include a guided group tour: listen to stories of the icebreaker's operation in Arctic conditions and winter on the frozen sea.

Discovering Porvoo and its Surroundings by Bike (2–3 Hours)

We will meet at the tourism information desk under Mannerheim’s avenue bridge where we will rent bicycles and helmets (included in our price). Then we will visit the old city of Porvoo and learn about Finnish history and culture. Afterwards we head towards to a small island situated 2 km south of Porvoo. There we will stop and walk into the forest to reach a birdwatching tower. There we can see a natural reserve with protected birds and a beautiful view of Porvoo. We will continue our promenade via Porvoo's skiing resort Kokonniemi before reaching Hammars.

Guided Tour in Tytyrin Mine Museum

The Tytyri Mine Museum is located underground in a real limestone mine. The visitors get to experience the genuine feeling of the mines as they explore the cool and damp mine galleries. Visit to 100 metre-wide and 100 metre-deep underground cave gives a good picture of the huge size of Tytyri limestone mine.

Role guided tours

Experienced guided introductions are made by guides projecting themself into a role of Mansion's inhabitants from the 19th century. The tour leads to the history of the mansion circulating in halls, in the garden, in orangerie or e.g. in a robust tree alley. Guided tours are planned according to your wishes. The tour theme can be general guidance of the history and presence of the Mansion, Björkenheim family as the owners and builders of Vuojoki or the restoration of Vuojoki Mansion. Languages: Finnish, English, Swedish, Germany, French, Esthonian and local dialect. Duration 1 h.

Korouoma Canyon Tour

Korouoma is a 30 kilometres long and up to 130 meters deep canyon fracture valley. The canyon and its high cliffs form a breathtaking landscape that can be enjoyed throughout the year. Korouoma is located in the region of Koillismaa in Southern Lapland. The area’s landscape is exceptionally rugged and grand. Several steep 30-meter streams freeze during the winter and create huge ice formations, offering fantastic views and colours. A great place for landscape photography all year around.

Prehistorical Rock Paintings

Experience authentic countryside atmosphere in the guidance of the manor's owners. Your program includes Nordic walking, visiting ancient rock paintings, fresh air, and a surprise dinner with entertainment. Our location is far from the masses, yet only two-and-a-half hours from Helsinki. You will stay comfortably in our new Villas with a view to the lake.

Helsinki Winter World

Experience Lapland's wonderful winter in the city of Helsinki! Snow attractions and activities are available in any weather: igloos, ice sculptures, ice bar, toboggan hill, kick-sledding and tandem skiing. Everything is built inside a huge sports hall using snow and ice. Our weather forecast of the day is always -3 degrees Celsius, no wind, steady weather conditions. Open for individual visits from May to August, husky rides on request.


Arktikum is a science center and museum that lets you experience northern nature, culture, and history up close. Housing the University of Lapland’s Arctic Center and the Provincial Museum of Lapland, we stimulate thought, encourage debate, and provide a deeper understanding of the Arctic, both for new visitors and for those who call the North home. Be a part of the Arctic story by visiting our fascinating exhibitions and events.

Unique Kylmäpihlaja Lighthouse Island

The Kylmäpihlaja lighthouse island is a ruggedly beautiful island of rocks that offers experiences by the open sea. Experience a night in the lighthouse tower on the edge of the open sea: all rooms have sea views. The restaurant serves various delicacies from the archipelago. The Kylmäpihlaja island is easily accessible in the summer, thanks to the daily water bus connection.