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Sauna with the Locals!

Saturday is the official sauna day in Finland. There is a public Sauna Day once a month at Hotel Krapi's Smoke Sauna by the beautiful Lake Tuusula. People from the neighborhood gather to take a relaxing bath in our traditional smoke sauna. If you really want to explore Finnish culture, you have to experience a public sauna! Combine Sauna, Escape room & Dinner & Overnight for a perfect getaway from your daily routines! Women and men have their own turns. Check the dates and times on our website.

The Rose Sauna

Feel the moisturizing and softening effects of rose petals in a sauna. Give your skin a healthy glow! The rose treatment is a leader in anti-aging treatments, due to the natural healing properties of roses. Regardless of age, the Rose Sauna is the perfect treatment for both women and men. So, woman, the eternal bride of your life, pamper yourself and please take your groom with you! The Sauna session continues with a special sauna dinner, which is prepared from local products.

Silence Trail

Feel the unhurried pace of being in the moment! Join us on a nature trail. Fill your soul with thoughts, feelings, songs and colours. Let the silence guide you through the mysteries and wonders of the lush forests to the culinary indulgences and purifying steams of a traditional sauna by Lake Päijänne (Finland's second largest lake).


Zensations is a holistic wellbeing vacation for groups. It assembles in a package what Finland has to give to releasing stress. Zensations-wellness vacation offers space and silence, daily yoga and mindfulness exercises, wellness lectures, healthy Scandinavian super food and outdoor activities in the pure nature with a twist of Finnish mythology and folklore. Treatments like traditional sauna and a dip in a lake or herb bath help you with stress management. Rustic countryside settings guarantee digital detox - instead of isolated hotel room traveler experiences authentic Scandinavia.

Pancakes and Berry Picking in Pure Nature

Rovaniemi is an ideal place for berry and mushroom picking. Berry picking is a great way of enjoying the outdoors and unwinding in the midst of natural beauty. Wild berries are available almost all summer – blueberries and cloudberries ripen first, while lingonberries and cranberries arrive in late summer and autumn. We will start along the hiking path, but soon you can experience walking in moss-covered ground. The guide will tell you about the basics of the fresh food ingredients which you can collect from pure nature.

The Secret Life of Trees

Let the shaman drum lead you on a fascinating 8 km hike to the rock paintings of Värikallio, one of the most interesting sights in Hossa National Park. On the way, you will hear interesting stories about trees and old Finnish beliefs concerning nature. You will learn interesting things about the Language of Trees and forests in Finland – maybe you will even find your own Power Tree. Once halfway to the rock paintings, we will enjoy a break with Chaga mushroom tea and Finnish delicacies.

Relaxing Aerial Yoga

Aerial yoga is a relaxing way to develop control of your body through traditional yoga poses done partly a hammock or with its help. The hammock can also support you while executing the poses. Aerial yoga especially develops your core muscles and opens up your back and shoulders. It will also develop your flexibility and strength. In the summertime, we can also have the lessons in the lakeside nature.

Holiday Apartment Margareeta of Aateli Castle

The Aateli Castle apartments are set in a prime location on the slopes of Vuokatti, in the midst of the versatile, year-round activities and services. The Margareeta apartment accommodates 6 persons within its 71 square meters. Margareeta has two opulent bedrooms: one with 90 cm single beds, the other with a romantic poster bed and spacious balcony. The heat-storing fireplace, the living room's high open spaces, and tall windows create a majestic atmosphere. The apartment has a kitchen, sauna, 2 toilets, glazed-in terrace, and balcony.

Wellness Holiday

During the two-day holiday break you will have enough time to enjoy Haikko spa's services and relax thoroughly. The package includes 2 nights in a double room/suite, soup and salad lunch in Bistro, a breakfast buffet at the Manor House, access to the pool area and public saunas and free use of the fitness studio.

Silence Talks - Mindful Walks

The incredibly beautiful nature and the unique setting invite you to enjoy the magic of silence and Finnish nature! This 1,5 hour walking tour in Fiskars woods allows you to awake the senses and truly notice your surroundings. With combining the nature and mindfulness we notice our own inner voice – perhaps for the first time! We will walk slowly and mainly in silence, stopping every now and then to truly hear, see, smell and sense what's inside and outside of us.

Finnish Sauna

It's the Finnish innovation that the whole world knows. And now it's your chance to experience this uniquely Finnish activity! Enjoy spending time with your family and friends, as the heat of the sauna eases tired muscles and cleanses your skin. When spending time in a sauna, you should always listen to your body and do as you feel best. There is no such thing as "the right way" to bathe in the sauna, so don't be scared! For the first time, you could stay in for just a few minutes, depending on the temperature, and if you want to cool down, you can go outside – maybe even roll in the snow.

Weekend at Kettukallio Elämystila

A weekend in Kettukallio includes accommodation, breakfast, lunch, dinner, activities, a smoke sauna and a hot tub. We have different activities which we have altered to suit our foreign guests. The activities include Finnish traditions and products.

Warming Spa Breaks for Winter

Retreat on a winter wellness escape Winter leisure for couples or the whole family! Our winter packages include breakfast buffet, daily saunas and pools, gym, and a leisure program. Three- or four-night stays include dancing with a live band or bowling! (Mon or Thu). Full board and Half board meal plans available. Many restaurants. One to two children aged 6–14 years stay free with adults. Staying with us allows you to combine cross-country skiing and spa treatments. We have indoor and outdoor pools, saunas and steam rooms. Treatments and massages are available for a fee.

Berry Picking: Superfood Straight from the Pure, Unpolluted Forest

Starting from the end of July, our guide will take you to the forest and tell you about the delicious berries found in Finnish nature. To start, you'll get a container where you can collect the berries. While we search for berries, you can enjoy the calming, beautiful colours of nature and breathe in the purest air of Europe. We will have a break and enjoy a coffee with sweet buns by an open fire. Duration: 2 to 3 hours. Please note that we are not guaranteed to find berries!

Sipoonkorpi National Park

The woodlands of Sipoonkorpi lie within easy reach of the Finnish capital, Helsinki. The woods are surrounded by rolling fields and picturesque villages. Sipoonkorpi's peaceful settings are a welcome green haven for local townies, especially in late summer and autumn when anyone can come here to gather plentiful wild mushrooms and berries.

Leisure and Wellbeing in Punkaharju

The Kruunupuisto Hotel enjoys a unique setting amidst forest and lake scenery. At Kruunupuisto you can relax in the spa pools, exercise at the gym or enjoy the great outdoors while exploring the ridge landscape. You can e.g. hire a bicycle, a kick bike, snowshoes, a rowing boat, touring skates and frisbee golf equipment.

Relaxing Moments at Spa Hotel Kumpeli

Enjoy a relaxing holiday at the family-owned Spa Hotel Kumpeli, located in naturally beautiful Heinola, half an hour by car from Lahti. Your holiday includes a half-day church boat rowing tour with a relaxing walk and nature-themed mindfulness exercise, coffee or tea with traditional Finnish pancakes cooked on a campfire, a sunrise SUP tour and a 1-hour relaxation exercise of your choice.

Smoke Sauna and Traditional Finnish Sauna at Lake Tarjanne

This is your opportunity to enjoy a traditional Finnish sauna or a smoke sauna at Lake Tarjanne. You can sit and relax in the sauna and cool down at the porch or have a swim in the Lake. Come and enjoy a summer evening and Finnish nature! We also have a traditional sauna in our yard at Saunatupa, which is in use throughout the year.

Långvik Spa

Långvik Spa and Långvik Spa by [comfort zone] offer a wide range of services to improve both your internal and external wellness. Enjoy pampering treatments for the whole body and mind. Get refreshed at our gym, traditional sauna, steam sauna, infrared sauna and sensation showers. The pool area contains a fitness pool, jacuzzi, cold pool and hot and cold water wading pools. Stop for a moment on the soft couches at the recessed fireplace area – or in the summer time, enjoy our terrace lounge, which opens to an idyllic view of Långvik Bay.