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'Romance' –Wintertime Accommodation For Two

Take a short trip to the seashore and walk hand-in-hand into the sunset while enjoying the silence of the surrounding nature. If it’s freezing outside, you can warm up in the heat of a fireplace or a traditional Finnish sauna! And if you dare, lay down in the snow and let your mind flow to the Milky Way. If the weather is favourable, you might also see aurora borealis dancing in the sky!

Accommodation in Holiday Club Tampereen Kylpylä (Spa)

Holiday Club Tampereen Kylpylä offers good-quality accommodation in spacious hotel rooms and fully equipped holiday apartments of different sizes. In-house amenities: pool area with saunas, Harmony Spa for treatments, two restaurants and a gym. Tampereen Kylpylä is located in the Lapinniemi district by a beautiful lake and in the immediate vicinity of hiking and jogging trails. Särkänniemi Adventure Park is also only 2 km's away. Tampereen Kylpylä is easily accessible by car and also local buses run regularly between the spa resort and Tampere city centre.

Go to the Nature Around Rovaniemi in the Autumn

The best part about Lapland is its wild nature, Arctic environment and pure, fresh air, water and forests. The silence of the surroundings, the sound of the wind, the taste of free-running water in clear springs and the smell of growing trees.

Winter Wonderland for Couples

This program has been designed for couples or 2 people. Suitable for your honeymoon or special anniversary. You will have your own personal guide for the duration. Hotel Kalevala is in a unique setting, in the remote east of Finland, close to the Russian border. Here you have space to relax and unwind in an ideal retreat, but you can also enjoy activities offered just for you two.

Cave Sauna World

Santalahti’s Cave Sauna World has the country’s deepest smoke sauna, a heated pool, a fireplace, changing room and a terrace. The arched caves open out towards the open sea to the south; you can admire the beautiful sea views from the heated pool under the arched roof. The smoke sauna’s steam room, heated pool and fireplace room can each hold about 10 people. The recommended size of a group is under 20 people. We recommend that larger groups also reserve the nearby large saunas, so that up to 60 people can bathe at the same time.

Day Spa

Our Day Spa offers classic beauty treatments and massages as well as treatment and relaxation packages. Spray tanning, sugaring, manicures, pedicures and lash extensions are also available. The treatments do not include entrance to the Adult Spa. The Day Spa is located on floor K1 of the Flamingo entertainment center, next to Flamingo Spa (Aqua Park and Adult Spa).

Highlights of Lapland

The most complete Lapland experience mixed with Arctic relaxation. Hotel and Cabin Village Jeris offers Lappish highlights and easy access to the winter wilderness. We are situated at the beautiful shores of Lake Jeris, surrounded by magical winter forests, and next to the Pallas National Park. Huskies, reindeer, snowmobiles, snowshoes, cross-country skis and lunches around open campfires, in teepees and at the ice restaurant are all part of the Experience. And you still have time to relax in our Arctic Spa.

Spa for Adults

Welcome to a pampering at the Spa area for adults. The Spa is located next to the Aquapark, so you can visit both areas if you wish. In the Spa, you can enjoy the relaxing warm water pool, the therapeutic mineral water pool, the six different saunas, the relaxation divans, and the treats at our pool side restaurant, Spa Cafe, which is licensed to serve alcohol. In addition to all this, the Adult Spa has over 20 luxurious treatment rooms where you can savor our spa treatments or enjoy the luxury of an oriental steam sauna together with a group of friends or your partner.

Rönölä Rustic Sauna - An Old and Original Lumberjacks´ Sauna

The large, traditional wood heated sauna by the lakeside Luosujärvi offers for relaxing moments in moist heat. It welcomes well up to ten persons at a time to relish to its gentle heat. Sauna played an important role in keeping the lumberjacks clean and in taking care of their laundry. Beyond that, sauna provided for a moment of meditation and relaxation after a stressful day.