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Finland's Most Beautiful Building

Guided tour in Finland’s most beautiful building – the art nouveau castle hotel Imatran Valtionhotelli. This beauty has experienced a lot – both in peace and war. You will hear unforgettable stories from the past of this hotel that was built when Finland still was part of Russia. Imatran Valtionhotelli was voted the most beautiful building in Finland in 2014.

Touch – Contemporary Finnish and International Art Exhibition

"Touch" is the title of the new Saastamoinen Foundation Art Collection Exhibition. The collection is on permanent display at EMMA, showcasing hundreds of works of art by Finnish and international artists dating from the early 1900s to the present. The overarching theme of the collection is humanity, a choice to which the collection naturally lends itself. The human being, identity, our physicality and interaction with the surrounding world have been central in contemporary art for the past decades.

Discovering Porvoo and its Surroundings by Bike (2–3 Hours)

We will meet at the tourism information desk under Mannerheim’s avenue bridge where we will rent bicycles and helmets (included in our price). Then we will visit the old city of Porvoo and learn about Finnish history and culture. Afterwards we head towards to a small island situated 2 km south of Porvoo. There we will stop and walk into the forest to reach a birdwatching tower. There we can see a natural reserve with protected birds and a beautiful view of Porvoo. We will continue our promenade via Porvoo's skiing resort Kokonniemi before reaching Hammars.

Guided Walking Tour in Kultaranta Garden

The majestic granite manor house and garden on the shore of Naantalinlahti is most likely the most recognised summer residence in Finland. Since it is the place where our president spends the summer, Naantali is considered to be Finland's holiday capital.

Ahola Museum guided tour

Experience a guided tour about the life and art of author Juhani Aho and his painter wife, Venny Soldan-Brofeldt. You can see a diverse display of books by Aho, who was a ‘folk depicter’ and social thinker, including publications that were forbidden at the time or published under a pseudonym. Soldan-Brofeldt was a skilful sketcher. She could instantly capture insightful moments on paper, as her sketchbooks reveal. There are also book illustrations, small sculptures and jewellery on display. We offer guided tours in English and Swedish. Tours in other languages may also be available.

Meeting a Shaman

When you have settled into the environment and sit quietly in the kota (Lappish tepee) by the open fire, it is time to encounter the Shaman, who arrives unexpectedly from some place hidden away in the forest. He tells old stories of Lapland and its mythology. Each participant gets to experience the Shaman’s and Lapland’s mysticism in a number of ways. Duration about 1 hour.


Experience the wonderful Paateri Chapel and the home and studio of sculptress Eva Ryynänen. Paateri is located in the beautiful village of Vuonislahti, about 25 kilometres from the Lieksa town centre.

Helsinki Tour + Sibelius Visit

Welcome on our tour of Helsinki with all the highlights. Visit the home of Jean Sibelius, our national composer, with a musical program at Villa Kokkonen, where our hosting artists will sing and play for you. Learn all about Sibelius and the artist community living around Tuusula in the early 20th century. The tour includes all entry fees to the main sights of Helsinki as well as Sibelius' home visit and coffee, cake and concert at Villa Kokkonen.

Helsinki City Break

Helsinki offers lots to see and experience for visitors all year round. Design, architecture and shopping, as well as parks and the beautiful coastline, are just a few reasons to visit the capital of Finland. Study the local life and lively city in all seasons, enjoy sunny summer afternoons or crisp winter days. Included in the program: accommodation in a downtown hotel, daily breakfast buffet and Helsinki sightseeing tour by bus. Duration: 1 to 7 nights.

Guided Tours at EMMA

Deepen your art experience at EMMA with a guided tour. The Art Hour is an in-depth one-hour tour of selected works in the current exhibition of your choice. For a quicker visit, choose the Art Quarter, which gives an introduction to a changing single work in the current exhibition. The guide is available for questions and discussion afterwords. Reservations in advance. Bookings:, +358 (0)9 8163 0493, Mon–Fri 9–16

Magic of Pentik - Guided Tour in Pentik Culture Centre

The idea for Pentik Ltd first emerged in 1971, inspired by Anu Pentik’s enthusiasm for ceramics and leather crafts. Starting from the family’s basement and nursery room, the company took on a fascinating history to become an international chain for interior design. During this guided tour we will visit the whole Culture Centre; Anu Pentik Gallery, Countryside Memories Museum, Old Ceramics Exhibition, International Coffee Cup Museum and Pentik Home Museum. You will get a deeper understanding and hear fascinating stories about Pentik, art, ceramics & local culture, history and nature!

Visit Ainola – Home of Aino and Jean Sibelius

Ainola was the home of composer Jean Sibelius and his family from 1904 onwards. Visitors can still experience the silence that the composer considered indispensable for his work. The timber-built villa was designed by the famous Finnish architect Lars Sonck. Away from the hustle and bustle of the nation's capital, the villa gave Sibelius the necessary peace and quiet for his creative endeavours, while other artistic families living in the neighbourhood provided a lively social circle. Today, Ainola is an authentic home museum and open to the public during the summer.

Järvenpää Art Museum

Experience the golden age of Finnish art at its birthplace. At the Järvenpää Art Museum, you can see the works of two significant Finnish painters, Eero Järnefelt and Venny Soldan-Brofeldt. Both belonged to the community of artists which lived in the Lake Tuusula region at the turn of the 20th century. Many of the works of Eero Järnefelt and Venny Soldan-Brofeldt were painted in the immediate vicinity of the present-day museum. The museum also hosts exhibits by contemporary artists and a museum shop. The museum is easily accessible and is a short walk from the Järvenpää railway station.

Role guided tours

Experienced guided introductions are made by guides projecting themself into a role of Mansion's inhabitants from the 19th century. The tour leads to the history of the mansion circulating in halls, in the garden, in orangerie or e.g. in a robust tree alley. Guided tours are planned according to your wishes. The tour theme can be general guidance of the history and presence of the Mansion, Björkenheim family as the owners and builders of Vuojoki or the restoration of Vuojoki Mansion. Languages: Finnish, English, Swedish, Germany, French, Esthonian and local dialect. Duration 1 h.

Unique Lapland Helsinki Winter World

Experience the winter and snow in at any time of the year! Unique Lapland has brought the wonderful Lapland winter into the city of Helsinki. Snow attractions and activities are available in any weather: igloos, ice sculptures, toboggan hill, kick-sledding and tandem skiing.

Korundi House of Culture

Korundi House of Culture is the home of Rovaniemi Art Museum and Lapland Chamber Orchestra. Korundi hosts exhibitions of Finnish modern art that astound and delight visitors, and the acoustically unique concert hall provides a wonderful venue for sweet strains of music. Originally constructed in 1933 to serve as a mail truck depot, Korundi has been remodeled by the architectural firm Juhani Pallasmaa, and is one of the few buildings to remain intact and standing in Rovaniemi after World War II.

Palander House

Palander House presents the lifestyle of a bourgeois Hämeenlinna family 100 years ago. The museum showcases a variety of room ensembles, ranging from the elegant drawing room to the servants’ kitchen. The museum is located in the north-east corner of the city centre in an area with lots of period houses. Admission fee includes a guided tour which start every 30 minutes.