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A Bucket of Blueberries

Blueberry, mustikka in Finnish, is one of the most common berries we have and if you ask me, also the best one. Blueberries are very healthy, high in vitamin C and E and also previously believed to improve night vision. The hardest part of picking them is to get at least some in your bucket as well, they are so good you want to eat them immediately! We will also make a traditional snack: blueberry milk from fresh berries.

Delightful Raekallio

We head towards the north, driving along frozen swamps to the small village of Pöntsö. In Pöntsö, we visit the home and gallery of Lappish artist Reijo Raekallio. Reijo is known for his talent of capturing the beauty of Lappish nature and its people and animals into his paintings. A coffee break surrounded by beautiful art will feed your mind and soul.

National Park’s Most Beautiful Sceneries Rafting

On this trip the name tells it all. You get to experience the tranquillity of Oulanka National park, all the way down to the Russian border zone! The scenery route is nice and gentle one to start with. Your guide will give you proper instructions about safety issues before you start. Along the scenery route we will have some gentler rapids from class I to class II and swiftly running waters to explore the beautiful landscape of the National Park. On this trip you get to enjoy the silence and beauty of Kitkajoki river valley, the home of Golden Eagles. Do take your camera with you!

The Frozen Waterfalls of Kourouoma

Enjoy the wondrous walls of ice that are the frozen waterfalls of Korouoma. Explore the rugged canyon into which the waterfalls empty during the rest of the year, now fully frozen. These frozen waterfalls create a magical atmosphere unlike any other. We will pick you up from your hotel and drive for about 90 minutes to arrive at Korouoma. There we will trek through the park for about 5 kilometers and admire the scenery. We'll also take a break for food, as we have a meal of fire-grilled reindeer sausage, boletus mushroom soup, and blueberry tea. At the end, we will return you to your hotel.

Arctic Husky Hike - Guided Husky Walk in Nuuksio National Park

Walk in the peaceful Finnish forest pulled by one of our friendly Siberian huskies. Our experienced nature guide and our lovable dogs will guide you through a nice hike in the beautiful forests of Nuuksio National Park, Espoo. You’ll hear stories about Finnish nature and huskies. What a splendid time to enjoy the silence and pureness of Finnish nature! We’ll walk a nice track of 3-7km, passing many lakes. We'll have a nice break by the fire cooking sausages and tasty coffee/tea/juice. The duration of the hike is 3 hours.

Fishing Experience

Hjortö is located next to a lake connected with the sea. Even if it is windy you can go fishing here. In water are lots of perches but you will also get pikes, pike-perces and whitefish. Our boats are 4.30 m and the engines 15 hp. In wintertime Hjortö is very popular for winterfishing.

Taste of Saimaa - Exclusive Lake Tour

During this tour you will experience some of the best parts of the Lakeland, sleep in a typical Finnish log villa and in the rustic Hotel Järvisydän. You will make an unforgettable boat trip across the lake in Linnansaari National Park and if you are lucky you get to spot one of the rare Saimaa Ringed Seals. To make this holiday even more relaxing you will be able to pamper yourself in a traditional Finnish sauna and in the new extraordinary Lake Spa. Local delicacies are served throughout the trip such as fresh fish directly from the lake, organic rye bread, local elk meat and berries.

Old Wooden Towns Tour

Walking around Old Towns is like stepping into a fairy tale: the colourful wooden houses, decorative gates, cobblestone streets and beautiful public buildings create an atmosphere of the long-forgotten past. Old Finnish coastal towns host many lovely restaurants, cafés, shops and museums. Most of the buildings in these conservation areas date back to the 18th and 19th centuries, and strict regulations ensure that the areas will retain their history.

Snowshoe Hiking Tours

Hiking with snowshoes is a silent and pleasant way to move in different environments and many types of weather, also in demanding terrain. Snowshoes are easy to carry, e.g. strapped on your backpack. On our tours, we always aim for higher ground to get a view of the scenery. We might also go see frozen waterfalls or have a picnic in an old, previously inhabited cave. We have a range of tours from a few hours to whole-day trips.

Bird Watching - A Guided Trip to the Delta

The river delta of Kokemäenjoki is the best area in the whole Nordic regarding bird watching. Wetland and silt areas in the west coast of Finland are the most popular migration routes to birds. In this area there are many bird watching towers, which are Finnish specialities to watch birds. Our professional guides will take you every morning to the best places to watch the birds. After midday you have time on your own to explore more birds or other activities nearby.

Summer Activities Day Tours

Dark Arctic winters have their counterpart in one of the most iconic of Finnish natural phenomena, the Midnight Sun. Sun does not set for 70 days. The sound of silence combined with the revitalizing rays of the Midnight Sun is nature’s own remedy for the weary soul. With us you can enjoy the nature and do day trips combining activities such as mountain biking, kayaking, fishing. Summer begins in early June. The autumn colours are its best in Septemper.

Hunting and Cooking Wild Food in the Heart of Finland

In late May, nature comes alive, as do your hunting instincts that have been dormant during the winter. Your eyes frequently turn to the ground, looking for fresh false morel mushrooms or rosebay willowherb shoots, also called wild asparagus. At last, nature’s own wild food bar is open. We’ll go on hikes to get to know the nearby nature as well as Pyhä-Häkki National Park and the varying forest landscape. And while we're out, we will pick nature’s own wild ingredients into our baskets for later use.

River Rafting to the Russian Border

The route takes you through the largest rapids of River Kitkajoki; Niskakoski, Myllykoski, and the mother of all rapids, the 900 meters long Aallokkokoski. The Jyrävä waterfall is passed by foot. River Kitkajoki offers almost 40 kilometers of challenges for river rafting. The journey continues over long rapids and still waters all the way to the Russian border. The route includes the three biggest rapids on Kitka, from class II to class IV. Minimum age 18 years.

Recharge Between Flights

Tired after a long flight? Nuuksio National Park, located just 30 minutes from the Helsinki international airport, is an extensive area of unspoilt forest with rich local flora and fauna. This trip takes you to the national park where you can experience Finnish nature for yourself. Take a deep breath, listen to the silence and empty your mind of any stressful thoughts. Private return transfers, free time to explore the nature and entrance fee to Haltia Nature Center included. Duration: 1 day.

Pyhä Ski School: Lessons and Courses

The Pyhä Ski School provides the most up-to-date instruction available in all snow sports: alpine skiing, snowboarding, telemark, cross-country and skiing for persons with reduced mobility. Both beginners and experts can benefit from our professional staff's guidance. Ask for off-piste trips to the Pyhä backcountry as well!

Icelandic Horse Trek

A horseback riding tour set in magnificent scenery. No need for previous experience, the kind and gentle Icelandic horses will take beginners safely into the woods or the fells. Price includes helmet and also other equipment if necessary. Duration: 2 hours.

Self-Driving: National Park Tour Lakes – 9 Days

National Park Tour Lakes takes you to the national landscapes of Finland. You will visit the national parks of Repovesi, Linnansaari and Koli as well as the Punkaharju Ridge. A 2-day visit to Helsinki is included. Each destination includes a guided hiking or paddling tour of your choice. You will learn a lot about our nature, history and culture and will be able to enjoy our lakes also by swimming in natural waters. All arrangements are made for you, and a rental car can also be arranged.

Reindeer Safari in the deep forest

A reindeer sleigh ride is a very old way of travelling in Lapland. During this trip we will travel about 3,5km through snowy forests with a sleigh pulled by the reindeer. 
The ride will take place at the local reindeer farm nearby Rovaniemi, where you will meet the real reindeer herders, who will tell you about their way of life, living hand-in-hand with nature. There are many great possibilities to take photos during the safari and farm tour, and you can also feed the reindeers with their favourite snacks. Warm drinks with buns are served.

Polar Lights Tour – Night Safari with Huskies

Experience an atmospheric evening with a Husky team driven by a guide. This 10-kilometre safari is a great opportunity to admire the starry sky – and if you are lucky, see the Northern Lights. After the ride, we enjoy sweet and salty pancakes with hot juice by the campfire in a traditional ”kammi”. Duration about 2 hours.