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'Small Finland' in Helsinki

Do you want to see the whole of Finland, having spent just a couple of hours on your trip at the same time? Not only is this possible, but you won’t even need to leave the boundaries of Helsinki. Just a 15-minute drive from the city center, and you’ll find yourself in a completely different world. It seems that time has stood still here – there is no traffic noise, no city hustle. Discover the history of Helsinki and Finland with us!

A Typical Day at a Finnish Lake with a Visit to the Old Paper Factory in Verla

Departure from Porvoo at 9:00, stops at various locations, (Rutumi’s Manor, antique shops, etc.) and a Finnish lunch. Arrival in our little paradise, where we spend a typical Finnish day and relax. Afternoon visit to the museum of Verla. A little drink by the lake, preparing a “bastu kvast”… Sauna preparations, BBQ for dinner. Sauna by the lake and relaxation activities. Possibility to stay late in the evening and then return to Porvoo.

A Visit to the Tropics in Joensuu

Botania is the only tropical butterfly garden in Finland, and it offers a unique opportunity to observe the plants of the world. Warmth and lush greenness are near, even during the Northern winter. Tropical butterflies are flying around the tropical section throughout the year. You can visit individually or in a group, with or without a booked guided tour. Additional services: guided tours (book in advance), coffee service, and venue for private functions. Botania is open every day throughout the year (see our website for exceptions).

Adventure in B&B Kirjakkala Ironmills Village

In Teijo National Park you can experience Finnish nature on a mini-scale; lakes, forests, marshes, streams and the sea. The National Park is also a gateway to the archipelago. There's more than 50 km's of marked trails with cooking shelters along the way. You can trek, cross-country ski, fish, cycle, pick berries and mushrooms or go wild swimming. Kirjakkala Ironmills village was established in 1600's and tells you the story of Finnish industrialization. The environment has been preserved for more than 300 years. Old buildings are in new use as accommodation now.

Agent Test

The best way to test your spy skills. The test has eight different tasks incl. code cracking, shooting, detecting a cache, etc. The test is suitable for groups and individual visitors. Every agent gets a diploma for their efforts that recommends a suitable intelligence organisation as employer.

Ahlström Voyage

The extensive Ahlström Voyage exhibition tells the history of Ahlström from the year 1851 and illustrates the present day of the Ahlström companies. The exhibition presents the architecture of the Noormarkku Works, the development of the area into its present form, and its residents and trades.

Ahola Museum

Visit the birthplace of Lake Tuusula's artist community. The author Juhani Aho and painter Venny Soldan-Brofeldt moved to the villa in 1897 and laid the foundation for a community of artists on the shores of Lake Tuusula. The couple's long-term residence exhibits their lifework. Aho, who is considered Finland's national author, was also a vigorous outdoorsman. Soldan-Brofeldt was a visual artist, who was also influential amongst art educators and the feminist movement.

Ahola Museum guided tour

Experience a guided tour about the life and art of author Juhani Aho and his painter wife, Venny Soldan-Brofeldt. You can see a diverse display of books by Aho, who was a ‘folk depicter’ and social thinker, including publications that were forbidden at the time or published under a pseudonym. Soldan-Brofeldt was a skilful sketcher. She could instantly capture insightful moments on paper, as her sketchbooks reveal. There are also book illustrations, small sculptures and jewellery on display. We offer guided tours in English and Swedish. Tours in other languages may also be available.

Alvar Aalto Church – Guided Tour

The Church of the Three crosses in Imatra is a masterpiece of modern architecture by Alvar Aalto. This church was completed in 1957. It is said to be Aalto's most original church design. It is named after the three white crosses at the altar. The building consists of three consecutive halls which can be separated by sliding walls; this enables parts of the church to be used for parish activities during the week. The exterior of the church is white with a copper roofing. DOCOMOMO has listed the church as a significant example of modern architecture in Finland.

Alvar Aalto in Kauttua

The package includes a guided tour in architectually famous Terrace House, designed by Alvar Aalto. Lunch or dinner in Kauttua Club and accommodation for one night is also included. Some of Artek's furniture in the Terrace House are also for sale.

Alvar Aalto in Kauttua and Noormarkku

Alvar Aalto in Kauttua and Noormarkku is a two-day guided cultural tour in two old industrial heritage sites. You will relive the history of the ironworks while being surrounded by the living industry. You will visit the grand family residence, Villa Mairea and the Terraced House designed by the architect Alvar Aalto, idyllic workers’ houses and a mill museum. In the restaurants you will enjoy the Finnish cuisine at its finest and experience traditional luxuries such as sauna and swimming.

Amethyst Mine in Luosto

Lampivaara Amethyst Mine is a fascinating travel destination all-year-round. The amethysts of Lampivaara fell was born 2 000 million years ago in the bowels of the ancient mountains. There is now a gem mine on top of the hill that will sustain for the hundreds of years. During the guided tour you will hear the stories of geology and history in addition to the properties of the gems and the uses of amethyst. Note that you will be able to dig your own personal lucky amethyst!

Anti-Aircraft Defence Museum

The Anti-Aircraft Defence Museum showcases a globally unique and diverse collection of anti-aircraft systems from 1925 to the present day, including a MiG-3 fighter that was shot down in 1941. In addition to its extensive outdoor exhibition space, the museum has two large exhibition halls. The museum is located in Tuusula, a 30 minute drive from Helsinki. Other facilities include a museum shop and café.

Arboretum with Woodland Garden, Café, Garden Centre and Wine Estate

Arboretum Mustila was founded in 1902 as a test site for exotic trees. Today it remains a unique area of introduced trees and horticultural plants in Europe. Nearly 100 conifer species, more than 200 broad-leaved tree species and numerous shrubs, vines, bulbs and perennials have been planted in the arboretum, covering 120 hectares. What makes Mustila unique are the large, naturally developing stands that support most of the trees. Visitors can also enjoy our cafés, a Garden Centre, Wine Estate, and sheltered trails in the wild exotic forest.

Art Cocktails

What does art taste like? Experience a versatile and multisensory setting of contemporary art that excites and sweeps you away, all while in conversation with others. Get inspired by a tour of the exhibition, and assemble visual works of food art which are savoured as soon as the art has been immortalised. This Art Workshop deepens the exhibition experience and awakens your own expression. Eating together is a social event that is also a familiar, easy and fun way to make art. Book a unique visit to the art museum for your group!

Cleantech Finland Showroom

The Cleantech Finland Showroom features developing and progressive low-impact and energy-efficient technology solutions and services that reduce the burden on the environment. No entry fee.

Day of Art & Nature in the Footsteps of The Serlachius

Recharge your soul, mind and heart in the Serlachius Museums & Art Town Mänttä. Touching moments with national art treasures, magnificent architecture, memorable lake views, fragrant Finnish forests, and culinary pleasures in one of the best museum restaurants in all Europe. Enjoy your day in Art Town Mänttä. Included: Entrance fees to the Serlachius Museums Gösta and Gustaf, bikes, Nordic walking poles and rowing boats (in summer), Art Menu meal (2 courses) at Restaurant Gösta, Serlachius shuttle bus Tampere – Mänttä – Tampere and local shuttle transfers in Mänttä.

Day Tour in Sipoo, Nuuksio and Porvoo

We have daily departures from Helsinki for this tour. The package includes coffee & pulla (a bun), exploring the Sipoo national park, a lunch, visit to Porvoo old town and Haltia (the Finnish nature centre), and sauna & swimming in Nuuksio.

Daytime cruises on an original steamship Ukkopekka

World’s last romantic invention, authentic steamship S/S Ukkopekka sails silently and lightly as a feather through Airisto and by its thousands of islands. The journey takes you from Turku to the idyllic monastery town of Naantali. One of this nostalgic steamers' specialties includes a famous lunch buffet.