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Pallas Yllästunturi National Park

Enjoy Europe's Cleanest Air in the Fells of Finnish Lapland
Trek from hilltop to hilltop through the arctic fells along Finland's first hiking trail. Here you can enjoy hiking or skiing through the wilds, but still find welcoming lodgings for comfortable overnight stays in historic Lappish villages. This part of Lapland has the freshest air in Europe. On dark nights look out for the amazing Northern Lights. Three Visitor Centres assist in the planning of the trip and direct the visitors to the best and the most beautiful destinations. The marked trail net offers a large scale to choose.

Cottage Rental and Lakeside Hiking

The boreal forest in Virttaa is home to the Harjureitti trail, which offers fantastic opportunities for all kinds of summer and winter sports. The network is 26 km long and partly illuminated. Best of all, it starts right from your doorstep. Along the way, there are many places where you can take a break to enjoy the view and peace of nature. Enjoy snowshoe trips to beautiful Lake Pyhäjärvi, ice-fishing, skiing or winter swimming. In the summertime, our customers can use our rowing boat free of charge. The Alastaro Circuit and Alastaro Golf are only 5 minutes from the cottages.

Wilderness Retreat

Connect to the vast wilderness of the Paistunturi fell area and the vastness of your own inner nature. During the 4-day retreat, we go on slow, 3-4 hour hikes in the wilderness, meditate in our small group (max 6 persons) and reflect on our experience in a safe and respectful space. Guided by Anna (mindfulness instructor, life coach, human-nature connection enthusiast), you have the chance to experience nature's healing effects and learn more of your own inner power.

Summer Evening Archipelago Sea Kayaking

This three hour sea kayaking trip is a perfect way to experience the nature and culture of the inner Turku archipelago! Just 20 minutes by bus from the hectic city, an amazing and peaceful archipelago welcomes you to paddle into the labyrinths of islands guides by our professional and nice guide.

Leivonmäki National Park

Leivonmäki National Park's forests, lakes and marshes can be explored on family-friendly paths, including enticing duckboard trails. Enjoy a picnic in the delightful scenery of the lakeside or up on an esker ridge.

Riding Trek on Icelandic Horses

We will take you on a one-hour riding trek on Icelandic horses through the nearby countryside. The horses are small, cute and charming, yet strong, tough and sure-footed. Children need to be at least 12 years old unless they have previous experience of riding treks. The horses can carry riders up to 90 kg. Duration about 1 hour.

Arctic Ice Fishing

This tour is an excellent way to enjoy the peace and quiet of Lapland and ice fishing on a lake teeming with fish. We meet at Levi Tourist Information and drive to the village of Rautuskylä, where we continue towards Lake Rautusjärvi. While ice fishing, we will enjoy the quiet of the wilderness and have some snacks by a camp fire.

Helvetinjärvi National Park

The park's landscape is dominated by geological features created millions of years ago by mighty movements deep in the Earth's crust. After admiring the rugged cliffs around Helvetinjärvi (Hell's Lake) and Helvetinkolu (Hell's Hole) you can relax on the sandy lakeshore at Haukanhieta.

See and Feel the National Park in a Gigantic Canoe (3h)

Guided trip in a gigantic canoe and hiking at Repovesi National Park (3 hours) During the trip, we will cross a suspension bridge, visit the highest viewpoint and a theater shaped by nature during the Ice Age. Highlights of the Tour: - Exciting suspension bridge - Gigantic canoes, unique in Finland - Rock paintings and natural theater - Campfire picnic in the nature

Family Fishing Trip

This family friendly fishing trip in the Pernaja archipelago near Porvoo is 2-4 hours long. The Bay of Pernaja is one of the largest bay areas on the Gulf of Finland. It has many special features like variable level of water saltness.

Hiking to Nuuksio Reindeer Park

The hiking tour starts in front of the Finnish Nature Centre Haltia in Nuuksio. Walking tour along forest paths in the national park to the reindeer park. A guide will tell about flora and fauna on the way. At the park you can see our adorable reindeer, take pictures and feed them. Coffee + bun is served by the fire in an atmospheric Lappish kota (tepee). Souvenirs can be purchased on site.

Snow Fun Day Combo, 4 hours

This tour offers the opportunity to try out the most popular activities of Lapland during the same program. A short snowmobile safari will give you a chance to ride your own snowmobile around the Arctic Circle area. We will make a visit to local Reindeer farm and have a short ride with reindeer sleigh and visit a Husky farm to pet the adorable huskies and take a ride pulled by dog team. Then 
a hike in the forest with snowshoes, hilarious tandem skiing and some fun at a sliding hill. A fun experience for everyone!

Tailored Hiking and Canoeing in Wild Taiga

During this tailored hiking and canoeing program, you will have a taste of wild nature while also enjoying pleasant services and comfortable accommodation. We'll go canoeing on wilderness lakes and hike in the fresh and peaceful forests and hills. Showers and saunas included. Tell us about your wishes and we will create your dream holiday in Finland! Enjoy day trips and hikes in the most attractive landscapes and surroundings in the Wild Taiga area.

The Baltic Eye and the Pike’s gut

The Baltic Eye and the Pike’s gut: are 4-5 hour Sea Kayaking tours for the Intermediate paddler or someone who has a sporty physique and stamina. We paddle through medieval natural harbors and with the sportiest groups we paddle around the Russarö fortress Island (5 Nm) and take a lifetime picture.

Deep in the Wilds of Finland – 8-Day Cabin Holiday with Summer Activities in Hossa National Park

A week-long summer package designed for those who prefer peaceful surroundings, want to experience authentic Finnish cabin life and enjoy outdoor activities. This all-inclusive trip includes two daily hikes, two days of combined hiking and canoeing (daily distance 16–18 km), a day spent learning to fish, pick and collect the season's wild foods and one extra day at the end where you can go bear watching, for instance. Hosted by a friendly, informative and experienced local guide.

Trail of Sands in Yyteri

Trail of Sands ('Santojen Lenkki' in Finnish) offers you the best parts of the unique dunes of Yyteri. Enjoy the amazing scenery opening up to the sea, spot typical plants that grow in the dunes and sit down on the sand at Munakarin särkkä to have a break. In the forest dominated by pine and lichen, it is nice and peaceful. Finally, ascend on top of the dune Keisarinpankki, where the nature is surprisingly lush and the view over the beach and sea impressive. The sands of Yyteri are definitely worth seeing and experiencing!

Cottage Fishing Weekend

Enjoy your stay in a comfortable cottage right by the seaside. Equipped with two bedrooms, a living room, bathroom, wood heated sauna, and well equipped kitchen. The package includes a motor boat and all the necessary boating equipment and maps. We will also arrange fishing licenses for you. You can drastically increase your chances of catching fish and make your trip unforgettable by hiring a professional fishing guide.

Adventure Week in Ranua

Come and enjoy Lapland’s magnificent Arctic nature in Ranua! Enjoy an exhilarating drive over ice-covered lakes and through snowy forests. Experience the genuine lifestyle of times past on a reindeer safari. Feel the unbroken tranquillity and purity of Arctic nature. Spend a day off visiting the Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi or wandering at your leisure, experiencing the great outdoors.

A Glimpse of Wilderness – Hiking in the Hiidenportti National Park

Come and see the great outdoors at Hiidenportti National Park. The canyons of Hiidenportti alone are an impressive sight, but you will be also astonished by the shady spruce forests and flowery meadows. Visit the park's many fascinating locations and let a local guide tell you about the surroundings – and the interesting story of the demon called Hiisi, who has given his name to the National Park.

Hiking on Savojärvi Trail

This two-hour hike takes you through a beautiful landscape along the shores of Lake Savojärvi. Kurjenrahka is named after the marshland habitat of the elegant long-legged cranes, but boasts all sorts of flora and fauna, including owls in the springtime. The route leads you through the marshlands on footbridges, with resting areas along the way. The Savojärvi trail is part of Kurjenrahka National Park, where you can enjoy nature at the city's doorstep.