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SaunaWorld & Spa

At SaunaWorld, you can take a journey back in time from the cave sauna of the kings to a modern steam sauna. Ukkohalla’s SaunaWorld offers the opportunity to experience everything from the always genuine vapors of the Finnish steam bath to the more exotic adventures provided by the Western and Eastern traditions. SaunaWorld & Spa is a modern centre for good feeling and relaxation in the spirit of the old royal saga of Kainuu. A splendid spa as well as idyllic pool and selection of sauna baths together with their care facilities bring enjoyment to all senses.

Traditional Whisking Treatments

Whisking is a holistic wellbeing service as old and as essential sauna itself. The whisking creates an overall conscious, therapeutical touch, which enables the healing from within to begin. It opens the energy flow as well as physically cleanses and massages the body. The healing power of different tree species and the steam, called löyly, gently relax and balance the mind, body and soul. Visit my website to learn more about whisking treatments!

Villa Keisari at Vuokatin Aateli

Keisari is a luxurious villa in Vuokatti, offering high-class accommodation for up to 22 people. Keisari is located in an ideal spot with direct access to both skiing slopes and tracks. The villa offers clever space solutions arranged over three floors, and it has been equipped with top quality utilities and appliances to guarantee an enjoyable stay. Keisari is an ideal choice for a family holiday, family or work party or meeting. The villa is comprised of 7 spacious bedrooms, a spacious lounge and a dining area, 5 toilets and shower rooms and a luxurious sauna section with a Jacuzzi.

Guided Sauna and Swimming Tour in Tampere

We love swimming all year round – yes, even in the winter. No matter the weather, our favorite combination is a stay in the sauna followed by a jump into a lake. This tour is sure to relax you, be it summer or winter. After this unique experience, you will sleep like a baby with a refreshed mind and body. Highlights include: -Experience true Finnish sauna culture -Swim in a clear Finnish lake -Feel the unique post-sauna relaxation -Stories about sauna culture in Finland from your private guide

Berry Picking and Mushroom Hunting in Nuuksio National Park

Forests in Finland are a real treasure if you like berries or mushrooms. Picking berries and mushrooms in tranquil forests is relaxing and fun. Northern clean nature and summer with long sunny days and white nights give an incredibly delicious taste to berries and fungi. It is not only the aroma – Finnish berries and mushrooms are clean and healthy; they contain huge amounts of important vitamins, flavonoids, fiber, and anti-oxidants. This guided nature hike takes you to the best picking places in Nuuksio National Park.

Peat-tastic – Relax in the Finnish Countryside

Loma-Raiso gives you a chance to rest your body and soul, far from all the stress… Our package includes full board accommodation and a sauna experience with peat. Peat nurtures you with ancient power, while the gentle sauna steam caresses your entire body through the peat mask. Feel your metabolic rate accelerate and your skin soften. Savour the relaxing peatland herbs from the Stone Age. You also have the chance to dip for a swim in our spring water pond.

Spa Hotel Rauhalahti

Located 5 km from Kuopio City Centre, behind the nature reserve. Spa, hotel and hostel apartments. Spa services: 10 deifferent pools & saunas. Variety of treatments. Gym, fitness classes. Kids' playroom and oudoor playground. Daily leisure programme for hotel guests. Diverse evening entertainment: live music, dance, karaoke. SPECIALITY: traditional Finnish smokesauna evenings in a real lumberjacks' lodge, Jätkänkämppä. Rauhalahti Resort: riding, tennis, bowling, frisbee golf, skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, canoeing, waterjets, boat trips. Around New Year: Santa Claus himself.

All Inclusive Package at Yyteri Hotel & Spa

Spend a memorable spa holiday in the Yyteri Hotel & Spa. With this package we offer you an all inclusive experience in our spa hotel. Spend a night in one of our comfortable rooms, enjoy the afternoon-early evening service of coffee, tea, soft drinks and ice cream and indulge in a dinner with wine. You have also free access to the spa and pool area and fitness room.

Accommodation in Holiday Club Tampereen Kylpylä (Spa)

Holiday Club Tampereen Kylpylä offers good-quality accommodation in spacious hotel rooms and fully equipped holiday apartments of different sizes. In-house amenities: pool area with saunas, Harmony Spa for treatments, two restaurants and a gym. Tampereen Kylpylä is located in the Lapinniemi district by a beautiful lake and in the immediate vicinity of hiking and jogging trails. Särkänniemi Adventure Park is also only 2 km's away. Tampereen Kylpylä is easily accessible by car and also local buses run regularly between the spa resort and Tampere city centre.

Relaxing Moments at Spa Hotel Kumpeli

Enjoy a relaxing holiday at the family-owned Spa Hotel Kumpeli, located in naturally beautiful Heinola, half an hour by car from Lahti. Your holiday includes a half-day church boat rowing tour with a relaxing walk and nature-themed mindfulness exercise, coffee or tea with traditional Finnish pancakes cooked on a campfire, a sunrise SUP tour and a 1-hour relaxation exercise of your choice.

Sipoonkorpi National Park

The woodlands of Sipoonkorpi lie within easy reach of the Finnish capital, Helsinki. The woods are surrounded by rolling fields and picturesque villages. Sipoonkorpi's peaceful settings are a welcome green haven for local townies, especially in late summer and autumn when anyone can come here to gather plentiful wild mushrooms and berries.

Smoke Sauna and Traditional Finnish Sauna at Lake Tarjanne

This is your opportunity to enjoy a traditional Finnish sauna or a smoke sauna at Lake Tarjanne. You can sit and relax in the sauna and cool down at the porch or have a swim in the Lake. Come and enjoy a summer evening and Finnish nature! We also have a traditional sauna in our yard at Saunatupa, which is in use throughout the year.

An Exclusive Mindful Day at a Finnish Summer Cottage

You are invited to a very special experience of authentic Finnish summer! We Finns love our summer cottages, but we normally keep those private. This exclusive day will offer you unforgettable memories: an easygoing time in a wooden cottage by a lake and an open field, some mindfulness practice to enjoy the beautiful nature, a light lunch, tea or coffee, a walk to the woods nearby, a boat to row, a swim in the clear fresh waters and even a sauna, if you wish. Be prepared to enjoy the most memorable day of your journey in Finland!

Winter Wonderland for Couples

This program has been designed for couples or 2 people. Suitable for your honeymoon or special anniversary. You will have your own personal guide for the duration. Hotel Kalevala is in a unique setting, in the remote east of Finland, close to the Russian border. Here you have space to relax and unwind in an ideal retreat, but you can also enjoy activities offered just for you two.

Weekend at Kettukallio Elämystila

A weekend in Kettukallio includes accommodation, breakfast, lunch, dinner, activities, a smoke sauna and a hot tub. We have different activities which we have altered to suit our foreign guests. The activities include Finnish traditions and products.

SUP Fitness & Saunayoga

Combination of outdoors and wellbeing. Begin with basics of stand up paddling and easy fitness poses on the board. Perfect end to your afternoon is relaxing saunayoga in Iisakki's lakeside sauna.

Leisure and Wellbeing in Punkaharju

The Kruunupuisto Hotel enjoys a unique setting amidst forest and lake scenery. At Kruunupuisto you can relax in the spa pools, exercise at the gym or enjoy the great outdoors while exploring the ridge landscape. You can e.g. hire a bicycle, a kick bike, snowshoes, a rowing boat, touring skates and frisbee golf equipment.

Långvik Spa

Långvik Spa and Långvik Spa by [comfort zone] offer a wide range of services to improve both your internal and external wellness. Enjoy pampering treatments for the whole body and mind. Get refreshed at our gym, traditional sauna, steam sauna, infrared sauna and sensation showers. The pool area contains a fitness pool, jacuzzi, cold pool and hot and cold water wading pools. Stop for a moment on the soft couches at the recessed fireplace area – or in the summer time, enjoy our terrace lounge, which opens to an idyllic view of Långvik Bay.