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Rent a Car at the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport

Rent a car for 1-3 days and explore Southern Finland. You can rent a car as soon as you land in Helsinki Airport or from our downtown branch. Sixt has a wide selection of rental vehicles. For renting a car you need to be at least 21-years old, have a valid driver's license and credit card.

Family Nature Holiday

Relaxed family holidays are about enjoying seasonal activities in nature and experiencing complete immersion into the wilderness. In the winter, we explore the surrounding landscape by skiing and snowshoeing, and watching Auroras is possible right outside the cabin. During summer and autumn, the main activities are hiking, fishing, berry picking and observing nature. Daily adventures are balanced by the comfort of bathing in the sauna and tasty meals prepared by using local ingredients.

Fishing trips

A fishing guide and gourmet cook Tero Ruoho takes you on a fishing trip to the Finnish seaside and lake areas. The excursions are tailor-made according to the customer’s wishes, taking into account the season and weather.

Aurora Borealis Picnic

We start from your hotel and drive to the lakeside (approximately 25 km) away from the distracting city lights. If luck is on our side, we´ll do a short hike under the flaming Auroras and build a fire in a spot where the sky is open. And even if the sky is cloudy and we don’t spot any Auroras, sitting in the dark and tranquil nature is such a thrilling experience. Around the fire we will hear some stories about Aurora Borealis, both beliefs and facts, while the guide prepares some hot berry juice.

Lakeside Sauna Trip with Ice Fishing and Snowshoeing

A day of lakeside fun awaits! First we’ll take you out ice fishing. A professional will instruct you in the proper use of the tools, and if the fish are biting, we’ll put what you catch on the grill. You also have a chance to try one of Lapland’s older forms of traverse in the snow: the snowshoe. Later we'll prepare some fire-grilled sausage, mushroom soup, and more. After our time out in the snow, we retreat to a lakeside sauna, just on the other side of the lake. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can take a dip in the hole in the ice just outside the sauna!

Wild Herbs

This trip teaches you how to recognise some common herbs in nature. Today, it is more and more popular to use natural herbs in salads, pies, soups, etc. We walk to a forest meadow and pick up seasonal herbs and make a salad for a snack. You can bring your own basket, knife, and notebook with you – or borrow a basket and knife from your guide. Duration: 3 hours. We walk in variable ground, so you need to wear good shoes.

Weekend Holiday Package

When approaching Varjola you will get further from the city and can already enjoy the countryside scenery as you're getting closer. In Varjola we trust in traditions, yet have a truly modern take on the services we offer: from cuisine to activities and from sauna's to accommodation. This long weekend holiday package includes accommodation, meals and activities; such as whitewater rafting and smoked sauna. We will be more than happy to give you more details of this full-board holiday package.

Traditional Lappish Evening

Your guide will come and pick you up from the reception. After a 30-minute drive, you will find yourself at a wilderness cabin next to a calm, beautiful lake. You will experience a traditional Finnish evening which includes a sauna, swimming in the lake or ice swimming (wintertime) and a delicious dinner cooked by the open fire. If you are lucky, you might even see the Northern Lights dancing in the sky on winter nights.

The Wildlife Triangle - Watch and Photograph Finland’s Big Three

In the vast, unspoilt wilderness of Eastern Finland, there are exciting opportunities to see bears, wolves and - less well known but equally stunning - wolverines. Although they resemble a small bear, wolverines are actually the largest member of the weasel family. This is a rare chance to observe these magnificent carnivores in their natural environment, without disturbing them. On this unforgettable trip into the untouched Taiga, our professional wildlife guides will take you to three different locations inhabited by bears, wolves and wolverines.

Daredevils’ Adventure Week, 5 Nights

Vuokatti is full of activities and entertainment for everyone. We can guarantee unforgettable nature experiences in pure Finnish nature! Perfect holiday for anyone who loves speed and is seeking wild experiences in the winter wonderland of Vuokatti. This package allows you to try sledding with huskies and driving a snowmobile, but you will also have time for winter fun by yourself. Accommodation included!

Aurora Activity Week

Due to its location, Nuorgam is one of the best places to chase the northern lights. We have zero light pollution, and because of the cold, there are no clouds. This makes it possible to see the northern lights during 60–70% of winter nights. With any luck, you will see the northern lights dancing in the sky. But don't come just for the aurora borealis, come for arctic beauty and winter exploration. We take you to the wilderness by skis, snowshoes, and snowmobile. We will teach you ice fishing on the frozen lakes. You will visit a reindeer herder. Come and discover the Arctic.

Treetop Adventure at Flowpark Ahvenisto

Flowpark Ahvenisto in Hämeenlinna is an ecological adventure park built in the treetops. There are more than 200 meters of zip lines, some of which are built between two ridges. Our visitors can push themselves to the limit and test their courage in a safe environment. We promise a true adventure with fantastic lake sceneries and diverse Finnish nature. The adventure park is suitable for people of all ages and the adventure tracks have different degrees of difficulty to challenge everyone!

Canoe Rental by the Day

The lake at Tahko Holiday Center invites you on a leisurely paddle in our three-seater Winkkari 17 canoe. Rental time is between 09.00-17.00, but if agreed upon, you can stay even longer and enjoy an evening on the lake!

Nordic Walking Tour in Tampere

On this Nordic walking tour, you will learn how to use Nordic walking sticks to enhance your walking experience amid the splendour of nature. You will also have a chance to see the city of Tampere from the top of the highest gravel ridge in the world. Highlights include: - A walk in the pure nature of Finland, just outside the center of Tampere - An introduction to one of the world's healthiest sports: Nordic walking - A birds-eye view of Tampere from the Pyynikki Observation Tower - Taste the best doughnuts in Tampere in the cafeteria of Pyynikki Observation Tower

Fat Bike Trip to Santa's Creek

Fat bikes are mountain bikes with extra-wide tires, which make riding on soft surfaces easier and more gentle for the forest. Our route goes through the beautiful landscapes of Saariselkä's forests and over the fells. Hear stories about the Nordic nature, and with a little bit of luck, we might see some Nordic animals like reindeer, Siberian jays and willow grouse. At the Santa’s creek, you can enjoy a break and a snack around the open fire. Return to Saariselkä by bike.

Welcome to Kellokas!

Kellokas is an information centre for the third-largest national park in Finland and it's surroundings. Visit the free exhibitions, see films about our nature and hear the best tips for nature-based activities and sustainable services in the area. The Kellokas Shop sells maps of nearby areas, books, posters, crafts and other products, like fishing permits. The library lounge (with Wi-fi) and it is a great place to relax with the kids, reload your batteries, and read. For art lovers, Kellokas has an art gallery maintained by the Artists' Association of Lapland. Free entry.

Campfire Tour Safari

This snowmobile safari in Tahko, near Kuopio, covers an easy and beautiful route around nearby forest trails and on a frozen lake. No previous experience is needed. With the help of an experienced guide, you will quickly learn how to handle a snowmobile. During the break, you can relax a bit and enjoy sausages cooked on the campfire. Duration: 2 hours or 25 km. Refreshments: juice and sausages at the campfire

2-Day Trip to North Cape and Saariselkä with King Crab and Husky Safari

Get ready for an experience of a lifetime. We'll pick you up from Rovaniemi or Ivalo and take you to Saariselkä for a visit to a husky farm, where you get to meet the dogs, learn all about the rearing and training of these amazing animals, and embark on a 1.6 km husky sleigh ride. Next, you can enjoy a traditional reindeer dinner. Then we head to Inari to learn about the traditional people of Northern Europe, the Sámi, with a visit to Siida, the museum of Finnish Sami culture. Honnigsvåg is the closest place to North Cape, where your seaside cabin awaits...

Winter Laser World – Helsinki

Products: Archery Tag, Arctic Hunger Games Experience a unique -3-degree atmosphere in the middle of Helsinki! Strategic outdoor activities, full with adrenaline while not hurting anybody or making a mess. Teams are united to pull trough missions together and despite the cold, the games will keep you warm and provide a nice workout with lots of fun. The area includes snow walls, ice igloos, ice sculptures and an ice restaurant. Effects include colour lights, lasers and music.